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of his own nature. Let Andrew by all means first touch the heart of his own brother Simon, with his newly found life. Let David not fail to convert the bond of sympathy between him and his beloved Jonathan, into a Divine sympathy. Otherwise, he will perish some day by the hands of the Philistines on the mountains of Gilboa. Then many tears will not heal his heart-wounds. “I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan ; very pleasant hast thou been to me : thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.”

Yes, your first duty is the delightful duty, of making your dear fellow heart a partaker of your golden Hope. You must not rest till your kinsman, or kinswoman, shall know what you know, and feel what you feel,—till you rejoice together in the same immortal prospect. The affection that is common to you both, as kindred children of nature, is a mighty power, a mighty charm. You must use this secret, powerful enchantment, to draw this eternal heart to Jesus. He is become to you your deepest life, your ever-springing life, your all satisfying life, is He not?

You must surely bring your own brother, your own sister, your own closest bosom-friend to Him. This precious one must be one with your deepest life, and one with you in your endless Home. Love will neither doubt nor be discouraged. If your words fail to move, then ply your love, without words. Love is "mighty through God.Even natural love has

invisible arrows : how much more, the love of God! It is given to you to pierce the heart of your friend with Divine arrows. Remember, arrows wound at a distance; but what arrows can triumph over seas, mountains, and deserts, but the arrows of Jesus' Love, shot forth, in prayer

and tender desire, from soul to soul. “Lord, speak the word only." Art not Thou in my faith and love? And wilt Thou do less than my faith and love look and long for ?

1.-"He brought him to Jesus.” From that hour the life of their precious, inseparable unity, began.

2.-0 sorrow of sorrows! It is easier to find Hearts, who would bring others to Jesus, than to find Hearts, willing to be brought. What can Love do, but weep over unwilling Hearts? But weeping Love becometh deeper, tenderer love, and the deeper and tenderer the Love, the more potent it becomes. In ways utterly unknown to them, sorrow-stricken and slain Hearts, with their sighing, prayer-breathing love-wounds impregnate, and greatly affect other hearts.


“The generations of the earth,” to say nothing of “the generations of the heavens," are too vast a field to be scanned by the creature. But we need not wholly turn away from what we cannot comprehend. For then we must needs turn away from every thing. There is one satisfaction: the soul is a deeper, greater thing, than language. The writer never expresses his whole soul in his words ; neither are the reader's thoughts necessarily limited to the sense of what he reads. Language fulfils a purpose beyond itself. The writer may have no conception of the thoughts which his words will awaken in certain readers. The use of words to the soul is as the use of light to the eye. Light in the eye becomes much more than light. It becomes vision.

What the eye sees, depends not on the light alone, but on the powers, and whereabouts, The best eye, in a confined situation,

a sees little; an inferior eye, out in the open plain, sees more, on the top of a commanding hill, much

of the eye.

more. But one eye that looks upward, sees a great deal more than all the eyes in the world, that look downward.

So with words : what they are to you, depends upon what you are to them. What are the powers of your soul? How far are these powers quickened? Is your soul in captivity? or, is it brought out into a large place ? Are you in the plain ? or, are you going up the hill ? above all, are you looking upward, or downward ? is the spirit of your life natural, or supernatural ? Words may be used in a sublime sense, but they will not convey a sublime sense to ignoble souls. Words may be used spiritually, but they will be understood carnally, by a carnal mind. Before your Pentecost, you can only bring a dull soul to Divine words, and your dull soul, earth-born and earthbound, will find them to be dull words. After your Pentecost, the same words will be spirit and life to you. A word, a hint, a half hint, will open more to one soul, than a half century's instruction to another.




I.-Generation in nature, is a universal effect, from a universal, latent energy. Vegetable seeds and roots are prolific : fish, birds, and creeping things are prolific. All things bring forth their own kind from an energy operating in them towards this end. The generative powers at work throughout creation, must have a Fontal Source Where,—what,—is the Spring-Head of this all-pervading energy? The effort towards reproduction is not only present throughout the material universe, but clearly also throughout the spiritual. Who can doubt that Heaven striveth to bring forth an image of itself in the earth ? Who can look upon the marvellous effects of spring-time, as the generations of the sun by the earth? and not rather as witnesses of the coming forth of a universal energy from Heaven, namely, from the spirit and power of God in Heaven? by which He brings forth, under the crude elements of nature, the best and loveliest representation possible, of that higher world of life and beauty. If the subjectmatter were of a more heavenly sort, the manifestations would be more heavenly. But crude as the earthly material is, see the hedges and woods bud and leaf, -see the fruit trees blossom-hear the song-birds giving utterance to their new life and delight,—let the genial spirit of the atmosphere embrace and inspire you, and say, whether Heaven is not in the effort to bring itself forth in a physical form? “Canst thou restrain the sweet influences of Pleiades ?” Is there not present

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