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2 Let wicked men the way of fin forfake,—
Unrighteous men themfelves to pray'r betake;
By faith return unto the Lord again,
And to our God his pardon to obtain.

3 Faithfuls he is, just alfo to forgive;

Whoever will', may taste his grace and live: Both Jew and Gentile", if they come, may be Through Chrift accepted, and from fin fet free!


Moral and Evangelical Precepts. .

LL nations tremble at the rod

A of him who thefe commands do give :

Ifrael prepare to meet thy God!
Seek ye his face, and ye fhall live.

2 Turn from oppreffion, feed the poor,
Be not deceitful, but be juft;
Bow down to idol gods no more,
But in JEHOVAH put your trust.

3 Hate ev'ry evil thought and way;
Do good, and therein take delight:
His word with cheerfulnefs obey,
And act uprightly in his fight.

4 Hear ye this word, O Bafhan's kine,
Which in Samaria's mountain dwell;
And now from all your fins decline,
Left Molech lead you on to hell.


For lo, the Lord will shortly come !
Thy God, O Ifrael, is near!
Repent, and thereby mifs the doom
Which finners in that day must hear.

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Sinners called to Repent, to review the Sufferings of Chrift, and to believe in his faving Power.


INNERS give ear, the great I AM",
X up

Coran, Dathan, and Abiram),
Bids you repent or drink the cup
Fill'd with the wine of his fierce wrath,
Prepar'd for those who have not faith..

2 Mercy hath against judgment long
Rejoiced in your day of graceb;
Why will you then the broad-way throng,
And not eternal life embrace?.
Ye hearts of stone, relent to fee
What Chrift endur'dd to fset us free.

3 The ploughers ploughed on his back,
Until they made long furrows there!
His tortur'd joints, as on a rack,
And bones did at each other ftare!
At last he yielded up his breath,
Laid down his life, and conquer'd death'!

4 Thus wounded for what fin hath done,
And bruised for the finners' fake,

We through his love the curfek may fhun,-
He by his blood1 our peace did make;
Which bleffing all men may receive,
Who in his faving pow'r believem.

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(j) Ifa. liii. 5.

(a) Jam. ii. (d) Heb. xii.

5 For God his temple now prepare,
Wherein the Holy Ghost should dwell:
Slay fin, one darling° do not fpare,
Or this will shut you up in hell":
The pow'r he gives, and waits to bless
You with eternal happiness.


On the Sufferings and Death of Chrift, through whofe name Sinners obtain the Salvation of God.

the Lamb of God was flain

From the foundation of the world;
And while expiring full of pain,
All Satan's rage was at him hurl'd:
This he endur'd (amazing grace !).
To fave a fallen finful race.

2 Look on him who was pierc'd', and mourn:
He died on the fhameful tree!
There view his facred body torn,

And made a curfes for you and me!
No forrow' e'er was like to his,
Or any love" fo great as this!


3 O let us now by faith' draw near
With holy boldness to his throne:
The worst of finners need not fear,
Who do return through him alone:
Salvation in his name is giv'n,
He is the WAY that leads to heav'n.

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For Mercy and Salvation.


N mercy view thy creatures, Lord,
And raise us from our fallena state;
Though dead, yet thy life-giving word
Can us anew in Chrift create:
Speak, therefore, with the voice of love,
And let us thy falvation prove.

2 Why should we lie beneath thy frown
In chains of fin and mifery?
O come, and with thy favour own,
Make this the joyful jubilee,
Wherein from fin we shall find reft,
And be through Chrift with pardon bleft.


The Lord's Prayer Verfified.

URd FATHER which in heaven art,
Hallowed be thy name;
Thy kingdom come, in ev'ry heart,
Till all shall know the fame.

2 Thy will be done in earth below,
Ás it is done in heav'n,-
And daily bread on us bestow;
Let it this day be giv❜n.

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3 Forgive us all our trefpaffes,
As we do wrongs forgive:
Lead us not where temptation is,
Left we unholy live.

(a) Rom. iii. 23. (b) Eph. ii. 10.
(d) Matt. vi. 9, - - - 13.—Luke xi. 2, 3, 4.

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(c) Lev. xxv. 9, &c.

4 Deliver us from evil here,-
The kingdom's thine before,
And pow'r and glory ev'ry where,
Likewise for evermore..



For Grace to Replenish our wants.

WE want the happy art to learn,

To reft without a wrong concern,
Whate'er our trials be.

2 When call'd to fuffer for thy fake,
To Chrift ftill may we cleave;
And fuff'rings joyfully partake,
If we our all must leave..

3 We want, when fin and danger's near,
The pow'r of faith to prove

True faith, that faves from flavish fear,
Accompany'd by love.

4 A victory1 we want to gain,

O'er frowns and flatt'ring charms: The truth with courage to maintain, Unmov'd by false alarms.

5 Come, Lord, replenish all our wants
With more of thy free grace;
For, like the hunted harti that pants,,
We thirst to fee thy face..



Complaint and Prayer.

EMEMBER, O remember, Lord, The weakness of thy faints; And now, by thy life-giving word, Remove all our complaints..

(e) 2 Tim. iii. 12. (f) Luke xiv. 33. (h) i John v. 4. (i) Pfal. xlii. Ia

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(j) Matt. viii. 8..


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(g) Gal. v. 6..

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