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2 God's judgments foon will grow fevere, Which he will fully vent,

Except you to his word adhere,
And fpeedily repent?.

3 Should you of time prefume to boast,
Or fay his threats are vain',-
You will e'er long, to your fad coft,
Feel horror, wo, and pain!


For no unholy thing can dwell
With an All-holy God!

Hence finners will be fent to hells,
To fmart beneath his rod.

5 Refiftlefs guilt haftes to arrest,
By which your hearts will fail
But contrite" finners fhall be bleft,
However weak and frail.

6 Confider then in time your ways,
And to your steps take heed:
Your ftrength and refidue of days
Devote to God with speed.

7 Exaggerate, not by delay,

Thefe crimes already done; But to JEHOVAH humbly pray For mercy through his Son.


(q) Prov. xxvii. 1.

(0) Jer. i. 16. (p) Luke xiii. 3, 5. (r) Mal. iii. 14.-Jam, iv. 5. (f) Rev. xxi. 27. (s) Pfal. ix. 17. (t) Luke xxi. 26. (u) Pfal. xxxiv. 18.—li. 17.—Ifa. lvii. 15.-lxii. 2.

with fo much Divine Power as to cause them vifibly to tremble and quake; infomuch that many were like the trembling Jailer, whofe cry was, What must I do to be faved? A&s xvi. 29, 30. See the Books written by GEORGE FOX, WILLIAM PENN, ROBERT BARCLAY, RICHARD CLARIDGE, JOHN GRATTON, &c. &c. May the fame Almighty Power which thefe felt ftill cause finners to tremble and quake before him; till all fhall revere his name, experience his love, and know him to be the God of their falvation.

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Warning to the Impious, and encouragement to the


f TEHOVAH reigns enthron'd on high,-. 8. J. Let finners quake for fear!


And humble penitents draw nigh,
Who his great name revere.

2 Supremely blest through Chrift are they Who here the truth embrace;

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But the impious far away
Shall flee in fad difgrace. -


3 Therefore refound your MAKER's praife,
Ye fouls who are fincere;
And walk in his appointed ways,
Till you in heav'n appear.

4 You are not far from that good-land
Of everlasting rest,

Where you fhall fit on God's right hand,
In blood wash'd linen-drest!

5 Cheer up your hearts, dry up your tears,
By faith new ftrength put on;
Chafe far away all doubts and fears,
The crown for you is won.

6 'Twas Jefus that endur'dd the fight,
And did victorious prove,
Who foon will crowne you with delight
In joyful climes above.


(v) 1 Chron. xxix. 11, 12.—Pfal. xlvii. 8. 39,---42. (x) Jam. iv. 6.-1 Pet. v. 5. (z) Job xx. 5,--- 29. (a) Mar. xii. 34. Col. iii. 1. (c) Rev. vii. 14. (d) Heb. xii. Jam. i. 12.-1 Pet. v. 4.-Rev. ii. 10.




(w) Deut. xxxii. (y) Rom. iv. 7. (b) Luke xiii. 29.(e) 2 Tim. iv. 8.



God is more willing to dispense Blessings than Sinners are to receive them.

Unto all the fallen race?
None was ever yet deny❜df,
Who in faith for mercy cry'd!
2 Lo, thy willingness how great
Humble penitents to meet?
Thou more ready art to give,
Far than we are to receive!
3 Let not finners then defpair,

But approach thy throne with pray'r;
And alone, in Jefu's name,
Ev'ry promis'd bleffing claim.

how boundlefs grace

4 O that men would be as wife1,
As immediately to rife,
And devote to God with speed
Ev'ry thought, and word, and deed.


5 Happy to a great degree,

They that do fo foon fhall be;
And hereafter fully prove
All the heights and depths of love!

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(f) Ifa. xlv. 19.-Matt. vii. 7, 8.—Luke xi. 9, 10. (h) John xiv. 13, 14.-xv. 16.--xvi. 23, &c. (j) Pfal. xliv. 4. (k) Gal. iv. 4, - - - 7.

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(g) Ifa. lxv. 1. (i) Deut. xxxii. 29.

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(1) Gen. v. 1.-Col. i. 16. (m) Rom. x. 21. 23, 24.-viii. 5, 6.—Mark xvi. 15, 16.-Luke v. 32. -cxlv. 9. (p) Matt. xvii. 17.-Luke ix. 41. (r) Rom. i. 28. (f) Gen. vi. 3. (s) Rom. xiii. 2. -Pfal. xcv. 11.Hof. v. 10.Heb. (u) Luke xiii. 27, 28.


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(n) Prov. i. (0) Pf. ciii. 8. (q) Ifa. xlvi. 12. (t) Exod. xxxii. iii. 7,


5 Now take up your crofs', And follow your Lord; Count all dung" and drofsx Compar'd to his word! Though death you may fuffer, You life fhall partake : Chrift's way was much rougher, Who thus peace did make !


Invitation, Caution, and Encouragement.


IVE ear2, O earth, 'tis God commands!
He bids you turn and feek his face;
And lo, with outfpread arms he stands
Ready finners to embrace !
Wherefore drawd near thro' Chrift, and prove
The great falvation of his love.

2 Quench not the Spirit, which doth feek
A refidence in ev'ry breast,-
For he the words of lifef doth speak,
And gives to fincere mourners reft;
To all who walk upright in heart,
He grace and glory will impart.

3 Ye who have hitherto withstood,
And feth at nought the Lord most high!
Hafte to the fountain of Chrift's blood:
He for the fins of ALL) did die!
O come, for God ftill waits to bless
You with eternal happiness.

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(g) Matt. v. 4. (k) 1 Petal

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