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live, and he dwells with them. 1 Tim. iii. 15. Heb. iii. 6.

The Ark of Noah, The Church in which we are saved by the Water of Baptism. 1 Pet. iii. 21.

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The Wilderness. This World, through which Christians pass, and undergo all the Trials of the He brews, in their Way to Canaan. Isai. xxxv. 1, Isai. xli, 18. li. 3. 1 Cor. x. 5, 6.


HIGH PRIEST. Christ the only true Priest, in whose Person and Name every other priest is appointed to act, under the Law and the Gospel, Heb. iv;

14. v. 1.

Sacrifices. Redemption by the Blood of Christ, Heb. ix. 22. Eph. i. 7.

Incense. An outward Sign of the Devotion of the Heart in Prayer, ascending up to God. Psal. cxli. 2. Luke i. 10. Acts x. 4. Acts x. 4. Rev. v. 8. Passover. What the Paschal Lamb was at its first Institution, when the First-born of the Hebrews were all redeemed by it; such Christ is to us. 1 Cor.

v. 7.

Circumcision. An Engagement, like that of Baptism, to renounce the Flesh and circumcise the Heart. Deut. x. 16. xxx. 6. Phil. iii. 3. Col. ii. 11. Rom. ii. 29.

Washing with Water, Purification from Sin and Guilt. Psal. lxxiii. 13. li. 2. 7. Isai. i. 16. Jer. iv. 14. 1 Cor. vi. 11.

Tabernacle. A Representation of this World and the

other; and its Services a Rehearsal of what is done in both. Heb. ix. 1, &c.

The Vail of the Temple. The Body of Christ, opening the Kingdom of Heaven by its Death, when the Vail was rent, Matth. xxvii. 51. Heb. x. 20. Manna. The Bread that cometh down from Heaven,

and giveth Life unto the World. John vi. 31-35. Priests Garments. Emblematical of Purity and Sanc tification. Psal. cxxxii. 9.







Young's Night Thoughts.

Quid enim munus reipublicæ adferre majus, meliusve possumus, quam si docemus atque erudimus juventutem? His præsertim moribus, atque temporibus, quibus ita'prolapsa est, ut omnium opibus refrenanda ac coercenda sit,

Cic. de Divin. lib. iii.

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THE Author of the following Letters having endeavoured to make himself as useful as he could in the execution of an important trust, not only by reading books with his pupils, and teaching sciences, but by conversing freely with them, as occasion required, on literary and moral subjects; he took frequent opportunities of committing to paper, in the form of a letter, the substance of what had passed in these conversations. And as all young people of the same station have a common interest in most of the subjects thus treated of, he thought it might be of service to select a few of these Letters, and send them to the press; that when he has put them into the hands of his own pupils, for whose use they were intended, he may have the honour of addressing himself as a friendly monitor and guide to other young travellers, who are upon the same road to learning and virtue; and have many dangers to encounter, from the fervour of youth, their own inexperience, and the overbearing influence of ill principles and bad examples.

Though some copies of these Letters were gone out of his hands, and he was solicited by his friends to the publication, he lays no stress upon these considerations: his only motive is the desire of making an experiment for the benefit of youth; and if this little volume should be found capable of answering, in any degree so desirable an end, it will be accepted by such parents and teachers, as wish not only to cultivate the understanding of their scholars, which perhaps is their first object, but to secure them against the errors and miscarriages to which they are more particularly exposed in the present age; and to such he begs leave to recommend it for their patronage and protection. If his design should meet with the approbation of those who are the proper judges, he may be encouraged to send abroad hereafter another volume upon the same plan.

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