Morgan on the Run

Przednia okładka
Addisyn L Tyler, 13 gru 2016 - 221

 It's been one year since Morgan le Fay fixed everything.

Penny has a new boyfriend, her grades are up, she's got an awesome gig running a shop at the local renaissance festival, and her home life is awesome. She's looking forward to college in the fall.

But all of that is about to change, because Morgan is back in town. She's bringing trouble with her, and as if that weren't enough, Penny's wayward knight in shining armor has shown up on the jousting fields again, and he's returned with a message.

Strange things are happening in the mirror shop, but Penny's sure it's nothing to worry about. So she can hear voices that no one else can--that's nothing to worry about, right? Seth couldn't possibly be right about the price that Morgan's magic carries for anyone who has been touched by it.


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