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A MONASTIC FEAST (a Woman present). From a 15th Century MS. Bible. Imp. Lib. Paris, No. 6829.

Wright, p. 368.

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Steward. Cup-bearer.


Attendant. A KING AT DINNER. The Romance of Meliadus, Addit. MS. 12,228, fol. 126. 14th Century. Wright, p. 160. (The woodcut spoils the faces of the lady on the right, and the man next her, as also the man's forked beard.)



A PRIVATE DINNER. 15th Century, from the French Translation of the "Decameron."

Imp. Lib. Paris, No. 6887. Wright, p. 364.

The HARPER IN THE HALL. MS. Reg. 2, B. vii. fol. 71 b. and fol. 203 b. Early 14th Century.

Wright, p. 164.

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