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measure on the decline. We pray God that this may not be the case, but we have our serious fears.

Perhaps we are too plain-spoken for some of our readers; but we beg them to remember, that the religion of the Bible is of a very simple and delicate nature. It refuses to coalesce or amalgamate with any thing essentially different from itself. It remembers the words of its Divine Founder : “ Because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. We would not be the advocates of any thing severe or morose, but we would make a firm stand for all that is pure, and heavenly, and like the blessed Saviour. And we must add, that a high tone of Christian morals, and a deep enjoyment of Christian experience, are things which we do not generally find among the professors of our holy faith. It may be (it has been) cast in our teeth, that we contend for a higher state of things than is áttainable in the present state : and verily we admit the truth of the objection, if by the “ present state” be meant that cold, dull, formal, lifeless, Christless religion, which is all that thousands experience, who yet profess and call themselves Believers.

As Christian Reviewers, we must hold up both our hands against the spread of a deteriorated religion, which, we fear, is advancing with rapid strides among us. By God's grace we shall continue to speak boldly on subjects of such vital importance. We confess that we are looking for a conflict such as the world has never yet seen--A CONFLICT OF OPINIONS, which in its results must doubtless be subservient to the cause of Jesus, but which, during its progress, may be attended with events for which some of us are little prepared. That Satan is aware his time is short, most of us may be ready to admit; and that he may rage without the church we probably expect : but what if it should please God to allow him, for a time, to rage within it? We may be quite wrong, but we confess we think we see, in the gathering of distant clouds, indications of an approaching storm. Some may wonder at such language, and be ready to point to highly favoured dioceses, and to the important and extensive patronage thrown into the hands of some of whom, were it not for their patronage, it would be no flattery to say that they are among the excellent of the earth. But let the professing Church take care how she reposes upon an arm of flesh. Poor would be the exchange of simplicity, and spirituality, and deadness to all but Christ, for wealth, and honour, and office. The City of God can effectually be extended as to her boundaries, and built up as to her walls, only by men full of faith and of the Holy Ghost. While, then, we are thankful for many pleasing marks of the Divine favour towards our Zion, let us all, but especially the Clergy, work while it is called to-day ; remembering, that, sooner than they imagine, and from a quarter where it was least expected, a night may be coming, in which, while it lasts, no man can work.

Such the prefatory remarks we beg to offer to our readers. Should such language appear more allied to the nature of a charge than to the character of a preface, we have only to say, that it is in accordance with the plainness and honesty which we hope will ever be maintained by the CHRISTIAN REVIEW AND CLERICAL MAGAZINE.

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