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Mr. S. Noble, Devonshire Street,

Queen Square.
Mr. King, Highgate.
Miss King, Highgate.


Mr. Ogilvy, 6, Winchester Street, L

Pentonville. Mr. B. Lambert, Soho.

Р Mr. J. Lambert, Engraver, 12,

Furnival's Inn Court, Holborn. Paget, Esq. Blandford Mr. Landseer, Engraver to the Street, Portman Square. King.

Peter Paulleau, Esq. Mr. W. Lee,

J. B. Picard, Esq. Leicester Mr. Lesam, 21, Church Row, Square. Newington Butts.

Henry Pilleau, Esq. Newington Mr. Love, Haymarket.

Place, Surrey.
Mr. Lowry, Upper Titchfield Pope, Esq. Frith Street,


Dr. Pugh.
Robert Mangles, Esq.

Miss Maria Pixall, Wargrave,

J. Morgan, Esq. Charlotte Street, Mr. Parkinson, 14, Tavistock

Francis Morton, Esq. Bishops- Mr. D. Parkes, Shrewsbury.

Row, Covent Garden.

Mr. R. Pauchaud, 13, Chapel William De la Motte, Esq. Royal

Row, Bath. Military College, Great Mar

Mr. R. Phillips, Bridge Street, low.

Mr. J. Pidgeon. J. Munden, Esq. Kentish Town.

Mr. P. Powell, 34, Pall Mall, Dr. Monro.

Mr. Pugh, 180, Terrace, TotMrs. Macklin.

tenham Court Road. Mr. Maudsley, Margaret Street. Mr. Medland.

R Mr, De Mole, Margaret Street. J. Richards, Esq. Royal AcadeMr. H. Moore, Drawing-Master, Derby.


Thomas Reeve, Esq. Mr. Moore, Woodstock Street. Mr. P. S. Munn, New Bond Michael Russel, Esq. 37, Bernard

Street, Brunswick Square. Street.

Dr. Remington, Guildford, SurN

rey. John Nichols, Esq. F. S. A. at Mr. Rawson, 8, William Street, Edinburgh.

Manchester Square. J. North, Esq. Caroline Street, Mr. Renton, Frith Street, Soho. Bedford Square.

Mr. Reviere, Upper Titchfield Mr. F. Nash, Asylum Buildings, Street. Westminster Road.

Mr. Richards, Chancery Lane. Mr. F. Nicholson, Upper Titch- Mr. Charles Rivers, Chad's Row, field Street.

Gray's Inn Lane,

gate Street.

Mr. Mr. J. Rolfe, Newman Street.

т Mr. R. Rolfe, Boswell Court, Devonshire Street.

J. M. W. Turner, Esq. R. A. 64,

Harley Street.
Bache Thornhill

, Esq. Stanton, P. Sandby, Esq. St. George's Derbyshire. Row, Paddington.

Alexander Tilloch, Esq. W. Scrope, Esq. Castle Combe, Dr. Thornton, Hind Street, ManWilts.

chester Square, 25 Copies. D. Stevenson, Esq. Newcastle Mr. Teasdale, Barnard 'Street, upon Tyne,

Brunswick Square. Dr. Shaw,

Mr. I. W. Thompson. Mrs. Shukard, Brighton, Mr. Edward Treveneu, 5, Crane Mr. Samuel.

Court, Fleet Street,
Mr. R. W. Satchwell, 4, Great Mr. J. Tyrie, 4, Islington Road.

Marlborough Street.
Mr. S. Shelley, 6, Great George

Street, Hanover Square.
Mr. W. Sheppard, Newark. Benjamin West, Esq. P. R. A.
Mr. G. Shepherd, Draughtsman, Historical Painter to His Ma-
Ratcliffe Row.

jesty. Mr. Simpson.

Holland Watson, Esq. WorkMr. W. Slade, Shrewsbury.

sop, Nottinghamshire. Mr. J. C. Smith, Upper Titch- General Watson. field Street.

John Williams, Esq. Architect, Mr. Smith, Newman Street. Pall Mall. Mr. Staines, 5, Ironmonger Lane. Mrs. Whitelock, Portsmouth. Mr. F. Stockdale, East India | Mr. E. Walmsley, 19, GraceHouse.

church Street. Mr. J. Storer, Chapel Street, Mr. Webb, Vauxhall Walk. Pentonville.

Mr. S. Wilson, Army Pay OfMr. Stubbs, 52, Long Acre. fice. Mr. J. Swan, Printer, Fleet Street. Mr. W. Wilson,

Directions for placing the Engravings. Portrait of MR. DAYES, to front the Vignette Title Page Dove DALE, to front .

6 Roche ABBEY .



104 Ilack-FALL.



127 Ouse BRIDGE .

179 EXAMPLES to illustrate the Essay on Grace, Plate I. 222 Pitto

Plate II. 262

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The eminent professional Abilities of the late Mr. Dayes, as well as the Strength of his Literary Talents, are already known to the Public: the former, through the numerous Productions of his Pencil exhibited at the ROYAL ACADEMY, or engraved to illustrate the Topographical History of Great Britain in various Publications; the latter, through the Medium of that esteemed Journal, the Philosophical Magazine, in which the Essays on Painting have composed a very distinguished Feature. In offering, therefore, a complete Edition of his Works to general Patronage, besides the more immediate Purpose of benefiting his Family, I am actuated by a Hope, that this Publication will prove particularly acceptable at a Period when the Arts are held in such high Repute, and when TOPOGRAPHICAL INQUIRIES so particularly accord with the prevailing Taste. The Excursion through Derbyshire and Yorkshire, the Instructions for Drawing and

Coloring b

Coloring Landscape, and the Professional Sketches of Modern Artists, are now for the first Time made Public, from the original Manuscripts. The EXCURSION was undertaken in the Autumn of 1803; its principal Object was to contemplate the romantic Character of Dove-Dale; and to inspect, and to make Drawings of the sublime and picturesque Scenery of the North and West RIDINGS of YORKSHIRE. The Observations made by Mr. Dayes, during his Progress through these enchanting Tracts, were afterwards connected by him with various Historical and Biographical Notices, and the Whole formed into a con. nected Work but a very short Time previous to his sudden and lamented Decease.

The Essays ox PAINTING have received the Approbation of the most eminent Artists. Under the various Heads of Composition, Taste, Beauty, Grace, Invention, Disposition, Drawing, Manner, Penciling, and Style, they, comprehend the most important Precepts for the Advancement of the Art to a State of Perfection; while the Perspicuity and Depth of Thought by which those Precepts are illustrated, cannot fail to impress the



Inquirer with due Ideas of the Importance of the Study, and of its vast Influence both on the Individual, and on the National Character. Where the Arts are despised, Humanity suffers; and the Principles that regulate the Conduct, become illiberal and mean.

The INSTRUCTIONS FOR LANDSCAPE PAINTING are equally valuable with the Essays. They include complete Directions for Sketching, Coloring, and the proper Management of Light and Shade. The young Artist will find them particularly acceptable; inasmuch as they not only furnish him with the Knowledge of the best Methods of attaining his End, but also develope the Principles on which those Methods are founded. If an Acquaintance with Cause is not an absolute Essential to the Production of Effect, it is at least a very useful Qualification, and renders that Design, which would otherwise be either Habit or Accident. The PROFESSIONAL SKETCHES must be considered as peculiarly interesting, when it is remembered that they contain Anecdotes of all the following Artists, combined with Strictures on the Merits of their chief Productions.

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