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To gaze on his perfon,
His beautiful face,
And with adoration
Extol thy free grace!

5 But faith, hope, and fear
Shall foon take their flight,
And we fhall appear
Array'd all in white",-
With our bleffed Saviour
And angels above,
For ever and ever
Rejoice in his love!


Prayer, Choice, and Refolution.

Defcend from above,


And from thy true church here, all darknefs remove. II

2 Come, Lord, and attest a In every breast,

That from condemnation we now fhall find reft.

3 With eager defire

Thy help we require,

To make our affections towards thee afpire.


More fully difplay

Thy goodness, we pray,

That we may with vigour prefs on in thy way.


For love is our choice

Wherein we rejoice,

And thereof we'll gladly fing with heart and voice,

(y) Rev. iii. 4, 5. (b) Rom. viii. 1.


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6 In fongs evermore Thee we will adore,

Thou ocean of loved, without bottom or shore!



Praise and Prayer.

E meet in

Why name for to praife,

Yet Lord we fall fhort in our loftiest lays.

4 It never can be!

3 Far from the most High! Himself to denyf,

And not bless his creatures when to him they cry.

2 But wilt thou despisee

This fmall facrifice,

Which from thine own altar through Jefus doth rise ?

Therefore we agree

To pray for falvations, which cometh from thee.

5 We ask for the fame

In Jefus's name;

With love let thy Spirit our cold hearts inflame.

6 Now kindle the fire*,

And therewith inspire,-
Enlarge ev'ry heart and grant all we defire1.

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(h) John xv. 16.



* See the note on Divine Love, page 75, &ci

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(f) Num. xxiii. 19.—

(i) Prov. x.


Solemn Reflections and Prayer.


EAR after year rolls round apace,
And mortals daily die;
Nor can the fons of Adam's race,
From death's fharp arrows fly!

2 The generations that are dead,
Like us have active been;
But lo, upon the duft we tread
Of multitudes unfeen!

3 And who a moment's space can boast*, That do alive remain?

Like them we muft yield up the ghost,
And turn to duft! again.

4 Swiftly we haften to that hour,
In which pale ghaftly Death.
Shall feize us with refiftlefs pow'r,
To ftop our vital breath.

50 thou in whom we live and move,
And have our being here!
Prepare us for a world above,
Before that day appear.

6 With folemn weight upon each mind
Eternal things imprefs:
Salvation may we feek and find,
And joy and peace poffefs.

That when the laft great trump fhall found",
Ye dead in Chrift arife!

Our fouls light as an hart fhall bound,
To meet him in thee skies.

(j) Heb. ix. 27. (k) Prov. xxvii. 1. Job xxxiv. 15. (m) Acts xvii. 28. Thef. iv. 16, 17.



(1) Gen. iii. 19. (n) Cor. xv. 52.


On the last Judgment.


who love and fear the
Rejoice in him with one accord,
Until the trumpP of God you hear,
And fee the Judge to judgment come;
Who will reward or fix the doom
Of all the world, who must be there!

2 How awful that tremendous day!
When God his vengeance' will display
On wicked and ungodly men?
With confternation each will dread
To meet the Judge' of quick and dead!
But none can fhun his judgments then.

3 Much diff'rent then will be the states
Of God's dear faints, who they did hate,
And perfecute to bonds and death:
Quite undifmayed thefe will stand
With glory crown'd at God's right hand!
Who in his caufe gave up their breath.

Be faithful then, and stand your ground,
Hell's rage and malice to confound,
Whatever pain you may endure:
For lo, the Lord will foon defcendt,
And wholly make your troubles end
In peace, which is for ever fure!

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Praife for the Blessings received through the interceffion of Chrift.


EHOVAH" great I AM!

glory to

And praise unto the flaughter'd LAMB

For ever be:

To thee belongs all might, Thou all-creating God,Mercy to fhew is thy delight", And not thy rod.

2 Should'st thou destroy our land,
We do deferve to die;

And fuffer by thy mighty hand,
We can't deny;

But Chrift, our great high Prieft,
The mercy-feat hath fpread,
That ev'ry hungry foul may feast
On living bread.


(u) Exod. iii. 14.-vi. 3. (v) Rev. v. 12, 13. 24.-Mic. vii. 18. (x) Heb. iv. 14. (y) Heb. ix. 5,

6694668 4

(w) Jer. ix.

-- 12.

*Jefus faid, I am the bread of life: be that cometh to me, fhall never bunger; and he that believeth on me, fhall never thirst.-Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you--for my fefb is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed, &c. However it appears from the Hiftory of many ages, that these fayings have always been (as they are now) but very little understood by the greatest part of mankind; and all the while the great whore that fitteth upon the waters, has been making herself drunk with the blood of the faints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jefus. And to this very day fhe ftill prevails upon the kings of the earth to commit fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth to drink the wine of her fornication. But blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift; his eye is upon the righteous and bis ear is open to their cry; and while they look unto him, he appoints falvation for walls and bulwarks around them. He also gives

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