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vnless your pretence bee to harden your members, and to apply your selfe ynto militarie discipline. This outward heating doth wonderfully comfort the inward heat, it helpeth concoction, and consumeth moisture.

(13) Remember before you rest, to chew down two 18. Before bed, or three drachmes of mastick : for it will preserue your

chew Mastic, and body from bad humours.

(14) Pray feruently to God, before you sleepe, to 14. Pray to God. inspire you with his grace, to defend you from all perils and subtelties of wicked fiends, and to prosper you in all your affaires : and then lay aside your cares and businesse, as well publicke as priuate: for that night, in so doing, you shall slepe more quietly. Make water at least once, and cast it out: but in the morning make water in an vrinal : that by looking on it, Look at your you may ghesse some what of the state of your body. Urinal. Sleep first on your right side with your mouth open, and let your night cappe haue a hole in the top, through Have a hole in

your nightcap. which the vapour may goe out. (15) In the morning remember your affayres, and if 15. Against

rheums, eat you be troubled with rheumes, as soone as you haue white pepper. risen, vse diatrion piperion, or eate white pepper now and then, and you shall be holpen.

water in a


The Dyet for every Day.


Sir Yohn Harington's Schoole of Salerne,'


The Preserbation of Health, or a Vyet for the Healthfull

Man, 1624, p. 358.)

Stretch your limbs,

first I will begin with the dyet for every day. In the beginning when you arise from the bed, extend forth all your members, for by this meanes the

animal spirits are drawne to the outward members, * Page 36.) the * braine is made subtill, & the body strengthened. rub your body Then rub the whole body somewhat with the palmes,

the brest, back and belly gently, but the armes and legs

with the hands, either with warm linnen : next, the and head; head is to be scrubbed from the forepart to the hinder

part very lightly. After you are risen, I will that you protect yourself defend with all care and diligence your head, necke, from cold;

and feet, from all cold in the morning ; for there is no doubt, but in the morning and euening the cold doth

offend more, then it doth about noone tide, by reason dress, washing in of the weaknes of the Sun-beames. Put on your clothes Summer,

neat and cleane : in the Summer season, first wash with

cleane pure water, before described ; but in the Winter warming yourself season sit somewhat by the fire, not made with turfe or

stinking coale, but with cake or other wood that burneth cleare, for our bodies are somewhat affected with our clothes, and as strength is increased by the vse of meat and drinke, and our life defended and preserued ; and so our garments doe conserue the heat of our bodies, and doe driue away colds : so that as diet and apparel may seeme alike, so in either of them a like diligence is to be preferred. In the Summer-time I chiefly commend garments In Summer

in Winter.

(Page 37.) of Harts-skinnes, and Calues-skins, for the Hart is a wear deer's and

calves' skins, creature of long life, and resisteth poyson and Serpents ; therefore I my selfe vse garments of the like sort for the winter season, also neuerthelesse lined with good linnen. Next I doe iudge it not to bee much amisse to vse garments of Silke or Bombace, or of purple : also of Martyn or Wolfe-skinnes, or made of Fox in Winter, woll skinnes, I suppose to be good for the winter; notwith- and fox skins. standing in the time of Pestilence, apparell of Silke and skinnes is condemned, because it doth easily admit and receiue the contagious ayre, and doth retain it long. After the body is well clothed, kembe your head wel Comb your head with an Iuory comb, from the forehead to the backepart, drawing the comb some forty times at the least; then wash all the instruments of the sences, as the eies, wash your face, the ears, the nostrils, the mouth, the tongue, the teeth, and all the face with cold water; and the eyes are not only to be washed, but being open plainly, immerg'd : and the gumme and foulnes of the eie-lids that do there clean your

eyelids, stick, to remoue; somtimes also to besprinkle the water with Rose-water cr Fenel-water, also rubb the rub your neck neck well with *a linnen napking somewhat course, for [ Page 38.) these things doe confirme the whole body; it maketh the mind more cheerefull, and conserueth the sight. In this place it pleaseth me to adioyne some Dentifrices or clensers of teeth, waters not only to make the teeth white, but also to conserue them, with some medicines also to conserue the sight. .

40 times,


On Rising, Niet, and Going to Bed.


Sir John Harington's 'Schoole of Salerne,


The Preserbation of Health, or a Opet for the Healthfull

Man, 1624, p. 358.)

Also to prosecute our former purpose, when you On rising, arise in the morning, to auoyd all superfluities, as well empty your bladder and

by vrine as by the belly, which doe at the least euery belly, nose and lungs.

day. Auoid also from the nostrils and the lungs all

filthy matter, as wel by clensing, as by spittle, and Cleanse your

clense the face, head, and whole body; & loue you to whole body,

be cleane and wel apparelled, for from our cradles let vs abhor vncleannes, which neither nature or reason

can endure. When you haue done these things, reSay your Prayers. member to powre foorth your prayers vnto God with a

cleare voice, that the day may be happy and prosperous vnto you, that God may direct your actions to the

glory of his name, the profit of your country, & the Walk gently,

conseruation of your bodies. Then walke ye gently, and what excrements socuer do slip down to the in

feriour parts, being excited by * naturall heate, the [* Page 42.)

excretion thereof shall the better succeed.

As for your businesses, whether they be publike or priuate, let them be done with a certaine honesty; then afterwards let your hunting iourneyes bee performed ; apply your selues to studie and serious businesse the

go to stool.

Work in the forenoon.


houres of the fore-noone, and so likewise in the afternoone, till twoor three houres before supper ; alwaies in your hands vse eyther Corall or yellow Amber, or a Always wear a

precious stone Chalcedonium, or a sweet Pommander, or some like precious stone to be worne in a ring vpon the little finger of the left hand : haue in your rings eyther a in a ring : Smaragd, a Saphire, or a Draconites, which you shall beare for an ornament : for in stones, as also in hearbes, there is great efficacie and vertue, but they are not altogether perceived by vs: hold sometime in your hold a crystal

in your mouth; mouth eyther a Hyacinth, or a Crystall, or a Granat, or pure Gold, or Siluer, or else sometimes pure Sugarcandy. For Aristotle doth affirme, and so doth Albertus Magnus, that a Smaragd worne about the necke, is good against the Falling-sicknes : for surely the vertue of an hearbe is great, but much more the vertue of a for the virtue of

precious stones is precious #stone, which is very likely that they are (* Page 43.) endued with occult and hidden vertues. Feede onely twice a day, when yee are at mans Eat only twice a

day. age: neuerthelesse to those that are subiect to choller, it is lawfull to feede often : beginne alwayes your dinner and supper with the more liquid meates, sometimes with drinkes. In the time betweene dinner and Don't drink supper, abstain altogether from cups, vnlesse necessitie and supper. or custome doe require the same : notwithstanding the same custome being so vitious, must be by little and little changed.

I would not that you should obserue a certaine houre, either for dinners or suppers, as I haue sufficiently Don't

have one told you before, lest that daily custome should be for your meals, altered into nature : and after this intermission of this custome of nature, hurt may follow; for custome doth imitate nature, and that which is accustomable, the very same thing is now become naturall.

Take your meate in the hotte time of Summer in cold places, but in the Winter let there bee a bright In Winter eat in

between dinner

fixed hour

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