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Boke of Keruynge,

(that is to say,

The boke of Seruyce & Keruynge and Sewynge & all Maner of Offyce in his kynde vnto a Prynce or ony other Estate,

& all the Feestes in the yere.]

Enprynted by Wynkyn de Worde at London in Flete Strete at the sygne of the Sonne. The yere of our Lorde God. M.CCCC.xiij.

[and now reprinted,


The Boke of Kernrnge.

[Fol. A 1.)

The Book of Carv

Here begynneth the boke of keruynge and

(Fol. A 16.] sewynge / and all the feestes in the yere, for the seruyce ing and Arrangof a prynce or ony other estate, as ye shall fynde eche ing; and the Dishes offyce, the seruyce accordynge, in this boke folowynge.

for all the Feasts in the year.

Termes of a Keruer.

Terms of a Carver:

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Slice brawn,

splat a pike,

spoil a hen,

unbrace a mallard,

fin a chub,

Reke that dere tyere that egge

lesche ý brawne chyne that samon rere that goose

strynge that lampraye lyft that swanne

splatte that pyke sauce that capon

sauce that playce spoyle that henne

sauce that tenche frusshe that chekyn

splaye that breme vnbrace that malarde syde that haddocke vnlace that cony

tuske that barbell dysmembre that heron culpon that troute dysplaye that crane fynne that cheuen dysfygure that pecocke transsene that ele vnioynt that bytture traunche that sturgyon vntache that curlewe

vndertraunche y purpos alaye that fesande

tayme that crabbe wynge that partryche

barbe that lopster wynge that quayle mynce that plouer

Here hendeth the thye that pegyon

goodly termes. border that pasty thye that wodcocke

Here begynneth thye all maner of small byrdes Butler and tymbre that fyre

untache a curlew,

barb a lobster,

border a pasty.


thigh small birds.

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