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Life is Short, Troublesome, and Uncertain; but the Reward of the Righteous is Sure.



AN of a woman born, his days are few'; 10
Yet while these last, his troubles they are



He cometh forth, and like a tender flow'r Is foon cut down at fome uncertain hour. 2 From hence he fleeth as a fhadow doth,

For die we muft, though we be e'er fo loath: God hath appointed that men once fhall die", And with this change all mortals must comply. 3 We ne'er continue long in one fix'd state ;~~Experience fhews what changes for us wait: But lo! the righteous from the wrath to come Are made fecure when they are called home.


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And O! who can the happy ftate explain

Of those who fhall with him for ever reign?

'HE righteous, when they die, And from this world re Do all afcend above the fky



Immortal joy to prove.

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4 That God, whom they fo lov'd and long'd for here, Will then to their eternal joy* appear!

(t) Job xiv. 1, 2. (x) Ifa. xxxv. 10.-li, II.





On the Happy Change which the Righteous experience after Death.



(u) Heb. ix. 27. (v) Thef. i. 10, (y) Matt. xxv. 46.

Beyond the reach of death2
They there in triumph fing,
With Chrift, who once gave up his breath
To take away its fting2.

3 With wonder there they fee
What dangers they have pafs'd!
For which they give all praife to thee,

4 And O who can conceive
The joy and fweet delight,
Which in thofe manfions they receive,
Of uncreated light!

5 No mortal eye hath feend,
Nor hath the ear yet heard
What things fhall be on thofe who reigne
With Jefus Chrift conferr'd!

6 But this we truly know,

That God will shortly come, And take his children from below, To their eternal home!

Wherefore, O Lord, we wait,
And for thy coming pray:
O make us fit for that bright state,
And thither us convey.



All Bleffings are the effects of the Love of God.

LORY be to thee, O Lord! Be thou ev'ry where ador'd; All the bleffingsh we can prove Are the bleffings of thy love.

(z) Rev. xxi. 4. Pfal. lxxxiii. 18. (e) Rev. xx. 6. (h) Eph. i. 3.

(a) 1 Cor. xv. 56, 57. (c) Ifa. xli. 4-xliv. 6. (f) Rev. xxii. 20.


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(b) Exod. vi. 3(d) 1 Cor. ii. 9. (g) Phil. iv. 20.

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2 "Tis to this we owe our birth',
And our being upon earth:
"Twas the work of grace alone,
Or thy ways we had not known.

3 'Tis thy fov'reign pow'rk that still
Helps us to perform thy will:
Hence our hearts and tongues we raise,
All devoted to thy praife.

4 But, Lord, we have nought to give,-
Save what we from thee receive1:
All the good that we have known
Came from thee, and is thine own.

5 Wherefore, O thou God moft high!
Let us ever feel thee nigh;
Give, and we will give to thee
Back thine own with ufury".


The Love of God more precious than any other thing.


OD of all grace°, to thee we bow
Obedient to thy word:

Do thou appear and bless us now,
While we thy love record.

2 Love above rubies is our choice,
Or any other thing;
When fad it makes the heart rejoice,
And doth true comfort bring.


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3 Love to thyself, and to mankind
More precious is than gold:
Tis free to allt, and unconfin'd
When other love grows cold.

4 Such love as knows no fervile fear,
But conftant joy and peace,
Is thy own children's portion here,
When troubles moft increase.

5 From all contrary thereunto
Deliver us we pray,
That we may never evil do,
Or turn from thy good way.

This great falvation from on high
At all times let us prove;
And in the arms fecurely lie,


Encouragement to Believers given by Metaphorical Reprefentations.

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to all is

Who love the Lord and travel towards


10 10

Göd builds them up as temples to his praise,
And guards them safe from evil all their days. 10

2 Chrift, as a master-builder, doth alone,
For our foundation lay the corner-stone:
He also gives us ftrengths to build thereon,
And fhews us how this great work must be done.

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17.-2 Cor. vi. 16. (f) 2 Tim, ii. 19%

See the note, page 75, &c,


When fitly fram'd and built on him we are,
No workman can their work with his compare;
For as of old, the Lord of Hofts doth teach
His faints to hear and ministers to preach.

4 "O Zerubabel, (faith the Lord) be strong,

"Thou and thy people whom thou art among:
"The mountain fhall before thee be a plain,
"And thou fhall build God's temple up again.


"Hear now, O Jofbua, the high prieft, hear!
"Thou and thy fellows that with thee appear;
"For they are men much wonder'd at indeed,
“Behold the BRANCH! your help in time of need.

6 "The ftone is laid, from which the wall fhall rife, "And on one stone there fhall be feven eyes; "These eyes through all the earth run to and fro, "And this great BUILDER ev'ry land fhall know!

7" By him the head-ftone of this house shall be "Brought on with shouting grace and victory! "Grace, grace unto it ev'ry tongue fhall cry, For all at last shall know" the Lord moft high!"

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(t) Hag. ii. 4.-Zech. iii. 8, 9-iv. 6, - - - 10. 34.Heb, viii. 11.-Rey, y. 13. (v) John iii, 16.

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(u) Jer. xxxi.

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