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3 Hence ftill he intercedes
For Adam's fallen race,-
And God, in anfwer to our needs,
Relieves our cafe!

He grace and glory gives,
And no good thing withholds;
Thus from the ferpent's pow'r retrieves,
Whom he infolds.

4 With comfort, peace, and joy
We are already bleft;

And fhould all hell their force employ
Us to moleft:

Through ev'ry danger led,

Drawn by the bands of love,
We follow after Chrift, our HEAD,
To realms above!

5 There angels do rejoice
For ever round the throne;
Inceffantly with heart and voice
They join in one:
Much more to magnify,
Come, brethren, likewife then,
And let us praise the Lord most High!

Amen, amen.

(z) Heb. vii. 25. XX. 2. (c) Hof. xi. 4.

(a) Pfal. lxxxiv. 11.

(b) Rev. xii. 9.(d) 1 Cor. xi. 3. (e) Rev. v. 11, 12, 13.

them to fee that there is upon her forehead a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, AND ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH. So that however she may make war against them, or ftrive with lying wonders and pretended myfteries to deceive, fhe cannot overcome the LAMB and his fincere followers. Let us then not turn our eyes to a worldly fan&tuary adorned with a candleflick and table whereon is fhew-bread, or to what is now called Sacramental Bread and Wine and the like,-for outward things were only of ufe under the first covenant. Neither let us anfwer, like the ancient unbelieving Jews,-bow can this man give us bis flesh to eat? as though he had meant that they should eat fome outward thing; for it is plain that he was not pointing them to any outward thing or carnal ordinance whatever, but to that fpiritual communion and fellowship with the Father, which can only be enjoyed in and through the Son, by the powerful operation and influence of the Holy Spirit. See John vi. 35,-- 58.-Rev. xvii. 1, &c.It may alfo be of great ufe to the ferious who are defirous to gain information upon this fubject, to peruse a Treatise on the Lord's Supper, fo called by JoHN GRATTON.

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On the Priesthood of Chrift, and the efficacious Power of his atoning Blood.



HOU great high Prieft! thy blood alone 8
Doth for our fins atonements make:
It pleads as ftill before God's throne,
And we are fpared for thy fake!
2 Its truly efficacious pow'r

Difplays the fulness of thy grace,
By which, in ev'ry trying hour,
We cheerfully thy crofs embrace.
3 We for thy fake count all things drofs
But as they help our fouls to thee;
And hence we welcome pain and loss,
In hopes of endless liberty.

4 Still may we prefsh towards the prize,
Faith views in yon bright world above,-
Until before our ravifh'd eyes,
The God appears we unfeen love!


For Purity.


LESSED are all the pure in heart,
For they with comfort fhall fee God!
When the ungodly i muft depart
To feel his fin-avenging rod:
There they will (though in forrow) tell
That God is juftk to them in hell.

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(f) Heb. iv. 14.
(i) Matt. v. 8.
Matt. xxv. 41,-- - - 46.

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(g) Rom. v. II. (h) Phil. iii. (j) Pfal. i. 4, 5, 6.—vii. 11, 12, 13.(k) Rom. iii. 8.-Rev. xvi. 7.

2 O thou, whofe promifes' are fure!
Our eyes have thy falvation feen;
Now fpeak" the word, and make us pure,
For lo we wait to be made clean:
Renewo us, Lord, in righteousness,
And let us all thy mind? poffefs.

3 HEAD of thy church! help us to fhow
That our whole treasure' is above,
And henceforth make the world to know
There are some perfect in thy love:
May all our words and works combine
To prove that we are really thine.



Invitation to Praife GOD-Proper for MORNING.

WAKE! God bids his faints rejoices;
Him let us praise with heart and voice,
Who hath refresh'd us in the night,
And bleft us with the morning light.


2 In hymns we'll fing of his great love,
As angels do in heav'n above!
Whofe bleffings, like the cryftal dew,
Are ev'ry morn and ev'ning new.

3 'Tis he who fillst all time and space,
And may be found in ev'ry place,
That ever is fo wond'rous kind,
And mercifulu to loft mankind!

(1) 2 Cor. i. 20. (m) Luke ii. 30. (o) 2 Cor. iv. 16. (p) Phil. ii. 5. (r) Luke xii. 33. (f) Matt. v. 48.-Phil. iii. 12.-Pfal. xxxiii. 1.—Ifa, xli, 16.-Phil. iv. 4.

(u) Pfal. ciii. 8, 9.

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(n) Mar. i. 40, 41, 421 (q) Cor. xi. 3. 15. (s) Deut. xii. (t) Jer. xxiii. 23, 24.

4 "Tis this, great God! that gives us breath,
Who fnatch'd us from the jaws of death :
His hand supplies all flesh with food,
And ev'ry other needful good.



Behold the wonders he hath wrought,-
His own right arm falvation brought!
Therefore let all the world confefs,



On the Wisdom, Providence, and Grace of GODProper for MORNING.


O! how the fweet return of light,
Doth praise from ev'ry tongue invite:
Awake, ye faints, from floth arife,
To offer morning facrifice.


2 Mark how God's wifdom is display'd
In ev'ry thing his handa hath made;
And how his providential care,
Doth good things for our
3. But most of all behold his graceo,
Beyond compare to Adam's race;
Both Jew and Gentile, bond and free,
Alike do his falvation fee!


Let all the world with joy break forth,
From east to west, from fouth to north,-
And to the Lord hofannahs raise

In hymns of univerfal praise.


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(v) Acts xvii. 25. (w) Pfal. cxxxvi. 1, --- 26. (x) Pfal. xliv. 3. (y) Jer. xxiii. 6. (z) Heb. xiii. 15. (a) Ifa. xlv. 12.-Heb. i. 10. (b) Pfal. cxlv. 15, 16.-Matt. vii. 11. (c) Tit. ii. 11. (d) Rom. x. 12, 13.-Gal. iii. 28.-Col. iii. 11. (e) Ifa. lii. 9. -Gal. iv. 27. (f) Pial, cvii. 2, 3. (g) Matt. xxi. 9, 15.Mark xi. 9, 10.——— -John xii. 13. (b) Matt. xxvi. 30.Mar. xiv. 26.-Eph. v. 19.-Col. iii. 16.

5 Praise God, who into being brought
All worlds from chaos, or from nought:
Praife him who dy'di for finners loft,
Praife Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

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MORNING Sacrifice.


EHOVAH, Lord, all thanks and praife7 8 To thy great name be giv'n: Our grateful hearts we gladly raise Devoutly unto heav'n:

O let our morning facrifice
To thee as pleafing incenfe1 rife.

2 Thy kind protection, while we flept,
And providential care

Hath from misfortunes fafely kept:
Hence, ftill preferv'd" we are,-
O leave us not, but aid we pray,
And blefs us, Lord, throughout this day.

3 Infpire us with thy loving mind,
And grant us daily food:

May we through Chrift falvation" find,
And ev'ry needful good:

Let all mankind likewife be bleft
With pardon, peace, and endless reft".


To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
In a perpetual song,
Be praife by the redeemed hoft,
And high angelic throng:
One triune God let all adore
For ever and for evermore.

(i) John i. 3. (j) Rom. v. 6, 8.—xiv. 9. --Rom. xii. 1.-Heb. xiii. 15. (1) Pfal. cxli. 2. (n) Thef. v. 9. (0) Ifa. lv. 7. (4) Matt. xi. 28, 29.-Heb. iv. 9. (r) Rev. v. 9, - - - 14.

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(k) Pfal. liv. 6. (m) Pfal. xxxvi. 6, (p) John xvi. 33.

page 96 and 97.

See the note on the Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity,

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