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XLV. I dreaded not the tempest, nor did he Who bore me, but his eyeballs wide and red Turn'd on the lightning's cleft exultingly; And when the earth beneath his tameless tread, Shook with the sullen thunder, he would spread His nostrils to the blast, and joyously Mock the fierce peal with neighings;–thus we sped O'er the lit plain, and soon I could descry Where Death and Fire had gorged the spoil of victory.

XLVI. There was a desolate village in a wood, Whose bloom-inwoven leaves now scattering fed The hungry storm; it was a place of blood, A heap of hearthless walls;–the flames were dead Within those dwellings now, the life had fled From all those corpses now, but the wide sky Flooded with lightning was ribb'd overhead By the black rafters, and around did lie Women, and babes, and men, slaughter'd confusedly.

XLVII. Beside the sountain in the market-place Dismounting, I beheld those corpses stare With horny eyes upon each other's face, And on the earth and on the vacant air, And upon me, close to the waters where I stoop'd to slake my thirst;-Ishrank to taste, For the salt bitterness of blood was there; But tied the steed beside, and sought in haste If any yet survived amid that ghastly waste.


No living thing was there beside one woman,
Whom I found wandering in the streets, and she
Was wither'd from a likeness of aught human
Into a fiend, by some strange misery:
Soon as she heard my steps she leap'd on me,
And glued her burning lips to mine, and laugh'd
With a loud, long, and frantic laugh of glee,
And cried, “Now, Mortal, thou hast deeply quaff'd

The Plague's blue kisses—soon millions shall pledge

the draught!

XLIX. “My name is Pestilence—this bosom dry, Once fed two babes—a sister and a brother— When I came home, one in the blood did lie Of three death-wounds—the flames had ate the other! Since then I have no longer been a mother, But I am Pestilence ;-hither and thither I flit about, that I may slay and smother;-All lips which I have kiss'd must surely wither, But Death's—if thou art he, we'll go to work together!


“What seek'st thou here? the moonlight comes in

The dew is rising dankly from the dell—
"Twill moisten her! and thou shalt see the gashes
In my sweet boy, now full of worms—but tell
First what thou seek'st.”—“I seek for food.”—“'Tis

Thou shalt have food; Famine, my paramour,
Waits for us at the feast—cruel and fell
Is Famine, but he drives not from his door

Those whom these lips have kiss'd, alone. No more, no more '''

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And joy was ours to meet: she was most Palo
Famish'd, and wet and weary, so I cast
My arms around her, lest her steps should so
As to our home we went, and thus embraced |
Her full heart seem'd a deeper joy to taste , , , so
Than e'er the prosperous know; the steed to:
Trod peacefully along the mountain waste.
We reached our home ere morning could uno

Night's latest veil, and on our bridal couch


Her chill'd heart having cherish'd in my bo.
And sweetest kisses past, we two did share
Our peaceful meal:—as an autumnal bloom.
Which spreads its shrunk leaves in the sunny”
After cold showers, like rainbows woven ho
Thus in her lips and cheeks the vital spirit
Mantled, and in her eyes, an atmosphere
Of health, and hope; and sorrow languish'do

And fear, and all that dark despondence dothin”


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She told me what a lothesome agony
Is that when selfishness mocks love's delight,
Foul as in dreams most fearful imagery
To dally with the moving dead—that night
All torture, fear, or horror made seem light,
Which the soul dreams or knows, and when the day
Shone on her awful frenzy, from the sight
Where like a Spirit in fleshly chains she lay
Struggling, aghast and pale the Tyrant fled away.


Her madness was a beam of light, a power
Which dawn'd through the rent soul; and words it

Gestures and looks, such as in whirlwinds bore
Which might not be withstood, whence none could

All who approach'd their sphere, like some calm

Vex'd into whirlpools by the chasms beneath;
And sympathy made each attendant slave
Fearless and free, and they began to breathe

Deep curses, like the voice of flames far underneath.

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- XI.
“A stunning clang of massive bolts redoubling
Beneath the deep—a burst of waters driven
As from the roots of the sea, raging and bubbling:
And in that roof of crags a space was riven
Through which there shone the emerald beams of

Shot through the lines of many waves inwoven,
Like sunlight through acacia woods at even,
Through which, his way the diver having cloven,

Past like a spark sent up out of a burning oven.

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XVIII. “It was a babe, beautiful from its birth— It was like thee, dear love! its eyes were thine. Its brow, its lips, and so upon the earth It laid its fingers, as now rest on mine Thine own beloved —'t was a dream divine; Even to remember how it fled, how swift, How utterly, might make the heart repineThough 't was a dream."—Then Cythma did uplift Her looks on mine, as if some doubt she soughl w shift: XIX. A doubt which would not flee, a tendemes Of questioning grief, a source of thronging team; Which, having past, as one whom sobs opprest. She spoke: “Yes, in the wilderness of year Her memory, aye, like a green home appeam, She suck'd her fill even at this breast, sweet kot For many months. I had no mortal fears; Methought I felt her lips and breath approveIt was a human thing which to my bosom clove

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Even with our blood and tears, until its glory burst

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Of hate and ill, and Pride, and Fear, and Tyranny

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