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Euery man yet Wyll not say the same
Amonge the good I doubt not fauour
God them forgeue For it me blame
Eche man I wyshe It shall offende
Reade and then iudge Where faulte is amende.


Face aut Tace.

[N.B. The even lines (2, 4, &c.) of the original are printed here opposite the odd ones (1, 3, &c.), instead of after them, to save space. The lines must therefore be read right across the page. The sidenotes in large type, ‘Cato, Isocra, &c.,' are those of the original. The rest are the editor's, and he has added headlines, some stops, &c.]

[blocks in formation]

“ O God !



follow virtue.

Let us abound

God, from whom al good gifts procede!
To thee we

in tyme of our nede, 12 enable us to That with thy grace

thou wouldst vs endue Vertue to folowe


to exchue : 16
Heare this our request, and graunt our desyre,
O lorde ! moste humbly we do the requyre ! 20 [sign. A. ii. 6.]
This day vs defende, that we walkynge aryght Defend us this

day. May do the thynge acceptable in thy syght, That as we in yeares

And body do growe,

26 So in good vertues we may lykewyse flowe

with virtues, To thy honour,

and ioy of our parentes, Learninge to lyue well, and kepe thy commaund


32 In flyinge from all

Vice, synne, and cryme, flee from vice, Applyinge our bookes, not losynge our tyme, 36 May fructifye and go for

and go forward in warde here in good doynge

good doing to our In this vale of miserie vnto oure lyuees endynge, That after this lyfe here transitory

[sign, A. iii.) We may attayne

to greater glory." 44 The Lordes prayer then se thou recyte,

Repeat the Lord's

Prayer night and So vsynge to do

at mornynge and nyght. morning.

live's end."

How to wash and dress yourself.

Howe to order thy selfe when thou rysest,
and in apparelynge thy body.

Capitulo .i.

and don't let it lie,

and put it on.

Cato. Flye
Lye euer slouthe

and ouer much slepe; 50 Don't sleep too

In health the body therby thou shalte kepe. long, Muche slepe ingendereth

diseases and payne,

54 It dulles the the wyt and hurteth the brayne. Rise early; [sign. A. iii. b.] Early in the mornynge thy bed then forsake, 58

Thy rayment put on, thy selfe redy make. cast up your bed, To cast vp thy bed

It shalbe thy parte,

62 Els may they say

that beastly thou art; So to departe

and let the same lye,

66 It is not semynge

nor yet manerly. Go down, Downe from thy chamber when thou shalte go,

70 salute your

Thy parentes salute thou, and the famely also ; parents, wash your hands, Thy handes se thou washe; and thy hed keame,

74 comb your head, And of thy rayment

se torne be no seame; brush your cap

Thy cappe fayre brusht, thy hed couer than, 78 [sign. A. iiji.) Takynge it of

In speakynge to any man. Cato.

Cato doth councel thee thyne elders to reuerence

Declarynge therby thy dutye and obedience. Tie on your shirt- Thy shyrte coler fast to thy necke knyt; 86 collar,

Comely thy rayment loke on thy body syt. fasten your girdle, Thy gyrdell about

thy wast then fasten, 90 Thy hose fayre rubd thy showes se be cleane. breeches, clean A napkyn se that

thou haue in redines your shoes,

94 wipe your nose on Thy nose to clense

from all fylthynes. a napkin, pare your nails, Thy nayles, yf nede be,

se that thou payre ; 98 wash your teeth. Thyne eares kepe cleane, thy teath washe thou fayre.

(A. sign. iiii. b.) Have your torn

If ought about thee chaunce to be torne, 102 clothes mended, Thy frendes therof shewe

howe it is worne, And they wyll newe for thee prouyde, 106 obtained.

Or the olde mende, In tyme beinge spyde, Get your satchell This done, thy setchell and thy bokes take, 110 and books, and haste to School, And to the scole

haste see thou make.

rub your

clean your ears,

or new ones

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