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On the Nativity of Chrift.

ARK how the herald angels fing

In heav'nly fongs of folemn mirth;
And fwift the joyful news they bring
To us, of our REDEEMER's birth!

2 Long hath God's ancient feers foretold
That this glad day was drawing near
In Bethlehem at length behold
A fpotlefs virgine doth him bear!


There he was born, how mean in state?
His birth was in the oxen's ftall!
That time we now commemorate,,
And worship him the Lord of all..

4 But fumptuous Grandeur blush with fhame,
That in the Inn there was no room
For the MESSIAH, when he came
To fave us from our dreadful doom.

5 Yet glory fhone around the place
Where Jefus in the manger lay:
In him both love, and truth, and grace
Shines clearly to the perfect day!
6 The eaflern wifemen faw a ftarf,

Which led them to their new-born KING ::
They gold, and frankincense, and myrrh,
To him with joy did humbly bring.


Like them we offer thanks and praise,
And do devote, with one accord,,
Our time, our ftrength, and all our days.
Henceforth for ever to the Lord.

b) Luke ii. 9,- -- 13.

Mic. v. 2.
Luke ii. 7,1

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(c) Deut. xviii. 15.-Ifa. vii. 14.(d) Matt. ii. 1, 5, 6. (e) Matt. i. 18,- - 25.13. (f) Matt, ii, 1, - -11. (g) Lev. xxvii. 28.



On the Nativity of Chrift.


HEPHERDS abiding in the field,
Were watching o'er their flocks by night;
And lo, an angel was reveal'd,
Which made them fearful at his fight.


2 Fear not, the gracious herald faid,
"I bring good tidings of great joy:
Jefus hath his appearance made,
"The devil's kingdom to deftroy.
"For unto you is born this day,
"A Saviour which is Christ the Lord!
"In Bethlehem the child furvey,


"And fing his praise with one accord.
4 "Mark, this fhall be a fign to you,
"Ye there fhall find the babe display'd
"Wrapped in fwaddling cloths; O view
"Him humbly in a manger laid !"
5 Then with the angel fuddenly
There did appear a fhining throng,
To praise his glorious majefty;
Who thus addrefs'd him with a song.
6" Glory to God, in the higheft,

"On earth, peace, good-will towards men:
"In him all nations fhall be bleft!"
With heart and voice we fay-Amen.

(h) Luke ii. 8,

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On the Nativity of Chrift.


ARK how angels are refounding Joyful tidings from above: Grace to finners is abounding Through the true MESSIAH's love!

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---- - 14. (i) Rom. v. 20, 21.

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2 Now with joyful acclamation
Let us all give thanks and fing,-
Bow with humble adoration,

And accept him for our KING!

3 Lo he faw the loft condition1

Of all Adam's fallen race;
And obtain'd them free admiffion
Back into a state of gracem.

4 Hence our only wife CREATOR", Can offenders back restore;

Who through CHRIST, their MEDIATOR",
Do aright his aid implore.

5 Faith doth caufe fin's extirpation,
And true liberty within:
Thus the AUTHOR of falvation'
Makes an utter end of fin'!


The Thanks and Praife of finite Creatures, confidered as being too fmall for the Benefits flowing from INFINITE LOVE.

1 COME, brethren, praife the Lord moft High! 8



earth and O let us now, with heart and voice, Together in his love rejoice.



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2 Our God is worthy to receive

More thanks and praise than we can give;
He faw us when from him we fell',
And fnatch'd us from the jaws of hell!

(k) Pfal. ii. 6, &c. 34, 16, 17.(0) 1 Tim. ii. (r) Heb. v. 9.


(1) Rom. v. 6, - - - - 21. -Rom. iii. 24.- -Eph. i. 7.


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3 He gave his Son, who freely came
Man to redeem* from sin' and thame
Chrift gladly came to do us good,
And for us fpilt his precious blood!
4 The heavy curfe he did fuftain,

Which due to finners did remain ;
For fin he did atonementa make,
Hence God forgives us for his fake.


Come therefore, finners, quickly come
To him whofe mercy makes you room":
An humbled fuit he can't deny,
Or let a mourning finner die!

6 All who aright in Chrift believe f,
Of God true pardon do receive :
Peace and immortal joy they prove,
And always feel that God is love!
7 Praise the eternal great I AM',

Afcribe falvation to the Lambk;
With all the bright angelic hoft',
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost**


On the Death of a Child.

EHOLD the corpfe !+ the lifeless clay,
Wherein the foul awhile was bound:
Left till the refurrection" day,-
Till the last trump" of God fhall found!

(u) John iii. 16. (v) Heb. x. 7, 9. (y) 1 Pet. i. 19. (z) Deut. xxi. 23. (b) Eph. iv. 32.-1 John ii. 12. (c) Luke xiv. 22. (e) Matt. v. 4. (f) Ats xiii. 38, 39.-Rom. (g) Gal. v. 22. (h) John iv. 8, 16. (k) Rev. vii. 10. (1) Rev. v. 8, (n) 1 Cor. xv. 52.-1 Thef. iv. 16.

- 14.

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(x) Gal. iii. 13. (a) Rom. v. 11. (d) Ifa. lvii. 15. iii. 19, - 31. (i) Exod. iii. 14. (m) John v. 28, 29.

See the note, page 96 and 97..

+ I compofed this and the following hymn on the death of MARY PEEL, while fhe was a corpfe befides me. She was, at that time, my only daughter; and they were fung before her, by thofe who attended her to the grave,except a few alterations which I have made fince, by way of improvement.

2 Her cheeks have loft their lovely red,-
The luftre bright has left her eyes:
No mufic can delight the dead;
Her tongue in awful filence lies.

3 No more fhall anguifh fwell her heart,
Or pierce it through with killing pain :
Her hands and feet have loft their art,
And lifelefs all her limbs remain.

4 The gloomy grave (where nations lie) May for a time confine her clay;

But when JEHOVAH cleaves the sky!
She 'll join the triumph of that day.

5 Hence in the grave her corpfe we drop,
And earth commit to earth again;
Refting in fure and certain hope°
That he fhall rife with Chrift to reign3 E

6 Her foul and body shall unite,—
Made all immortala and divine;
And drefs'd in robes of fpotlefs white',
Shall in perpetual glory fhine!

Then why should parents once complain,
That he fo foon is taken hence?

We only part to meet again,

Where joys eternal will commence!

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E mortal men, in time prepare

in a to

Death, when commiflion'd, none will fpare,
Though like a röfe in perfect bloom.

(0) Rom. v. 2. Rev. xxii. 5. (f) Matt. xiii. 43.

-Heb. vi. II, 19.
(q) 1 Cor. xv. 53, 54.
(s) Ifa, xxxv. 10.-li. 11.

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(p) Matt. xix. 14.-
(r) Rev. vii. 9.xix. 8.
(t) Heb. ix. 27.

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