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own glorified form, how exceedingly we shall rejoice that He wrought in us, not according to the poverty of our thought, but according to the riches of His own Glory.

ST. JEROME says:-"It is as impossible for God to bestow Himself under the limitations of time, as it is for a stone to possess the wisdom of an angel."

In pro

"I am meek and lowly in Heart." portion as any Church obtains numbers, wealth, power, and dignity, she becomes arrogant and imperious. It would seem that as soon as the "grain of mustard seed" becomes a mighty world-tree, the prince of the power of the air and his legion "come and lodge in the branches thereof." It is the established policy of the devil to patronize any and every form of Christianity, as soon as it becomes popular.

The history of Romanism is not a history of meekness and lowliness; but of haughtiness and tyranny. The same charge may be brought against Protestantism, so far as it is a worldly, political organization. We ought not to speak

of the Romish Church, nor of the Protestant Church; but of the Church of the Lord Jesus under both these world-forms. For the genuine disciples of the Cross of Jesus, in both these organizations, are one, and filled with "One Spirit.” Romanism has been an iron cage to her meekest and purest children. She permits none of her children to wear simply the yoke of Jesus Christ.

The Inquisition and the Bastile, with all their horrors, are signs for ever of the Heart of Romanism.

O all ye servants of a most subtle system, which you and the devil together have called by the Name of Christ and His Church; if you can hear one who loves you in the bowels of Jesus Christ, I beseech you to sit at the Master's feet and learn of Him, rather than at the feet of that mighty spiritual and physical organism, which, although calling itself Mother in God, has given fearful evidence that it is a haughty, heartless harlot, in the spirit and power of "the god of this world." Beware of a Religion, which, in proportion as it inflates the heart with the arrogance and cruelty of self-love, renders the same eternal heart incapable of the Meekness and Tenderness of Love, as it is in Jesus. Your persistence that you are His only Church, is one of the most striking proofs that you have ceased to be His, and have

become your own Church. When you are concerned to bring souls to their own Saviour, rather than under your authority, it shall be a sign to yourselves and to all men, that you are not spiritual tyrants, but servants of Christ.

THERE are atmospheres in which a candle will give very little light. There are also atmospheres which will extinguish any candle. The atmosphere about many souls quenches the Light of God.

But though certain atmospheres may quench the light of a candle, it is a candle for all that, and capable of being lighted again.

Man, thy spirit is God's candle, and the day is surely coming when the God-light will break out of darkness in thee, and shine through and through thee. Otherwise thou art no man. For "the spirit

of man is the candle of Jehovah."

Only let thy outer senses cease to occupy thee, and let the pleasing tumult of nature's affections subside, then, suddenly, not by thy will, but independent of thy will, the appalling Light will startle thee, and hold thee subject to its searching power.

Thou mayest be very far from wishing to be

related to God, but thou art related. God hath His own way into thee, and can in the twinkling of an eye, surprise and flood thy soul with His Presence. The Light of God, when once kindled, searches as nothing else can search, and where nothing else can search.

To escape eternal pain, we must welcome pain. We must welcome the pain which it will cost us to see ourselves now, in the Light of God. It is blessed pain, for the pain which God's Light gives us, is God's own method of quickening the soul to seek His cleansing, healing grace. And oh, how keenly the sin-pained soul absorbs the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Mercy of God, the Divine, effective Pity, flowing to us, (not cheaply, oh no, not cheaply,) through the wounds of Jesus,-"wounded for our transgressions,"that is the only Balm which can ease the soul, when once afflicted with the bitter sense of sin. To such a soul, cheap ease would be no ease. The awakened soul feels that there is an unspeakable congruity, between the awful cost of mercy, through the mangled, agonizing, crucified Son of God, and its own awful sense of sin.

If the Son of God could not have the privilege of being our Saviour, apart from the inevitable, and inevitably severe, service of treading the wine

press alone, "the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God;" let no one presume to hope for the privilege of salvation, apart from subjection to the discipline of Divine Truth.

ALAS, my poor soul, what a sport thou art of dreams! When thy five senses are asleep, then thou dreamest; and when they are awake, thy dreams are even heavier and more captivating, and thy true senses farther from waking. Thou art all but buried, under the dense, living cloud of thy flesh, and that again is encompassed with the gross elements of nature, and their ever-changing phantasmagoria, cloud upon cloud, appearance plus appearance. Thou art submerged under a sea of dreams:-were I to say, Thou art lost therein, I have Divine authority for it. Art thou not exceeding glad, that thy Heavenly Father has set His heart upon redeeming thee? Otherwise thou couldst never see the Kingdom of Truth. Can nature transcend herself? When wouldst thou, if left to thyself, find, or finding, be able to pass through, the strait gate, which separates between the house of nature, and the house of God? But thy Risen Lord and Saviour transcends nature; and He is thine.


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