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A Call to Sinners.

INNERS to righteoufnefs awakes,
And ev'ry evil way forfake:

The Lord ftands knocking at the door
To fave the needy and the poor".


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2 Open your hearts, and part with fin,
To let the PRINCE of PEACE come in;
For all things are his own to give,
And lo! he bids you turn and live.
3 Turn, finners turn, why will you die?
The Lord himself repeats the cry!
And freely will his grace impart
To ev'ry fincere waiting heart.


Confefs your fins, and afk in pray'r
That you may now his bleffings fhare;
And when you have acceptance found,
Let grateful fongs of praise abound.


The Wicked have no Peace, but we are called to Repentance and Faith.


peacey can wicked men enjoy,
Whose fins are unforgiv'n,
Till they do earnestly employ
Their thoughts in fearch of heav'n.



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(s) I Cor. xv. 34. (t) Rev. iii. 20.` (u) Ifa. xli. 17. (v) Ifa. ix. 6. (w) Prov. i. 23.-Ezek. xviii. 21, 32. (x) Pfal. lxxxiv. 11. (y) Ifa. xlviii. 22.—lvii. 20, 21.

of is a deliverance from fin, and the curfe of a broken law; and How this every one may experience through faith in his name. far we may be delivered from outward troubles before and during the Millennium is uncertain; but in the new earth, it is certain there fhall be no more curfe, no more pain, no more forrow, no more death,-for the former things, which are fin and its confequences, shall all pass away: for he, whose words are true and faithful, hath faid, Bebold I make all things new! See Rev. xxi. 4, 5.-xxii. 3.


2 But like the troubled fea, whose waves
Do caft up mire and dirt,
In fruitless toil, alas! poor flaves,
They all their strength exert.

3 They alfo mifery must have,

Who thus their lives have spent ; And unknown wo2, beyond the grave, Except they here repent3.

4 Repent", therefore, ye infincere,
The God of truth believe!
So fhall find falvation near,
And his free grace receive.



Prayer and Expoftulatory Counsel.

That the foolish were made wifed,
and God believe;
For few, alas! their welfare prize,
Or feek falvation to receive.

2 Yet ought we to confider well,
The mifery that will attend
Thofe who fecure a place in hell,
As foon as this fhort life fhall end.


Shall ev'ry means be try'd in vain
Us ftubborn creatures to convert;
And we ftill after all remain
Rebellious and unchang'd in heart?

4 Shall we refift the Saviour's love,
Who for our fakes fo much hath done?
And fpurn at mercy from above
Till its too late his wrath to fhun?

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5 God's not a man, that he fhould change,
JEHOVAH cannoth speak a lie!
His way to finners may feem strange,
But who can counfel the Moft High?

6 Our wisdom, as if built on fhame,
Before the all-wife God muft fall!
Then let us now, in Jefu's name,
Unite and for falvation call.



The danger of living and dying in Sin.


LAS! we ftand in jeopardy',
Expos'd to death and mifery;
Who after this vain world" do walk
In foolish jefts° and wicked talk.

2 Or if we spend this mortal life

In envy, malice, wrath, and strife,
Moft dreadful then will be our fate,
When paffing to a future state.


For fin, whatever fort we love,
Will make us unknown forrow prove-
If uncoverted we remain,
And die before we're born again".

4 What will fuch do in that dread day,
When heav'n and earth fhall pass away!!
For all must then to judgment comes,
To their reward or dreadful doom!




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4. (p) Rom. i. (q) Ezek. xviii. 4. (s) Rom. xiv. 10.

2 Cor. v. 10.

5 From fin, therefore, let all arise,
And learn God's mercy now to prize:
In him believet and find that grace,
So much difplay'd to Adam's race!
6 Thus holy mirth and heav'nly joy
Shall ev'ry heart and tongue employ;
And peace, when from this flesh fet free,
Will their eternal portion be.


Exhortation to the Unconverted.


UY the truth", and fell it not,

B you have not got:

If you wish to be made wifex,
Part with all to gain this prize.

2 Mark well, ye who think ye've nought,-
It with money' can't be bought;
"Tis the heart that you must give,
If to God you wish to live.
3 Freely do what he requires,-

Give up fin and wrong defires:
Seek his kingdom to obtain,
And let Chrift within you reign.
4 Watch against pride and felf-will;
Never more give way to ill:
Wrestle and in God believeb,
So fhall you the truth receive.

5 Plead what Godd in Chrift hath done,
(Chrift the TRUTH, God's only Son!)
Till the Son hath made you freef;
Free indeed you then fhall be!

(t) Mark ix. 23.Acts xvi. 31. (x) 2 Tim. iii. 15. (y) Ifa. lii. 3.-lv. 1. Lam. iii. 41.-Heb. x. 22.-1 John iii. 20. Luke xii. 31. (b) John i. 12. (e) John xiv. 6.

18, 19.

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(c) John viii. 32. (f) John viii. 36.


The fad effects of Pride, and the Bleffings which attend Humility.

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AIN mortals! why fo fond of pride?
Inftead thereof with fhame,
For it we ought ourselves to chide,
And lothe its very name.

2 "Twas pride brought angels down from heav'n, To Tophet's gloomy cell;

And pride in us (if not forgiv'n)
Will caft us into hell.

3 But to the humble God gives grace,
While he refifts the proud;
Come humbly then and feek his face,
For mercy cry aloud.


Your penitential cries he'll hear1,
And answer from above;
So fhall you find falvation near,
And know that God is love!


Warning and Counsel.

ཀ REMBLE" and quakes, ye wicked race,
Who love in fin to live;
Vengeance awaits in ev'ry place,
Your due reward to give.



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(h) Ifa. xxx. 33. (1) 2 Chron. vii. (n) Exod. xix. 10.-Nah. i. 5.

The people called QUAKERS were at firft abufively fo called from the word QUAKE.-The word, which the Lord delivered by the mouth of fome of his minifters among them, fometimes was attended

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