The Literal Sense and the Gospel of John in Late Medieval Commentary and Literature

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Routledge, 16 gru 2013 - 228
Focusing on the famous Medieval commentator Nicolas of Lyra and the anonymous Middle English biblical adaptation of the Gospel of John, the Cursor Mundi, this book examines the development of the analytical tools of biblical literary criticism showing how late Medieval commentators negotiated the paradoxical interdependence of the literal and spiritual senses, as transmitted by traditional and inherited vocabularies, through a focus on narrative structure. Mark Hazard combines an enlightening account of the actual practice of professional commentators, the history of Gospel interpretation and cultural history to reveal that remarkable shift in the treatment of the Bible that modern scholars would regard as having laid the groundwork for the historical-critical methods in biblical research. As such this book sheds light not only on the 14th century practice of biblical interpretation, but will also be of value to those currenlty engaged in reading and writing about the bible.

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Nicholas of Lyra and the Narrative of Johns Gospel
The Cursor Mundi Narrative and Sacred History
The Four Daughters of God the Last Judgment and the Scope of the Real
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Mark Hazard

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