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2 Yet this, and all thy works in one, s
Combine their Maker to display:
Lo time and feasons all glide on,250,
And move in thine appointed way..

3 Nature in filent accents praife,

And own thee through the midnight hour:
The moon, with her faint borrow'd rays,
In ev'ry change proclaims thy pow'r.

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4 Throughout the ftarry heavens" bright,
Thy wond'rous works of wisdom shine!
Each fparkling orb declares thy might,
And endless majesty divine!


Great works!-Yet what are all thefe globes
To thy most glorious feat above;"
Where faints array'd in fpotlefs robes,
And angels celebrate thy love?


6 For in the NEW JERUSALEM
No fun by day, or moon by night
Is needful there,--for lo, the Lamb
Doth wholly fill the place with light!
7 Compar'd to him, both fun and moon:
Can scarce be said at all to shine :
His prefence makes perpetual noon,
And all things glorious and divine!


On the glorious Majefty of God.
God2 on

With matchless pow'r doth reign:
His glorious majesty
The heavens can't containb

Effulgent light
His faints do fee,
Where-e'er they be,
Both day and night.

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3 Salvation quite complete
In Chriftd we shall obtain :
Shall death in triumph meet,
And see the monster flain!
Wherefore rejoice,
Give thanks and fing,
And praise our KING
With heart and voice.
4: Let joyful fongs arise

From all the earth to him;
And all above the skies,
In one perpetual hymn,
Refound his fame,
And never cease,
But with increase
Extol his name!:

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Invitation and Encouragement to the Heirs of Glory.

I OME join to praise the Lord,
Ye heirs of his bleft throne;
Chrift's dying loves record, ..
Who for our fakes alone


Did on the treeh
Refign his breath,
And fuffer death
To fet us free!

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(e) 1 Cor. xv. 57.

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2 Now let us fpread his fame
With joy and great delight;
Give glory to his name,
Through whom both day and night,
We mercy find,
And fully prove
God ftill doth love
To fave mankind.

3 In fongs of loud applause
His matchlefs love we'll fing,
Who died in our caufe,
And did falvation bring!
For his free gracek
Hofannah's raife,
And folemn lays
In ev'ry place.

4 With glorious triumph foon,
Lo all his faints shall rise1,
And in eternal noon",
Above the ftarry fkies,
Immortal" fhine
In him complete,
And there repeat
His praise divine!


On the Perfection of GOD.



LMIGHTY God! how wondrous great? & How glorious is thy name? Thine attributes are all complete, And works likewife the fame : Thy word immutableP doth ftand In ev'ry promife and command.

(i) Rom. v. I. (1) John v. 28, 29. -1 Cor. xv. 53.

Vi. 23. (j) Rom. xiv. 9.
(m) Rev. xxi. 23.-xxii. 5.
(o) Ifa. xlv. 5, &c. (p)

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(k) Rom. iii. 24. (n) Rom. ii. 7. Heb. vi. 17, 18.

2 Of old all things set forth thy grace, Thy fame and great renown; Superior love to Adam's race

Could never be made known Above what usher'd in fo bright, The day of glorious gospel' light.

3 Stupendous grace! O ftand and view,
His love is not grown cold;
But is to finners ftill as new

As in the days of old;
Nor can it change, or know decay,
Though heav'n and earth both pass away!

4 Our pow'rs fhall therefore all be spent In one eternal song ;

But to the full we cannot vent

What does to thee belong!

Thy merits infinitely fhew

Thou can't from us receive thy due3 !

5 The highest anthems fill'd with praise,— Moft lofty hymns divine,

Beft fongs that voice or art can raise,
When all their force combine,
Will fail, for language can't fet forth
In full the Sav'our's real worth!

6 Yet, Lord, we'll try back to restore
Some tribute unto heav'n,
By being grateful, more and more,
For what thy bounty's giv'n;
And hence devote to thy decree,
Ourselves to all eternity.

L 6,

(q) Pfal. xxv. 6.—xliv. r.-lxxiv. 12.-cii. 25. -Luke ii. 10.-2 Cor. iv. 4, 6. (f) Rom. viii. 32, 1 John iii. 1, 2, (t) Lev. xxxii. 28.

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(s) Luke xvii. 10.


On the Incarnation of Chrift.


O, the glorious incarnation!
CHRIST is of a virgin" born;
For us men and our falvation",
Celebrate the happy morn!
Praise him, finners,-
He fhall now our fouls adorn.

2 Though his birth was in a manger'
Where the brutal creatures fed,
Free from earthly pomp and grandeur,
Angels did furround his bed;

And bright glory

Shone around his facred head.


3 Here is caufe for joy and wonder!
Let the whole creation fing,-
Read his love,-behold and ponder,
Why he should become our KING!
Or why angels

Should be fent fuch news to bring!

4 Welcome! O what welcome tidings
Unto all the fallen race;

Ceafe from doubtful, finful chidings;-
He is full of truth and grace*:

Lo what glory

Beams from the MESSIAH'S face!

5 Beauty innocence careffing;

Love in all his looks are feen:
He hath brought us ev'ry bleffing,
And can make the fouleft clean:
Hail the lowly"
Meek defpifed NAZARENE !


(u) Matt. i. 18, 7--13. (x) John i. 14, 17. (a) Matt. ii. 23..

(v) Luke i. 17.
(y) John i. 41.

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(w) Luke ii. (2) Matt. xi. zg,

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