Report of the ... and ... Meetings of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Tom 30,Część 1860

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Strona xxxvi - I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to acquaint you that my Lords are...
Strona xlii - The transit instrument is erected in a line between two meridian marks — one to the north and the other to the south of the Observatory ; so that, by means of suitable openings, either of these marks may be viewed by the telescope.
Strona lxix - Observer' at a salary of 100£ per annum, his duty being 'forthwith to apply himself with the most exact care and diligence to the rectifying the tables of the motions of the heavens and the places of the fixed stars, so as to find out the so much desired longitude of places for the perfecting the art of navigation.
Strona xvii - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry, — to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another, and with foreign philosophers, — to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind, which impede its progress.
Strona 180 - What he reserves to himself, is to explain the laws of mind under which the owner of the soil allows his pastures to be laid waste, and the minerals which they cover to be abstracted; under which the capitalist employs in sinking shafts, and piercing galleries, funds which might be devoted to his own immediate enjoyment; under which the miner encounters the toils and the dangers of his hazardous and laborious occupation; and the laws, also laws of mind, which decide in what proportions the produce...
Strona 214 - No. 0 Calm © 1 Light air \ . 2 Light breeze 3 Gentle breeze 4 Moderate breeze 5 Fresh breeze 6 Strong breeze 7 Moderate gale 8 Fresh gale 9 Strong gale 10 Whole gale 11 Storm 12 Hurricane SCALE Speed Commonly observed effects of mph corresponding winds 0 Calm, smoke rises vertically.
Strona 239 - Allman, on the Present State of our Knowledge of the Freshwater Polyzoa ;—Registration of the Periodical Phenomena of Plants and Animals ;—Suggestions to Astronomers for the Observation of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on July 28, 1851.
Strona 171 - strong woods' and the northern limit of the true prairie country there is a belt of land varying in width, which at one period must have been covered by an extension of the northern forests, but which has been gradually cleared by successive fires. " It is now a partially wooded country, abounding in lakes and rich natural pasturage, in some parts rivaling the finest park scenery of our own country.
Strona 145 - Assistant Physician to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, Brompton ; Lecturer on Materia Medica at the Charing Cross School of Medicine and Assistant Physician to the Hospital Sm.
Strona xiii - This subject was resumed another day by a paper on the Intellectual Development of Europe, considered with Reference to the Views of Mr Darwin and others, that the Progression of Organisms is determined by Law, by Professor DRAPER, MD, of New York.

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