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both the washing of one another's feet, and the anointing of the sick with oil, doth answer to it, and many other things: so that the probation of a sacrament at all, or of their being two, seven, yea, or seventy, is all alike easy; seeing neither name nor number is to be found in the scripture, they being the mere conceits and inventions

And yet it is marvellous to see, with how great confidence some men do affert the scripture to be their rule, while they build up so considerable parts of their doctrine, without' the least scripture foundation.

Thus I thought fit to pitch upon these three, viz. the scriptures, sabbath, and sacraments, because these be three of the main things for which we the Quakers are chiefly cried out against, and accused, as believing erroneously concerning them. . Now what we believe concerning these things, and how agreeable our testimony herein is to the scriptures, is heretofore fufficiently demonstrated: also how little fcripture-proof these have for their contrary assertions to us in these things, notwithstanding their great pretences to seripture, will also appear to the unbiassed reader.


Note, reader, that I have here throughout made use of the last common translation of the bible ; and if I would have made use of the Hebrew and Greek, I could have produced divers other very clear scriptures, which in the common translation are corrupted and perverted; but I choosed rather to do thus, that our opposers might see I took no advantage that way; and also, that all that can but read, may find the places cited in their own bibles.


London : printed by W. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street.



Extracts from the Minutes and Advices of the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in London, from its first institution. Second edition 4to. Přice 8s bound in calf and lettered.

An English Harmony of the Four Evangelists; with a Map of Palestine, divided according to the Twelve Tribes; Explanatory Notes and Indexes, 8s 6d bound in calf and lettered.

The United Gospel: or Ministry of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, combined from the Narrations of the Four Evangelists. By R. and M. Willan. The third edition, with many additional Notes and Observations. Price 6s 6d in calf and lettered.

Some Discourses, Epistles, and Letters, by the late Samuel Fothergill: to which are added some Discourses by the late Catherine Phillips. Now first published, price 3s bound in calf and lettered.

A short account of the Life and Religious Labours of Patience Brayton, mostly felected from her own minutes. Price is 6d stitched.

Letters on Religious Subjects written by divers Friends deceased, now first published by John Kendall. Price 3s 6d bound in calf and lettered.

N. B. It is expe&ted that a second Volume will be publifbed early in next year.

An Abstract from the Old and New Testament, intended for the use of Children. By John Kendall. 2 vols izmo.. Price Ss bound in sheep, or gs in calf and lettered.

Poems on Religious Subjects, selected from the works of Young, Cowper, and others. Price 4d stitched.

A short account of the Life and Writings of Robert Barclay. Price 3s bound in calf and lettered,

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