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[M C iij back.)

ffor drawers of ale & wyne. viij apurns, summa viij ellis Item x portpayns to bere in brede / summa xxxviij ellis.

wyne. Rede wyne, a tonne / Claret wyne, a pipe; whit wyne, a hoggishede / ypocras xl. galons.

| Brede. viij quarters of chet brede / In manchettis vijs' In trenchar brede viijs / In ob ? brede iiij ; Item in wafers ixsx messe3 / & the waferer must brynge Couerpayns for to serue owt his wafers.

Ale pottis & Tappis. xxviij barrellis ale / Ertheñ pottis for wyne & ale lx doz // pychars xij doz / ij doz stenys 4 Item viij C assheñ cuppis / iiij doz tappis.

T plate.
Item iiij doz stondyng Cuppis / xxiiij doz bollis
Item v doz saltis : xl doz spones / ij doz gilt sponys /

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I suppose this and the following s'es to mean shillings. 2 ob bred is ha'penny bread. On fil C xviij of the MS. is The Assise of Bred with-in London.

The quarter whet at iijs // after vs. The fferdyng whit loff coket / xvij oz & d[=] & ob weight * The ob (ha'penny) whit loff XXXV vncis & j d weight The qa + symnell

xv oz ij d ob in weight The ob whet loff

lij oz d. & jd ob weight The peny whet loff

Cv oz d & quarter & ob weight The ob lof of all graynes

lxx oz & ij d weight • ix xx=9 X 20,= 180. messe may be in effe : the long s'es are crossed like f's.

* Stean, a stone vessel. "A great pot or stean,' Hollyband's Dictionarie, 1593. Halliwell.

* Half a pennyweight.

+? quaranta, farthing.

xviij basons with ewers / a payyer of gilt basons // xx siluer pottis.

Explicit the butlers charge
that he must speke ffor.

pewter at the feste
ffirst in platters gret & small xiját x dozen 1
Item dyshis gret & small—xij" x dozen 1
Item in sawsers gret & small xij" x dozen'
Item in chargers gret & small x dozen

At the gyvyng vp of the verder of the wardmot

Inquestis after xijth day.
In dishis xx dozen // In platers x dozen //
In sawsers iij dozen || In chargers j dozen

ffor the wacche at mydsomer
In platters xij dozen || In dyshes xxiiij dozen

all this was in the tyme of Iohñ wyngar, mayre of london, for the hire viija the garnyshe of pewter

Lord Mayor Whyngar was Richard Hill's master. On fil C lxxvj of the MS. is the entry, "Iste liber pertineth Rycardo Hill, seruant with Master Wynger alderman of london."

At the back of ffl ijC xx of the MS., in the list of Mayres & Sheryffis, is this entry:

[1]505 John Wyngar

Roger Acheley

Ao xx° William brown

(Kyng Henry the vijth).


1? (12 x 20 + 10) 12=3000.

The ordre of goyng or sittgng.'

(Balliol MS. 354, .H C lxxxxi, or leaf 203, back.]

A pope hath no pere 2 A deañe
An emprowre A-lone An Arche-dekon
A kyng A-lone

the Master of the rollis
An high cardynall the vnder Iugis
A prince, A kyngis son the vnder barons of the
A duke of blod Royall

cheker A busshop

the mayre of caleis A markes

A provyncyall An erle

A doctur of diuinite A vycownt

A prothonotory ys boue 3 A legate


colectour 4 A baron

A doctur of both lawes An abbot mytered

A sergeant of lawe the ij cheff Iugys

the Masters of channsery the mayre of londoñ A person of Chyrche the chif baron of the A seculer prest cheker //

A marchant An Abbot without myter A gentylmañ A knyght

An Artificer A pryoure

A yeman of good name

i Compare with Russell, p. 186-7, and Wynkyn de Worde, p. 284-5. It differs little from them.

? This is struck through with a heavy black-line.
3 Last letter blotched.
• Struck through with several thin lines.

Latin Graces.

(From the Balliol MS. 354, leaf 2.)

A general Grace.

upon us,

[“These graces are the usual ones still said in all colleges and religious communities abroad, and are for some part those given at the end of each of the four volumies into which our Roman Breviaries for the year are divided. As a youth, while studying at Rome, I used to hear them in our hall; and, knowing them by heart, never found them too long.”—Daniel Rock, D.D.]

The grace that shuld be said affore mete &

after mete / ah the tymes in the yere. The eyes of all Benedicite; dominus. Oculi omnium in te sperant, wait upon thee, O Lord. domine / et tu das escam illorum in tempore oportuno.

Aperis tu manum tuam , & Imples omne Animal bene

diccione. Glory be to the

Gloria patri & filio : & spiritui sancto. Sicut erat Father, &c.

in principio, & nunc, et semper : & in secula seculorum. Lord, have mercy Amen. kyrieleyson, christeleyson, kyrieleyson : pater

noster. Et ne nos: Sed libera nos : Oremus. Lord, bless us. Benedic, domine, nos, & dona tua que de tua largitate

sumus sumpturi / per / Iube domine benedicere. Make us partakers of the heavenly

Mense celestis participes faciat nos Rex eterne table.

glorie / Amen/ Deus caritas est : & qui manet in caritate, in deo manet, & deus in eo : Sit deus in nobis,

& nos maneamus in ipso. Amen. Grace after Dinner.

post prandium. May the God of Deus pacis & dileccionis maneat semper

nobiscum : Tu autem, domine, miserere nostri : Deo gracias / Con

fiteantur tibi, domine, omnia tua. Et sancti tui beneWe thank thce, o dicant tibi / Gloria : Agimus tibi gracias, omnipotens Lord, for thy

deus, pro vniuersis beneficijs tuis. Qui viuis & regnas deus : Per omnia secula seculorum : Amen.

peace be with us!


upon us !

upon us !

the Lord be

save the

Laudate dominum, omnes gentes : laudate eum, omnes populi. Quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia eius : & veritas domini manet in eternum. Gloria Lord, have mercy patri : Sicut erat : kyrieleyson, christeleyson, kiri- Christ, have mercy eleyson / Pater noster / Et ne nos. Sed libera.

Dispersit, dedit pauperibus : Iusticia eius manet in seculum seculi : Benedicam dominum in omni tempore : I will bless the

Lord alway. Semper laus eius in ore meo : In domino laudabitur anima mea : Audiant mansueti, & letentur : Magnificate dominum mecum. Et exaltemus ' nomen eius in id ipsum : Sit nomen domini benedictum: Ex hoc nunc May the name of & vsque in seculum: Oremus : Retribuere dignare, blessed for ever ! domine deus, omnibus nobis bona ffacientibus propter nomen sanctum tuum, vitam eternam : Amen : Benedicamus domino : Deo gracias. Aue regina celorum, Hail, Queen of

Heaven, mater regis angelorum : O maria, flos verginum, velut

flower of virgins! rosa vel lilium, funde preces ad filium pro salute fidelium. pray thy Sou to Aue maria. Meritis & precibus sue pie matris, benedicat faithful ! nos filius dei patris / Amen.

On ffisshe days. Benedicite; dominus. Edent pauperes, & satura- The poor shall eat buntur: et laudabunt dominum qui requirunt eum ; viuent corda eorum in seculum seculi : Gloria patri. Glory be to the

Father, &c. Sicut erat &c. kyrieleyson. christeleyson / kyrieleyson / pater noster. Et ne nos : Sed libera : Oremus : Benedic domine : Iube domine : Cibo spiritualis alimonie reficiat nos rex eterne glorie / Amen. Gracia domini nostri The grace of our Ihesu christi, & caritas dei, & communicacio sancti spiritus sit semper cum omnibus nobis.

Amen / & in be with us all. lent leve / Gracia domini // & say // Frange esurienti Irelentin

Break thy bread panem tuum, & egenos vagosque induc in domum tuam: to the hungry, cum videris nudum operi eum. [et carnem tuam ne wanderer to thy despexeris : ait dominus omnipote[ns]. Grace after dynere.

Grace after
Deus paciss &c. Memorijama fecit mirabilium suorum
1 MS. exultemus.

Grace on Fish-

and be satisfied.

Lord Jesus Christ

and take the


2 Only half the ū is left.


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