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On the Majefty, Vengeance, Mercy, and Salvation of GOD.

Lo2how mountains' reel and shatter

At JEHOVAH's awful nod!

And, like light'ning, foon he'll scatterm
Sinners with his iron" rod,
Who refufeth


Here to own him for their God.

2 Be alarm'd, ye carelefs finners,

He to judgment° foon will come;
your fins are fure forerunners
Of a miferable doom;

For his vengeance®

Will the wicked then confume!

3 Therefore never dreama of heaven In an unconverted ftate;

Or that mercy will be given,
Till you in good earneft wait',
Praying, O God,

In me a clean heart create.

4 O kneel downs before your MAKER! Ye who do not know his love:

Reft not till each is partaker
Of falvation from above,
That for ever

You may all his goodness" prove,


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A Call to Sinners; with fome Remarks concerning
Faith and its wonderful effects.


INNERS view the fad condition
In which you at present are,
And draw near with deep contrition w
To the moft high God in pray'r;


He invites you

Of his mercy now to share.

2 All who after him afpireth",
He to them will favour give;
And the means which he requireth
Is to turn to him and live,
While he calleth

Them his bleffings to receive.

3 God makes faith the fole condition;
Faith that fweetly works by love:
This true faith brings true falvation,
And makes ev'ry mountain move;
Opensf heaven,-
Reacheth up to things above.

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4 Faith makes richh while nought poffeffing
Feeds the foul with heav'nly food;
Sorrowful, always rejoicing,

Faith triumphs through Jefu's blood:
Faith in action

Grafps and holds fast ev'ry good..

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On the Love of GOD, his invitation to Sinners, and of bis coming to Judgment.


O! what love the great CREATOR
Shews in Chrift to all mankind;
He to be our Mediator",
For his foes his life refign'd;
Therefore, finners,

Seek and ye shall mercy find.

2. Do not feek in point of merit°,—
Pharifees themselves deceive;
'Tis the humble contrite fpirit
God enables to believe,
Who, in earnest,

Strive his bleffings to receive..

3 Hafte to meet the invitation,

Ye who with his grace to prove;
So fhall you obtain falvation",
And be perfected in love,

By receiving

Of his fulness from above..

4 God is truly good and gracious",
Yet will not the guilty fpare,
Though our works be e'er fo fpacious
Wholly known to him they are;
Wherefore let us

Watch againft fin with due care.

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John iii. 2c.


For e'er long, with dreadful burning,
Heav'n and earth fhall pass away!
Then will horror, wo, and mourning
Sieze the wicked in that day,
When Chrift cometh

Righteous judgment to difplay!


A Call to ferious Reflections, Repentance, and Faith.

OD speaks! let man confider well,


moment glides away

Our pulfe each time they beat do tell
How swift we hasten to that day,
Wherein the laft great trump2 shall sound,
And wake the nations all around!

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2 The feab fhall then give up her dead,-
The grave reftore her countless prey;
Huge rocks and mountains rend with dread,
And his Almighty pow'r difplay!
There Chrift, who all our works can tell,
Will order each to heav'n or hell.

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The time's at hand, the night's far spent,-
Why should we in our fins remain ?
Olet us truly now repent,

And henceforth righteous works maintain;
For till we thus in God believe,
We only do ourselves deceives.

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4 But lo! we can't deceive the Lord!
Our MAKER knows our fallen ftate,-
How we've departed from his word,
Since he did man at firft create;
Yet ftill his unexhausted lovei
Calls all eternal life to prove!

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Sinners invited and encouraged to come to GOD.

OME, ye guilty finners, come,
Turn and you fhall mercy prove;

For the vileft there is room
In the arms of Jefu's love!
If you pardon would receive,
Gladly in his name believe.
2 Lo his grace to ALL' is free
As the univerfal air!

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None for God too badm can be,
Nor of mercy need defpair,
Who do willingly forfake
Sin that they may life partake.
3 Therefore, finners, come to God,-
Now by faith approach his throne;
Own his feptre and his rod",
By whom ye are fav'd alone:
Reft not till you are forgiv'n,
And have free accefs' to heav'n.

4 Surely those who would be wife
Will not wait another day,
But immediately arise,
And for this falvation pray,-
Left death ftrike his fatal dart
Through each unrelenting heart.


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Holy Admonition and Gofpel Promifes.


E weary wand'rers from the way of peace, to When will you from your fin and folly ceafe? 10 Seek1, ye the Lord, now while he may be found, 10 For he is near and mercy doth abound!



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