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eternal and unchangeable ground is in God : they must build therefore on Him, or build on nothing. But we have seen that there is no other way

of coming to this only sure, only Eternal Ground, than by coming to Christ. Remember the words: (for both essential law, and every creature in heaven will justify them; but no creature, nor any single fact will ever be able to correct them :)

No man cometh to the Father but by Me.The necessity then of coming to Christ, and of building on Him, is the necessity of having the One and Only Eternal Ground, for the foundation of our being and character.

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VI.-If the Eternal Being be our foundation, our being and character will accord with His Being and Character. For living souls, trusting in, and adhering to, a Living God, are not like dead stones lying on a dead foundation ; but like appetite to food, or life to Life. With great desire, God giveth His Life to the souls who are joined to Him, and they on their part, with great desire, receive His Life. It follows therefore, necessarily, that all those who are one with God by faith in Christ Jesus, are slowly but certainly, created anew, in the image of God, in righteousness and true holiness. In order to build on God at all, we must build on

God in Christ, and we must build on God in Christ in order to become like Him, and we must be like Him, or perish.

VII.-- The house that slippeth from its foundations falls into a heap of ruins.

If souls swerve from their Eternal Foundation, Hell is the inevitable consequence. If there be a movement in the universe contrary to God, if any single creature, or any number of creatures act from their own will and not from the will of God in their will, then there must be a Hell. God must be true to Himself. The ground, or foundation of His own Being and Character, is also the foundation of the well-being of the universe. If God were not faithful to Himself, a Heaven would be an impossibility, and Hell would be universal. God cannot be a little opposed to a thing. His opposition must be absolute. For He is only opposed to that which is opposed to Himself, and therefore destructive of the foundations of universal order. Whatever is in disharmony with the eternal powers of Godhead is Hell ;—and if not yet Hell in development, it is still Hell in principle and in germ. stand in another will than the One Right Will, you must work and welter in disorder, downtrodden for ever by the Almightiness of God.

As soon

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as own-will appeared in Heaven, Heaven was threatened, the throne of God was threatened. If any quarter had been given to it God would have sold Himself to rebellion, and given over His universe to hopeless anarchy and misery. If ownwill, therefore, will be own-will, it must be Hell.

VIII. From the disorder of Hell, from its wild misery, from its insane and fruitless endeavours, from its unutterable and unknown horrors, let us learn the importance of right foundations and of abiding by them.

IX.--And is not this the great lesson of the Bible from beginning to end? How was Paradise lost? How did the curse break out? How did man become mortal ? How did the devil acquire his dominion over man? How did he become “prince of the power of the air?” Have not all our human and world-wide woes come from unfaithfulness to the will of God? Unfaithfulness to the will of God is unfaithfulness to the only possible ground of well-being. Why tyrants ? wars? calamities ? diseases? death? Why has the world been out of tune and full of strife, from the going of Adam and his Eve out of Paradise unto this hour? Do not all things proclaim that the world


Do not say,

has quitted its true foundation ? foolishly, that the origin of all the evil was a slight offence. The question is, Was it contrary to the Divine Will? If so, it is impossible to measure or calculate the evil.

upon God?

X.-The last, lowest, and uttermost consequence of unfaithfulness to the will of God, is Christ crucified. Pay one visit more to your God manifest in the flesh. See Him suffer ; hear the thrice-repeated prayer of His agony ; see His bloody-sweat, rolling to the ground; see Him die; and then ask: Does it come to this ? Besides creating Hell, is unfaithfulness to law an outrage

Does it really cost so much before our human world can be put again upon its true foundations ? Now according to the fond conceit of many, that, whether they are on the true, Eternal Foundation or not, they shall come to Heaven at last, because God is good ;—they must think that God has taken a great deal of pains about nothing. If they were honest, they would say to God: “You might have done it all much easier than that.' But is it not much wiser to be instructed by what God does than to be led astray by the plausibility of our own foolish hearts? Was not Jesus tempted to sacrifice the Eternal Foundation that was in Him, to His assumed Humanity? But He sacrificed His assumed Humanity to the Eternal Foundation, and thus founded and established in our nature the Rock which defies all the power of Hell.

1.-Consider that evil, awful evil, awful beyond every thing that words can express, is come into the universe, and is evidence enough that the Eternal Foundation of well-being has not been respected

2.-Christ is set forth by God as the only Foundation of hope. Men sin, suffer, die and perish, because they have lost out of themselves the Foundation of all righteousness and wellbeing. Christ is no new foundation. He is the Only Foundation of well-being from eternity to eternity. He is the centre and foundation of the Divine Nature. If Christ were not in God, God would not be God. In the absolute sense, He is The Eternal Foundation. Heaven has no other, can have no other, foundation. All devils have lost Christ. Hell is a world, of which Christ is not the foundation. Hell is society without Christ. Fallen human nature has lost Christ. When any man comes to Christ, as we have already said, he comes home to his Eternal Foundation. “Other Foundation can no man lay than

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