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2 The Lord a covenant hath made

With him, to free his heirs from blame;
And his own Spirit, (as he faid)
Is upon all who know his name.

3 The upright feed this Spirit hath,
Which from their feed's feed can't depart :
For ever they the word of faith
Display from ev'ry mouth and heart..


On the Blessed State of GOD's Children.

LESSED are they that fear the Lord,
And walk in WISDOM's" way;
Who love to hear God's facred word,
And his commands obey.

2 Thefe, like a fruitful olive-tree▾
Planted in fertile ground,.
Shall good fruit bear, and always be
With heaven's bleffings crown'd.

3. From ftorms and blafting winds that rise, They need no evil fear:

Not all malice can devife

Can hurt God's children dear..

4 Give glory then to God most high! Let all exalt his name:

For us his only Son did die,

By whom falvation came!

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(t) Pfal. cxii. 1. (u) Prov. iii. 17. (v) Pfal. i. 3.Jer. xvii. 8.




Thanks and Praife.


OT unto us, but thee, O Lord,
All thanks and praise be giv'n,
Who peace+ hath to thy church restor'd,
And fallen man forgiv'n!

Let all thy matchless love adore
In fongs of praise for evermore.

2 Lo, what a work of fov'reign grace!
Instead of thy dread rod,

We fee the reconciled face
Of our offended God!

Let all thy matchless love adore
In fongs of praise for evermore.

3 The Cherubs and the flaming fword,
That turned ev'ry way,
No longer keeps us from the Lord,
Or doth our peace difmay:
Let all thy matchlefs love adore
In fongs of praise for evermore.


4 Now Eden has no finful ftrife,-
The church of Chrift is free;
And feeds upon the tree of lifea,
By living faith in thee:

Let all thy matchless love adore
In fongs of praise for evermore.

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Col. i. 20, 21.


(w) Pfal. cxv. I. (x) 2 Cor. v. 19.(y) Gen. iii. 24. (z) Acts xx. 28.-Rom. xvi. 16.-Eph. v. 25,26,27. (a) Rev. ii. 7.

Since it may be of much ufe for PRESERVING this Peace among the faithful, I earneftly recommend them to read a piece which is called, The Way of true Peace and Unity, in the true Church of Chrif, written by WILLIAM DELL, formerly Mafter of Convil and Gaius College, Cambridge.


But when this veil is done away,
Our ravish'd fouls fhall prove
Immortal joys that can't decay,
In a bright world above:
And there thy matchless love adore
In fongs of praife for evermore!


On Grace, through the Redemption that is in Jefus Chrift.

behold KING!
Chrift who did redemptione bring;
Still he manifefts his grace
To a loft rebellious race.

2 O how infinite that love,

Which hath brought him from above!
Angels publifh'd at his birth
Peace and good-will to the earth.

3 Hence his life he freely gaves,

All the world from death to fave!
For the worst the LAMB was flain,
Yet rofe from the dead again!

4 Now he intercedes on high,

Boldly therefore we draw nigh:
Without doubts or flavish fear
We before our God appear.


Let us then our voices raise
In eternal fongs of praife:
He who doth the world fuftain,
Worthy is o'er all to reign!

(b) 2 Cor. iii, 14, --- 18.-Heb. x. 20.

(e) Rom. iii. 24.
(h) Rev. v. 9, --- 13.

d) Luke xix. 38. (g) 1 Tim. ii, 4, 5, 6. (j) Heb. iv, 16,

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(c) Ifa. xil. 6. (f) Luke ii. 14. (i) Heb. vii. 25.



ING to the Lord, for it is meet;
Sing of the Saviour's love:
In joyful fongs his praise repeat,
As angels do above!

2 With hopes immortal view the place
Of your eternal reft1;
And exercise his gifts and grace,
Ye faints, which love him beft.

3 Come out of Sedomm, linger not,
Nor stay in all the plains;
For life efcape with righteous Lot,
God's little Zoar remains.

4 No more look back, as did Lot's wife,
Remember her fad cafe!
Hafte on towards the tree of life,
There dwell in sweet folace.


So let us run° as to obtain
The promis'd land fo near:
For lo, a reft doth yet remain
There for God's children dear!

(k) Rev. v. 9, 14, - - - - 30. (p) Heb. iv. 9.

6 Soon all our toil below fhall ceafe,
And we in triumph rife

To hail the glorious PRINCE OF PEACE,
When coming from the skies!

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-13. (1) Heb. iv. 9. (m) Gen. xix, (n) Rev. ii. 7.-xxii. 14. (0) 1 Cor. ix. 24. (q) Ifa. ix. 6.—Matt. xxiv. 30.

Many excellent remarks are made concerning this reft, by RICHARD BAXTER, in his book, entitled The Saints Everlafling Reft.



The Delight and Prayer of the Righteous.

E ranfom'd, all fing
With one heart and voice;


The Lord is our King! Come let us rejoice: For furely against us

The ftones they will cry,
If we do not Jefus
On earth glorify!

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4 By faith we rejoice
To walk in thy way;

The BRIDEGROOM's fweet voice
We love and obey :

(í) 1 Tim. iv. 15. (s) Hab. ii. 11. (u) Heb. v. 9. (v) Heb. ix. 22. (x) Matt. xxv. 1,--- 10..

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(1) Gen. i. 26. (w) Heb. iv. 16.

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