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and Joy were there. They cried out: "Master, it is good for us to be here." But the vision was but for a moment. The Eternal Splendour became entombed in His flesh again, as before.

XIV. But the Divine Glory which was sown in Christ is risen in Him. "The Lord is risen indeed." What was hidden and buried in Him, during His humiliation, is come abroad. The glory of God set in Adam; but behold, it is risen again in Second Adam. The glory of God will as certainly have a universal resurrection, as Christ is risen. He is but the First fruits of the whole harvest. God is sure of His own. And whatever is sure to God, is sure also to those who are His. God has no harvest apart from His children. His glory and joy are sown in them, and for them. Their glory and joy are the resurrection of God's seed from within them, and the outshining of the same from them. The seed of God is the Life of His Son; and its development is the glorification of His children.

XV. The birth of Christ into nature was the Glory of the Only Begotten of the Father, coming into the world, under the eclipse of our flesh;teaching us that all the heirs of God, during

But in resur

mortal life, are under an eclipse. rection, that which eclipsed the glory, is eclipsed by the glory. No more eclipse for the Man Christ Jesus, in Himself. In His members, He is still under eclipse. But neither He nor they will rest till they are like Him. I passed by the November corn-field, and lo, I saw nothing but earth, looking so cold and dreary, under a dull chilly sky; but I passed by the same field the following August, and no earth was visible, for it was covered with its golden crop, and above it, a brilliant sky without a cloud. Has the material universe fallen into a long November? Be of good cheer, the Eternal August is coming.

XVI-During the seed-time of this mortallife, is it not better to be Lazarus, clothed with cold poverty, but with the Eternal Light and Gladness sown in him, than to be Dives, with his light and gladness crowning him already, (a light and gladness, not of the Divine sort,) but with eternal darkness and sorrow sown in him? O all ye, who are compassed about with your own sparks, beware, lest your sparks should occupy and infatuate you, until your seed-time is passed, and the eternal glory and gladness not sown in you. Can any thing be more melancholy, than the prospect of all your sparks

going out, (they are certain all to go out,) but no prospect of the eternal glory and gladness rising for you? They will rise, and rise for wretched Lazarus, and many a child of sorrow; but unless you see to it, that they are sown in you, they will not rise in you, nor for you.


XVII.—What a mystery of a world !—that light should be sown in its darkness, and gladness in its sorrow! But this is only for some. others, darkness is sown in their light, and sorrow, in their gladness. Solemn contradictoriness! And yet, pure, awful, loving Justice reigns through all, over all. Light and gladness, the Eternal sort of Light and Gladness, are sown for the righteous, and for no others. All those who have "the course of this world" in their hearts, rather than the holy law of the universe, get their harvest now,-the best they can, from the present order of things. The holy law of the universe in the heart, is the same as Christ in the heart. He is the Law of God for ever and ever. From eternity to eternity, He is the Absolute WORD,-Law itself, Order itself, Life itself; and He is the One "Law of The Spirit of Life," in all righteous creatures, whether in Heaven or earth. Righteous souls, have no desire to be crowned in an unrighteous world.


No, say they, not the world's harvest for us : world's harvest is only a mock-harvest. Let our time in this world, therefore, be a grey, tearful, yet inly radiant, seed-time. Better to sow wheat, than to reap thistle-bloom. Better to sow Christ, than to reap Mammon. If we sow Reality, we shall reap Reality by and by. If we sow to corruption, we shall reap corruption. If we sow incorruptible seed, we shall gather from it an incorruptible harvest some day. Most determinedly, by the grace of God, we will decline receiving our glory and gladness, during the devil's day. "The Lord's Day" may not be immediately, but at the appointed time, it will certainly break upon this outer creation. We will wait for it. "The Lord's Day" shall be our day. When the Light of His Eternal Truth, and the Holy Gladness thereof, triumph in this world, it will be soon enough for us to triumph. In the meantime, let us go on sowing God's seed. He that soweth it sparingly, into the eternal seed-field of his soul, shall reap, likewise, sparingly; but he that soweth it bountifully, shall reap bountifully, in "the Day of the Lord."



"Thou makest darkness, and it is night:

Wherein all the beasts of the forest do creep forth. The young lions roar after their prey,

And seek their meat from God.

The sun ariseth; they gather themselves together,
And lay them down in their dens.
Man goeth forth unto his work,
And to his labor until the evening."

Psa. civ. 20-23.

IF these simple and well known facts pertaining to the outward world, did not cover a deep meaning, we can scarcely imagine that they would have a place in the inspired Liturgy of the Church. But God's works in a lower sphere, must be illustrative of His works in a higher sphere. God works like Himself in every sphere. The correspondence, therefore, of His operations in nature, with the operations of His grace, admits not of a question. To regard the first chapter of Genesis for instance, as all the fathers did, as significative of the stages of human regeneration, is perfectly just. If God once gives us His plan of restoring disorder to order, just because it is His Plan,

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