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capon / pygge, venyson bake / custarde / and leche 3. Meat Fritters, lombarde. Fruyter vaunte, with a subtylte, two pot- 4. For a standard, ages, blaunche


and gelly. For standarde, venyson roste, kydde, fawne & cony / bustarde, storke, crane, pecocke with his tayle, heronsewe, bytture, wood- a peacock with hig cocke, partryche, plouer, rabettes, grete byrdes, larkes/ doucettes, paynpuffe, whyte leche, ambre / gelly, creme 6. Doucettes,

Paynpuff, of almondes, curlewe, brewe, snytes, quayle, sparowes, Brew, Snipe, martynet, perche in gelly / petyperuys', quynces bake / Petyperuys and leche dewgarde, fruyter fayge, blandrelles or pepyns Fayge. with carawaye in confettes, wafers and ypocras, they be Caraways, &c. a-greable. Now this feest is done, voyde ye the table. Clear the table.

(1?u for n)

Here endeth the sewynge of flesshe. And begyn- Klenge of neth the keruynge of flesshe.

be clean :
only two fingers

He keruer must knowe the keruynge and the fayre

handlynge of a knyfe, and how ye shall seche al maner of fowle / your knyfe muste be fayre and ? your Your hands must

(2 Fol. A 5.]' handes muste be clene ; & passe not two fyngers & a thombe vpon your knyfe. In ý myddes of your hande and a thumb

should be put on set the halfe sure, vnlassynge ý mynsynge wich 3 two your knife,

(3 for with) fyngers & a thombe; keruynge of brede, layenge, & voydynge of crommes, with two fyngers and a thombe /

or on fish, flesh, loke

ye haue y cure / set neuer on fysshe / flesshe / beest / ne fowle, more than two fyngers and a thombe / than take your lofe in your lefte hande, & holde your knyfe surely ; enbrewe not the table clothe / but wype Wipe your knife vpon your napkyn / than take your trenchouer lofe in your lefte hande, and with the edge of your table knyfe take vp your trenchours as nye the poynt as ye may / than laye foure trenchours to your soferayne, one by an Lay 4 trenchers other / and laye theron other foure trenchours or elles with 2 or 4 on twayne / than take a lofe in your lyfte hande, & pare and the upper ỹ lofe rounde aboute / than cut the ouer cruste to loaf. your souerayne, and cut the nether cruste, & voyde

or fowl.

on your napkin.


crust of a fine

Give heed to what is indigestible,

the parynge, & touche the lofe no more after it is so

serued / than clense the table that the sewer may serue fi sic :c for el, youre souerayne. Also ye muste know the fumosytces!

of fysshe, flesshe, and foules, & all maner of sauces

accordynge to theyr appetytes / these ben the fumosytes / as resty, fat things, salte, soure, resty, fatte, fryed, senewes, skynnes, hony, feathers, heads, croupes, yonge feders, heddes, pygous? bones, all maner

(2 sic : u for n) legs, &c. of legges of bestees & fowles the vtter syde ; for these

ben fumosytees ; laye them neuer to your souerayne.

Keruynge of


How to carve


and slice it into

Take your knyfe in your hande, and cut brawne

in ŷ dysshe as it lyeth, & laye it on your soueraynes Venison, trenchour, & se there be mustarde. Venyson with

fourmenty is good for your souerayne : touche not the

venyson with your hande, but with your knyfe cut it [3 Fol. A 50.)

.xii. draugh’tes with the edge of your knyfe, and cut it (cut it in 12 bits

out in to y fourmenty / doo in the same wyse with the furmity.)

pesen & bacon, befe chyne and motton / pare the befe, cut the motton / & laye to your souerayne / beware of

fumosytees / salte, senewe, fatte, resty & rawe. In Pheasant, syrupe, fesande, partryche, stockdoue, & chekyns / in the Stockdoves,

lefte hande take them by the pynyon, & with the fore(mince the wings parte of your knyfe lyfte vp your wynges / than mynce

it in to the syrupe / beware of skynne rawe & senowe. Goose, Teal, &c., Goos, tele, malarde, & swanne, reyse 4 the legges, than the (take off the legs and wings,)

wynges / laye the body in myddes or in a nother plater / the wynges in the myddes & the legges ; after

laye the brawne bytwene the legges / & the wynges in Capon, the plater. Capon or henne of grece, lyfte the legges, (mince the wing than the wynges, & caste on wyne or ale, than mynce with wine or ale)

the wynge & giue your souerayne. Fesande, partryche, Plover, Lapwing, plouer or lapwynge, reyse y wynges, & after the legges.

4 The top of the s is broken off, making the letter look like an I rubbed at the top.

into the syrup.)

Crane, (mind the

woodcocke, bytture, egryt, snyte, curlewe & heronsewe, Bittern, Egret. vnlace them, breke of the pynyons, necke & becke / than reyse the legges, & let the fete be on styll, than the wynges. A crane, reyse the wynges fyrst, & beware How to carve a of the trumpe in his brest. Pecocke, storke, bustarde trump in his & shouyllarde, vnlace them as a crane, and let ġ fete Shoveler, be on styll. Quayle, sparow, larke, martynet, pegyon, Quail, Martins, swalowe, & thrusshe, y legges fyrst, than ý wynges. Swallow. Fawne, kyde, and lambe, laye the kydney to your Fawn, Kid, souerayne, than lyfe vp the sholder & gyue your souerayne a rybbe. Venyson roste, cut it in the dysshe, & Roast Venison, laye it to your souerayne.

A cony, lay hym on the Cony, backe, cut away the ventes bytwene the hynder legges, breke the canell bone, than reyse the sydes, than lay lay him on his the cony on ý wombe, on eche syde the chyne two cut-off sides, on sydes departed from the chyne, than laye the bulke, chyne, & sydes, in ý dysshe. * Also ye must mynce foure lesses to one morcell of mete, that your soverayne cach bit of ment, may take it in the sauce. All bake metes that ben pick it up by. hote, open them a-boue the coffyn ; & all that ben colde, Pies at the top: open theym in the mydwaye. Custarde, cheke them Cut Custards in


your souerayne may ete therof. Dou- Doucettes, pare cettes, pare awaye the sydes & the bottom : beware of bottom. fumosytes. Fruyter vaunte, fruyter say, be good; better Fritters hot aro is fruyter pouche ; apple fruyters ben good hote / and all colde fruters, touche not. Tansey is good / hote wortes, cold beds or gruell of befe or of motton is good. Gelly, mortrus, Jelly, Blanche creme almondes, blaunche manger, Iussell, and charlet, &c., are good, and cabage, and nombles of a dere, ben good / & all other no other potages. potage beware of.

each side of him.)

[* Fol. A 6.) Cut 4 strips to

cold in the middle.



inch blocks,

off sides and


Tansey is good.

Manger, Charlet,

And Sauces for all

maner of Fowles.

Here endeth û keruynge of flesshe. begynneth sauces for all maner of fowles. Mustarde is good with brawne, befe, chyne, bacon, Wastard for bef:

& motton. Vergius is good to boyled chekyns boiled chickens; and capon / swanne with cawdrons / rybbes of www:

Garlick, &c., for beef.

Salt, Sukar and

befe with garlyeke, mustarle, peper, vergyus; gynger Ginger for lamb: sauce to lambe, pygge, & fawne / mustarde & suger to Gamelyne for heronsewe, &c.; fesande, partryche, and conye / sauce gamelyne to Water of Tame for heronsewe, egryt, plouer, & crane / to brewe, curlewe, brew, &c.

salte, suger, & water of tame / to bustarde, shouyllarde,

& bytture, sauce gamelyne: woodcocke, lapwynge, White salt for larke, quayle, mertynet, venyson, and snyte, with whyte lapwings, &c. Cinnamon and salte / sparowes & throstelles with salte & synamon / salt for thrushes, thus with all metes, sauce shall haue the operacyons.

| Here endeth the sauces for all maner of fowles and metes.


! Fol. A 6 b.] The Dinner Courses from Easter to Whitsunlay. From Easter to Pentecost, set bread, trenchers and spoons:

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6 or 8 trenchers for a great lord,

degree. Then cut

Here begynneth the feestes and seruyce from
Eester vnto whytsondaye.
X Eester daye & so forthe to Pentycost, after y
seruynge of the table

there shall be set brede, trenchours, and spones, after the estymacyon of them that shall syt there; and thus ye shall serue your souerayne; laye [six or eight'] trenchours / & yf he be of a lower degre [or] estate, laye fyue trenchours / & yf

he be of lower degre, foure trenchours / & of an other 3 for one of low degre, thre trenchours / than cut brede for your souerbread for eating. ayne after ye knowe his condycyons, wheder it be

cutte in ŷ myddes or pared, or elles for to be cut in small peces. Also ye must vnderstande how ý mete

shall be serued before youre souerayne, & namely on For Easter-day Eester daye after the gouernaunce & seruyce of у

countree where ye were borne. Fyrste on that daye he blessed;

shall serue a calfe soden and blessyd / and than soden egges

with grene sauce, and set them before the most pryncypall estate / and that lorde by cause of his hyghe

estate shall departe them all aboute hym / than serue Potage, with beef, potage, as wortes, Iowtes, or browes, with befe, motton,

1 See above, in thc Keruynge of Flesshe, p. 271, lines 5 and 4 from the bottom.


First Course :
A Call, boiled and

boiled Eggs and green sauce;


or vele / & capons that ben coloured with saffron, and saffron-stained

Capons. bake metes. And the seconde course, Iussell with Second Course : mamony, and rosted, endoured / & pegyons with bake Mameny, Pigeons, metes, as tartes, chewettes, & flawnes, & other, after the Chewets, dysposycyon of the cokes. And at soupertyme dyuers Suppor: sauces of motton or vele in broche', after the ordynaunce [1 ? brothe] of the stewarde / and than chekyns with bacon, vele, Chickens, Veal, roste pegyons or lambe, & kydde roste with ý heed roast Kid, & the portenaunce on lambe & pygges fete, with Pigs-Feet, vinegre & percely theron, & a tansye fryed, & other a Tansey fried. bake metes / ye shall vnderstande this maner of seruyce * dureth to Pentecoste, saue fysshe dayes. Also take [2 Fol. B i.) hede how ye shall araye these thynges before your souerayne / fyrst ye shall se there be grene sauces of Green Sauces of sorell or of vynes, that is holde a sauce for the fyrst for the first course. course / and ye shall begyn to reyse the capon.

sorrel or vines,

maner of Forcles.

How to carve a

Here endeth the feest of Eester tyll Pentecoste. Keruyng of all And here begynneth keruyng of all maner of fowles.

TSauce that capon. Take vp a capon, & lyfte vp the ryght legge and the ryght wynge, & so araye forth & laye hym in the plater as he sholde flee, & serve your souerayne / & knowe well that capons or chekyns ben arayed after one sauce; the chekyn shall be sauced with grene Sauce : green

sauce or verjuice. sauce or vergyus.

Lyfte that swanne. Take and dyghte hym as a goose, but let hym Chawdron is the haue a largyour brawne, & loke ye haue chawdron.

Alaye that fesande. Take a fesande, and reyse his legges & his wynges as it were an henne, & no sauce but onely salte.

Twynge that partryche. Take a partryche, and reyse his legges and his wynges as a henne / & ye mynce hym, sauce hym with


sauce for Linn.


Yo sauce but Salt.


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