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To glorify GOD in Sufferings and in Death.


ITH joy", the faints of the moft High g On earth did fuffer pain and lofs: Like them we ought to glorify

Our God, and bear the hallow'd crofs".

2 O may we glory in the fame,
And at our fuff'rings not repine,
But welcome pain, and lofs, and fhame,-
Our lives, and all for Chrift refign.
3 Victorious when we ceafe to breathe,
May we a crown2 of life obtain;
Then wearing this triumphal wreath,
Lord, let us view the monfter flaina.
4 Lo! what a cloud of witnesses

Have fuffer'd gladly for thy name:
Thefe all went through this wilderness;
Grant us like faith to do the fame.


For the Salvation of the Perfecuted, and their Perfecutors.

LMIGHTY God of fov'reign pow'r!
Look from thy throne above;


And in temptation's trying hour
Support us by thy love.

2 For finnersd hunt us up and down;

They drive us to and fro,

To defert lands or caves unknown,
Bent on our overthrow.

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3 Brothers in Chrift, who love most dear,
Are forc'd to part far wide;
But thou art prefent every where !
They can't thy church divide.

4 For thou her number afcertains,
And fafe doth ZION keeps:
Come, Lord, and bind our foes in chains,
And fave thy fcatter'd sheep".


Let our fierce hunters feel thy rod,
And them correction give,

That they may know that thou art God,
And turn to thee and live.


God is a Defence to the Righteous, but he Rebukes the Wicked.

GOD is a fure defence' to those

Who in his name do truft: He faves from all combined foes Who feek to flay the juft.

2 At his rebukes the wicked flee,
Confounded and distress'd;
Afham'd, while they the righteous fee,.
With his falvation blefs'd.

3 Sing, therefore, ye redeem'd, with joy
Unto the Lord moft high!

For ever all your pow'rs employ,
His name to magnify.

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On Chrift Metaphorically Reprefented as the BREAD

Joyful tidings for mankind!
The difpenfation's o'er1

Of types, for Chrift is come we find,-
Thefe are of ufe no more.

2 Why should we long or fret for these
Poor elemental things,

That can't the burthen'd confcience eafe
Of guilt which finning brings?

3 Lo fhadows" are wax'd old and vain,
And foon fhall die away;

But Chrift the fubftance° doth remain
The fame without decay!

4 We eat his flesh", we drink his blood,
And wholly live thereby :
Except this be our daily food
We lose our strength and die.

5 Through him, we with the Father find
Acceptance, joy, and peace;
And are to fuff'ring made refign'd,
When troubles most increase.

6 Hence love is cold, true joy is fled,
And peace is at an end,
If we receive not living bread
From Chrift, the finner's friend.

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See the note, page 193 and 194.




(m) Gal. iii. 21. (0) Heb. x. 34.

7 For this we therefore pray, O Lord, We afk it in his name':

Our trust is also in thy word,
Which promifeth the fame.

8 Thine arms are open while we pray,
More of this food to give;
By eating thereof, day by day,
We fhall for ever live.


The Church Militant exulting in GOD.

ATHER of Spirits bright! What glorious beams of light Still fhine on all thy church below? "Tis thy peculiar care", (Moft beautiful and fair) Which hell can never overthrow!

2 Supported by thy love,

We climb to realms above,

And tread the world beneath our feet!
We fmile at toil and wo,
Triumphing as we go.

Until we all our foes defeat!

3 Though floods and forms arife,
And darknefs fpread the kies,
Of victory we're always fure:
None can the God defy",
On whom we do rely,-
Who doth from age to age endure !!


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4 Soon death and hell fhall own
Us heirs to thy bright throne:
With joy, O God, we'll then adore,
And loud in fongs proclaim
The honours of thy name,
For ever and for evermore!

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Proclamation and Exhortation,

whom we find
Pardon and peace of mind,
Of thee we'll fing;
And to the fallen race
Tell of thy wond'rous graceb,
For lo, in ev'ry place,

2 Serve him, ye nations all,
And while his love doth call
Some tribute bring:
Gratefully homage pay,
Bow to his kingly fway,
And own without dismay

3 Loudly, in folemn lays,
Echo his lafting praife;

Make the earth ring!
Call men to share his love,
That all the world may prove
Here, and in heav'n above",


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