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Praife arifing from a fenfe of Divine Love.

WAKE and let us fings

'A Of our Creator's love,

JEHOVAH over all is King"

In earth and heav'n above!

*O praife the Lord, hallelujah, Hallelujah, O praise the Lord!

2 Throughout the night he bleft,
And with the morning light
Hath rais'd us up again from reft,
To fee his glory bright.
O praife the Lord", hallelujah*,
Hallelujah, O praife the Lord!

3 His Spirity now inclines

Us at his throne to meet;
And while his mercy on us fhines,
We will his praise repeat.
O praife the Lord, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, O praife the Lord!

4 We'll now exalt his name


For all his works of graced; And evermore aloud proclaim His lovef to Adam's race. O praife the Lord, hallelujah, Hallelujah, O praise the Lord!


(f) Pfal. lvii. 8. (u) Ifa. xliii. 15. (x) Rev. xix. I, ---6. (a) Tit. iii. 5. (d) Eph. i. 6, 7.

(s) Ifa. xlii. II.
(v) 2 Cor. iv. 6.
(y) Gal. iv. 6.
(b) Pfal. cxlvii. 1.
(e) Ifa. xii. 4, 5, 6.

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(t) Ifa. xl. 28, 29. (w) Pfal. Ixvii. 3, 5. (z) Heb. iv. 16. (c) Pfal. xxxiv. 3. (f) Rom. v. 8.

*These two laft lines in each verfe are only added as a chorus, and may either be afed or omitted.


Thanks and Praife for free Grace, with a lively hope reaching forward to Glory.




TERNAL glorys be
To our great
Who gave his Soni to fet us free,
That we might never die.
O praife the Lord, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, O praife the Lord!

God on high!

2 In grateful fongs we'll give
Thanks for his boundless love;
By whofe free grace alone we live,
And feek the things above1.
O praife the Lord, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, O praise the Lord!

3 We ftill, through his free grace,
To glorym will prefs on",-
Till we unveil'd behold his face,
And know our work is done.
O praife the Lord, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, O praife the Lord!

(g) 1 Tim. i. 17. (j) John vi. 50, 54. (m) 1 Pet. 5, 10. (p) 1 Pet. v. 7.


4 Another day has prov'd
To us his guardian care;
Who from us evil hath remov'd,
And ev'ry hurtful fnare.
O praife the Lord, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, O praife the Lord!

5 Ye angels, bear the found

From earth above the fkies; And, O ye nations all around!

Let praife as incenfer rise. O praife the Lord, hallelujah, Hallelujah, O praife the Lord!

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EVENING Ejaculations.


KShine upon us day and night:

Therewith let our fouls be bleft,
While our bodies are at rest.

2 If we to another day

In thefe earthly houfes ftay;
Lord, from evil do thou keep,
And renew our strength with fleep.

3 But fhould thou permit that we
In the night afflicted be;"
O aflift us, by thy pow'r,

To furvive the trying hour.

4 If our mortal change fhould come, Take us to our long fought home: To that glorious land above

Of eternal life and love..


On JEHOVAH's Paternal Love,-proper for


ET all that breathe" hofannahs raise, And gladly fing JEHOVAH's praise; Whofe hand fupplies all flefh with food, And ev'ry other needful good!



(f) Pfal. xxiv. 7, - - - 10. (s) 2 Cor. v. I. (u) Pfal, cl. 6, (v) Pfal, cxxxvi. 25.



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(t) Mar. x. 39. (w) Pfal. xxxiv. 10.

2 But we, the monuments of grace,
The fallen fons of Adam's race,
Above the reft, ought to declare
Thy love and wife paternal care.

3 This day, while dangers did furround,
Both feen and unfeen, we have found
The hand that faveth from all ill,
To be our God and Saviour' ftill.


The fame almighty hand doth blefs
Us with what faith we now poffefs:
Lo this we exercise on thee,
And are through Christ from sin set freea.

5 Hence we lay down in peace to sleepb;
Us, Lord, do thou fecurely keep:
For wholly in thy grace we trust,
Whofe love is fet upon the just.


Faith, Prayer, and Refignation,-proper when laying down at NIGHT.



E'LL now lay down in peace to rest,
And put our truft in thee:
The God who hath with pardon blest,
And us from fin fet free!

Be thou our keeper day and night,
For lo, the faints are thy delight".

2 In darkest fhades of midnight gloom,
O let the light of grace
From thy most glorious prefence come,
That we may fee thy face;

And ev'ry moment let us prove
A conftant growth in faith and love.

(y) Ifa. xlv. 21, 22. (b) Pfal. iv. 8.

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(x) John x. 28. (a) Rom. viii. 1, 2.

John iii. 1, 2. (d) Prov. xi. 20. (e) 1 Johni. 7.

(z) Eph. ii. 8.
(c) Pfal. xci. 14.-
(f) Eph. iv. 15.



3 Shine on us, Lord, for lo we wait Thy pleasure to fulfil;

To ftay or leave this mortal state,
Which ever is thy will:
Hence all we have, and all we are,
We now commit unto thy cares.


A Figurative Defcription of CHRIT as a SHEPHERD.



HRIST, the GOOD SHEPHERD of his sheep,
Doth fafely keep them from all harm;
But hirelings either fall asleep,
Or fleeth at the wolf's alarm.

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2 How bleft then are that little flock,
Who in his paftures fafely feed?
In drought unto the fhady rockk,
And living streams' he them doth lead.
3 He of himself his life laid down,
That he eternal life might give;

And this to all he will make known,
Who ftill on barren mountains live.

4 Though far and wide his fheep have stray'd, Amidit the dark and cloudy day;

They of one. fold fhall all be made,


And their CHIEF SHEPHERD's voice obey.
5 Hence we'll promulge his name with joy,
And gladly fpread the joyful found;
For he at laft will death deftroy,
Till evils no where fhall be found!
K 6.

(g) 1 Pet. v. 7. (j) Ezek. xxxiv. 11, (m) 1 Pet. v. 4.

(h) Jolin x. 11, &c.
16. (k) Ifa. xxxii. 2.





(i) Luke xii. 32. (1) Cant. iv. 15.

See the Trial of Spirits, by WILLIAM DELL; and an Effay on Evangelical Purity,-fhewing the indifpenfable neceffity of honefs to the being of a Gofpel-Minifter, by RICHARD CLARIDGE: Alfo the note, page 163 and 164.

Concerning Jefus, it is faid that he partook of flesh and bloed, that through death he might defiray him that hath the power of death, that is,

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