The Freres, by mrs. Alexander, Tom 3

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Strona 239 - Tell me, then, my best of cousins," resumed Frau Alvsleben, " how rich was our dear, lost friend ? How many thousand thalers had she ? I never know your pounds and shillings." " I do not know myself, but I suppose she must have had at least forty -or fifty thousand pounds, to live as she did. How much is that in thalers, Uncle Costello? " " Oh ! about three hundred and fifty thousand," said the count, after murmuring over a rapid calculation.
Strona 219 - ... had silently gathered in the depths of her heart, flowing full and quick. Yes ; she loved him as she had never loved any one else ! Her first attachment to Max, it was an uneasy mixture of imagination and excited vanity, which yet might have settled into something true and lasting ; but this — ah ! how sweet the mixture of friendly comprehension and confidence, with a touch of tenderness beyond what friendship could reach ! There was so much strength in the gentle repose of Balfour's manner...
Strona 96 - What ! those strange birds, and beasts, and things one sees on the stones in the British Museum ? " asked Grace of her neighbor, the Australian. Max was at the other side. "Don't you believe it. They say they read them, perhaps they think they do ; but you might say anything was a translation," he returned. " I wonder that learned people do not interest themselves more in the remains of Central America," said Balfour ; " they are, to my mind, the most curious relics of all.
Strona 35 - Faith, I don't know," said Jimmy, with a laugh. " Only he spoke as if he was going away to foreign parts." " Yes : I suppose he will," observed Grace, thinking in her heart that it would be sad to part with Maurice, now she had found him. " I dare say Lady Elton would try and help us — I mean Randal," she said. "She knows so many people, and is so clever. I am sure he had better leave London. At any rate, I will write to my mother to-morrow. And if you give up those pearls, ought you not to have...
Strona 18 - I'll do one for you, too, miss ; you look regular tired out." Grace accepted the proffered refreshment, for she felt sinking ; and after attending to Randal, and leaving him in conversation with Mrs. Oakes, preparatory to making the effort to rise and dress himself, she went first to write as cheerful a letter as she could to her mother, and then, if possible, to rest. At first she could not compose herself. The circumstances of her interview with Max passed and repassed across her mental field of...
Strona 152 - He paused, and again walked to the window. " Besides — I know what you would say, Maurice," said Lady Elton, looking at him with the liveliest interest. " There is that little early penchant of hers for " "What! who?" cried Balfour, turning sharply. "But no; it is not right to talk of what would vex her to think we suspected " "Pooh! that is nonsense," said Lady Elton; "I only suspected her of a girlish fancy for Max Frere. I may be wrong. but I always imagined he had something to do with her...

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