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But the representative men of a truly great age apprehend too clearly the vanity of the world and of mortal life, and the grandeur of the soul and its eternal destiny, to abandon themselves to the elements of the world.

But when the age declines, when there are few divine souls left, when a carefully worded theology takes the place of faith in the earth, when men forget that their souls have descended from God, and are returning to God, when men withdraw from the influences of eternity, to live under the influences of time; then are they able to give their whole souls, as well as their bodies, to the service of the present world; and then, ("Ichabod!") the glory of God and of men departs, and the glory of the world is in the ascendant. The world becomes rich, luxurious, wonderful; and men, under the notion of being earth-kings, become poor, inglorious earth-worms. Their mastery of the world is the world's mastery of them.

I am not acquainted with the history of drinking healths; but I have no doubt that it originated in faith, as well as in good-will-A party of friends meeting together knew that when

their affections were exhilarated by intercourse and a generous beverage, they had the power of affecting and magnetizing their friends at a distance, with their cheerful, lively spirits. They believed, that the fulness of their health, and the overflow of their joy, under the direction of their will, would reach the absent, flowing in upon them, like a genial tide of health and comfort. Subtler and more active than lightning are the human spirits. flow of spirits must flow somewhither. mands them to flow to the beloved.

The over

Love comAnd surely

none are more likely than they to be open to the influx.

In an age of no faith the custom becomes a mere ceremony. But rely upon it, in the beginning, it was no ceremony.

IF a thousand Red Seas threaten to drown us, we must " go forward." Our "Goshen" was delightful, but we must not go back to it. We must nobly resign our Egyptian paradise, and go through seas and deserts, believing that the land of God is before us. Go forward."

THE Beautiful Distress. As I have felt a tear-drop from a cloudless sky, and wondered whence it could come: so have I seen a fair countenance, full of openness, serenity and majesty, and the large, still tear standing in the eye. Yet no single muscle was distorted: it seemed to me like the stillness of intense emotion, like the sorrow of goodness, like a broken heart at peace with its own woe: as though one, whose hopes of earthly bliss had all vanished, were comforted from within, by the presence and assurance of Holy Love, saying: "It is well: Peace be unto thee."

We are overcome by the tyrant sin; but our Captain was not. "He was made sin for us," and overcame sin. We are under the curse, and cannot help ourselves against it: "He was made a curse," and turned the curse into a blessing. We must ask Him to conduct His process unto victory, in us. We must invite Him as a Refiner, to sit, and stir His Holy fires within the very vortex of our chaos, that He may transmute it into eternal gold. The process is terrible; but the end, thrice blessed.

Lord Chesterfield says:

If you would make

a man pleased with you, the best way is to make him first pleased with himself." What wonder that, "the Faithful and True Witness" should in every age be "despised and rejected of men?" When any one is pleased with the Truth, and welcomes it, although it makes him displeased with himself;—in that person the grace of God is triumphant over nature.

IF self accusations sow any seed, there is many a dear brother whose soul will be a Harvestfield by and by. But here, and now, he is in a great strait. How, by suffering God's order to be fulfilled in him, he can earn this world's bread, is often a considerable perplexity. Yet if one could esteem the reproach of Christ to be more profitable than all the treasures of the world, and would steadfastly accept any thing, with Christ, and nothing without Him, an incalculable recompence of reward would be sure to that soul. Accept your Cross, whatever it is, for in the very heart of it, there lies a precious yield of holy peace. Your fortune is growing in God's hand: wait His time.

Says the world's bible: "A bird in the hand

is worth two in the bush ;" and that is the bible that most of us go by. The devil submits to us some shining apple to-day; while God promises to make us meet for a gainful, endless to-morrow. Fools that we are, we generally shake hands with the devil, and strike the bargain.


O Lord, if Thou wilt grow Thy meek lilies, on the graves of our former selves, no self-reflection, nor fond conceit shall spoil their fragrance. the kind eyes, kind words and kind affections directed to us, shall instantly pass to Thee. For the spirit of our life having gone out of us, Thou shalt wholly possess us. Thus, Thou shalt be the richer for our nothingness; and we, in our very nothingness, shall be more open to Thy sweet fulness.

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