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2 From unbelief, impatience, pride
We find ourselves not free:
Our hearts likewife prone to backflide,
Prone to depart from thee.

3 Our giddy minds would rove abroad;
Our feet are apt to ftray:
They fcarcely mifs the downward road,,
Or keep the narrow way.

4 Unprofitable* fervants in
What we are taught to do
We are, but, Lord, forgive all fin
Committed hitherto.

5. O grant that ev'ry one may feel
A thirst for things above,
And perfevere with conftant zeal
In all the ways of love.


Confeffion and Prayer.

GREAT God, the courfe we take is wrong, 8

Hence we deferve thy frown:


To duties we are dragg'd along,
And this with fhame we own.

2 How cold are we? how loath to pray,
Or feek the things above?
Hereby we do thy calls gainfay,
And daily grieve thy love.

(k) Luke xvii. 10. (1) Deut. x. 17.-2 Chron. ii. 5.

Let the half-hearted in the work of Gor attend carefully to the awful meffage written to the Church of the Laodiceans, which equally belongs to all other lukewarm Profeffors,-I know thy works, &c. Rev. iii. 14, &c.

3 If thou should all our misdeeds mark,
And thy dread pow'r difplay,
Alas! we wilfully are dark
Amidst the blaze of day.

4 We therefore grieve, and now confefs
That we deferve to die;
But, O thou God of mercy blefs",
And let us feel thee nigh.

5 Through Chrift thy mercy magnify",
And all our fins forgive,
That we may henceforth glorify
Thee while on earth we live.

6 Defcend and let thy love infpire,
For we are seeking reft:
Come, fpirit of refining fire,
Glow bright in ev'ry breaft.


Confeffion and Prayer:-1

WIND as thou art, we faithlefs are


K To truft a loving God;

Who waiteth long, and ftill doth fpare
Us who deferve thy rod.-

2 Deep in our hearts imprefs thy love,
Thou Saviour of mankind;
And from thy glorious throne above
Let each one comfort find.

3 Vanquish like fmoke our doubts and fears, And bid the fun arifes,


That darkness or diftreffing tears
May not afflict our eyes.





(m) Pfal. cxxx. 3. (n) Pfal. cxlv. 8,9. (0) Gen. xix. 19. (p) Matt. ix. 6. (9) Zech. xiii. 9.-Mal. iii. 2, 3.o (f) Ifa, xlv. 21, 22.-Jude 25. (s) Mal. iv. 2.

(r) 1 John iv. 9.

4 With grateful thoughts much more enlarge Our love to all thy ways,

That we our duty may discharge,
And fpread abroad thy praife.


For the Holy Spirit, in allufion to Ezekiel's Vision of dry Bones, Ezek. xxxvii. 4, &c.

Lord, thy Holy Spirit give,
For we in earneft cry:

O breathe and these dry bones shall live
That now do lifeless lie.

2 Speak, that the finews may unite;
Bid flesh begin to grow;
Cover with skin and fashion right,
And perfect us below.

3 Lo, fhould we noise and shaking hear,
Bone fhall come to his bone,
Till a great army doth appear,
Rais'd by thy pow'r alone.

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4 Within" us put thy Tpirit, Lord,
That we may live to thee;"
And spread abroad with one accord
The wondrous works we fee.


Prayer, with acknowledgements of Unfruitfulness, in

allufion to the Barren Figtree, Matt. xxi. 19, 20.

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ORD, rife and rend the rocks in twain;
Break up our fallow ground:
Sow living feed, that we again


With good fruit may abound.

(t) Luke xi. (v) Luke viii. 6.

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(u) Ezek. xxxvi. 25, 26.-
(w) Jer. iv. 3.-Hof, x. 12.


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-xxxvii. 14. (x) I John iii. 9.

2 For like the barren fig-tree dry,
Whereon was found no fruit,
'Twere juft to curfe as thou goes by,
And pine to death our root.

3 We fometimes bloffom bright and fair,
And have our branches green;
But little fruit doth yet appear,
If a
any to be seen.

4 Lord, that we may of life partake,
From death prevent us now;

And dig, and dung, and prune, and make
Fruit hang on ev'ry bough.

5 Send grace in fhowers from above,
Our fouls to fructify,

That faith, and hope, and humble love
May all defects supply.

6 Thus fruit fhall in due feafon grow,
Like clusters on the vine;

And prove to all the world below,
We in thy likeness shine.


That Sinners may be converted till righteoufnefs fhall cover the Earth.

ARISE, great God! arife,

And veil away From ev'ry finner's heart and eyes, Who for damnation pray. ·


2 No longer let them fleep",
Left they fhould wake in hell;
And there in forrow wail and weep
Where fallen fpirits dwell.

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(y) Luke xiii. 8. (z) Pfal. i. 3. (a) Deut. x. 17. (b) Eph. v. 14. (c) Luke xvi. 23.

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3 O let thy inward voiced
Roufe ev'ry careless foul,

"That those of virtue may make choice,
Which love in fin to roll.

4 In Jefu's name we pray
That all the human race
May yield and own thy kingly fway,
While call'd to feek thy face.

5 Haften that happy day,
When finners fhall inquire
In earnest for the good old way,
And after God afpire.

6 Make truth and righteoufness
To overfpreads the earth;
Till all the heathen do poffefs
Chrift by an heav'nly birth.


That the Heathen may be converted from Idolatry and
Superftition to the Knowledge of the true God.


LMIGHTY God! lay to thine hand,
Loofe all who are in fetters bound:
Thy gofpeli fpread through ev'ry land,
That truth may Anti-chrift confound.
2 O fhew the heathen gracious God!
That prefent every where thou art:
Break all their idols with thy rod,
And make Chrift known in ev'ry heart.

3 Shew these who worship wood and stone
The Saviour freely dy'd for all1;
And that his blood doth still atonem
For them which down to idols fall.

(d) John v. 25.
(g) If1. xi. 9.-Hab. ii. 14.
(j) Zeph. ii. 11.
(1) 1 Tim. ii. 6.

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(e) John xiv. 13, 14.
(h) Pfal. ii. 8.
(k) Deut. xxix. 17.—lfa. xliv.
(m) Rom. v. I.

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(f) Jer. vi. 16, (i) Matt. xxiv. 14. 17.-Hab. ii. 19.

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