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That we may praise thee with delight
To all eternity.


Remarks on the great Love of GOD as displayed to mankind.


Through Jefus's grace,
To Adam and all his degenerate race.


2 The vileft may fee

How full and how free This love was display'd" when he pray'd on the tree.

3 Grim death to invade,

Atonement he made,

And bore all our fins, which upon him were laid' !

5 Amazing what love

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4 Though 'twas with much pain

Our peace to regain,

In triumph o'er death, he the monster hath flain!

His bowels doth move!

He calls upon alla men falvation to prove.




6 By faith then draw near,

And pray without fear;
The God of Elijah is waiting to hear.

H 3

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7 He anfwers by fire, The humble defire,

And freely bestows what poor finners requires

8 We therefore attend;

O God now defcend,—

Confume, and for ever of fin make an end.


God commendeth his Love to Sinners.


OD, fully to prove
His infinite love,

Commendeth it to us in Chrift from above.

3 That we might obtain

God's favour again,

This lover of finners for finners was flain".

4 What spirit that fell,

Or feraph can tell,

The pain he endured to fave us from hell?

5 Lo! ftill at God's throne

His blood doth atone,

And makes interceffions for finners alone.

2 While finners we were

In doubt and in fear,

With boundless compaffion the Saviour drew near.

6 Aftonishing grace!

That God fhould embrace,

And give fuch large bleffings unto a loft race.

7 Sure, Lord, it is meet

To fall at thy feet,

This wonder of wonders with joy to repeat !

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(e) A&s ii. 23

8 Our free facrifice

Of thanks now fhall rife:

With angels we'll echo thy praife through the fkies.


For freedom from Sin and fitness for Heaven.

LORD, fet us free,
Who call upon thee,

For long we have lived in captivity.


2 Now break off our chains, And purge out the stains

Of fin, and deftroy all its curfed remains..


Could we but believe

We all fhould receive

Thy Spirit, to help us obedient to live..

4 We therefore refign Ourselves to be thine,

And earnestly strive for the kingdom divine.


5 Come, heavenly DOVE,

Transform us in love,

And make us all meet for the manfions above.

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For God to fave; with Remarks concerning his Power.


RM' of the Lord awake! Put on thy ftrength to fave, And raise the deadm, for Jefu's fake, Like Lazarus" from the grave.

H 4


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(k) John xiv. 2. (n) John xi. 43, 44

2 Take off the galling yokeo-
Of fin and mifery,

And let the fetters all be broke,
Of our captivity.

3 By LOVE's fubduing pow'rp
The force of fin repel;
And fave us in temptation's hour
From all the pow'rs of hell.


When waves like mountains rife,
Calm thou the raging fea;
Force all that hell can e'er devife,
To bow and yield to thee.

5 Lo! how they ftand aghaft
Amidft yon burning lakes,
Who into hell for fin were caft:
They tremble', fear, and quake!

6 Whilft myriads round thy throne,
Of faints" and angels bright,
Exulting there praise God alone
With wonder and delight!

7 Alfo at thy dread nod,
The wicked here are flain!
They feel, when fmitten" with thy rod,
Excruciating pain!

8 But Jefu's little flock

Are in thy fight approv❜d:
Their church is built upon a rock,
Which cannot be remov'd.

(p) Phil. iii. 21.

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Throughout this weary land.
That rocka fhall be our fhade :
Our covert thy eternal hand,
By whom all things were made!
10 So fhall we conquer death,

And triumph o'er the grave:
Behold, and with our latest breath
Praife him who thus can save.


On Thunder and Lightening.

LMIGHTY God! how great art thou?
In ev'ry place thy pow'r is known:
Beneath thy rode the wicked bow,
And own that thou art God alone.


2 When thunders from on high doth roll
With awful noife through earth and fkies;
Where fin is, fear arrefts the foul
With fudden horror and furprise!

3 Guilt flashes in the finner's face,-
For confcience1 God's vicegerent speaks,
And forcibly defcribes his cafe:
Hence, while alarm'd, he mercy feeks.
4 Of death afraid and felf-condemn'd,

His naked foul he fain would fcreen:
All things around him feems inflam'd,
That just before were quite ferene.
5 Not fo with thofe who feel his love!
When forked light'nings fwiftly fly,
They know JEHOVAH reigns above,
And in his arms they fafely lie.

H 5

(8) Ifa. xxxii. 2. (c) 1 Cor. xv. 54, (f) Dan. vi. 24. -lsa, xxix, 6,


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