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XII. “Join then your hands and hearts, and let the past Be as a grave which gives not up its dead To evil thoughts."—A film then overcast My sense with dimness, for the wound, which bled Freshly, swift shadows o'er mine eyes had shed. When I awoke, I lay 'mid friends and foes, And earnest countenances on me shed The lighl of questioning looks, whilst one did close My wound with balmicst herbs, and soothed me to

repose. XIII. And one whose spear had pierced me, lean'd beside

With quivering lips and humid eyes;–and all . Seem'd like some brothers on a journey wide Gone forth, whom now strange meeting did befall In a strange land, round one whom they might call Their friend, their chief their father, for assay Of peril, which had saved them from the thrall Os death, now suffering. Thus the vast array Of those fraternal bunds were reconciled that day.

XIV. Lifting the thunder of their acclamation, Towards the City then the multitude, And I among them, went in joy—a nation Made free by love—a mighty brotherhood Link'd by a jealous interchange of good; A glorious pageant, more magnificent Than kingly slaves array'd in gold and blood; When they return from carnage, and are sent In triumph bright beneath the populous battlement.

XV. Afar, the City walls were throng'd on high, And myriads on each giddy turret clung, And to each spire far lessening in the sky, Bright pennons on the idle winds were hung; As we approach'd a shout of joyance sprung At once from all the crowd, as if the vast And peopled Earth its boundless skies among The sudden clamor of delight had cast, When from before its face some general wreck had past. XVI. Our armies through the City's hundred gates Were pour'd, like brooks which to the rocky lair Of some deep lake, whose silence them awaits, Throng from the mountains when the storms are there; And as we past through the calm sunny air, A thousand flower-inwoven crowns were shed, The token flowers of truth and freedom fair, And fairest hands bound them on many a head, Those angels of love's heaven, that over all was spread. XVII. I trod as one tranced in some rapturous vision: Those bloody bands so lately reconciled, Were, ever as they went, by the contrition Of anger turn'd to love from ill beguiled, And every one on them more gently smiled, Because they had done evil:—the sweet awe Of such mild looks made their own hearts grow mild, And did with soft attraction ever draw Their spirits to the love of freedom's equal law.

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XXIV. She stood beside him like a rainbow braided Within some storm, when scarce its shadow vast From the blue paths of the swift sun have fided; A sweet and solemn smile, like Cythna's, cast One moment's light, which made my heartbeat - fast, O'er that child's parted lips—a gleam of blis, A shade of vanish'd days, as the tears past Which wrapt it, even as with a father's kiss I press'd those softest eyes in trembling tendemes

XXV. The sceptred wretch then from that solitude I drew, and of his change compassionate, With words of sadness soothed his rugged mol But he, while pride and fear held deep debate, With sullen guile of ill-dissembled hate Glared on me as a toothless snake might glare: Pity, not scorn I felt, though desolate The desolator now, and unaware The curses which he mock'd had caught himbo hair.

XXVI. I led him forth from that which now mightseem A gorgeous grave: through portals sculptured to With imagery beautiful as dream We went, and left the shades which tendondeo Over its unregarded gold to keep Their silent watch-The child trod faintingly, And as she went, the tears which she did weep Glanced in the starlight; wilder'd seemed she, And when I spake, for sobs she could not answermo


At last the tyrant cried, “She hungers, slave:
Stab her, or give her bread!"—It was a tone
Such as sick fancies in a new-made grave
Might hear. I trembled, for the truth was known
He with this child had thus been left alone,
And neither had gone forth for food-but he
In mingled pride and awe cower'd near histho
And she, a nursling of captivity,

Knew naught beyond those wails, nor what so

change might be.

XXVIII. And she was troubled at a charm withdrawn Thus suddenly; that sceptres ruled no moreThat even from gold the dreadful strength.”

gone, Which once made all things subject to its power Such wonder seized him, as if hour by hour The past had come again; and the swift fill Of one so great and terrible of yore, To desolateness, in the hearts of all

Like wonder stirr'd, who saw such awful chao

A mighty crowd, such as the wide land pour
Once in a thousand years, now gather'd round
The fallen tyrant;-like the rush of showe"
of hail in spring, pattering along the ground
Their many footsteps fell, else came no
From the wide multitude : that lonely man
then knew the burthen of his change, and *
Concealing in the dust his visage wan.

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Then to a home for his repose assign'd,
Accompanied by the still throng he went
In silence, where to soothe his rankling mind,
Some likeness of his ancient state was lent;
And if his heart could have been innocent
As those who pardon'd him, he might have ended
His days in peace; but his strait lips were bent,
Men said, into a smile which guile portended,

A sight with which that child-like hope with fear

was blended.

XXXVII. "Twas midnight now, the eve of that great day Whereon the many nations at whose call The chains of earth like mist melted away, Decreed to hold a sacred Festival, A rite to attest the equality of all Who live. So to their homes, to dream or wake, All went. The sleepless silence did recall Laone to my thoughts, with hopes that make The flood recede from which their thirst they seek to slake.


The dawn flow'd forth, and from its purple sountains I drank those hopes which make the spirit quail; As to the plain between the misty mountains And the great City, with a countenance pale I went —it was a sight which might avail To make men weep exulting tears, for whom Now first from human power the reverend veil Was torn, to see Earth from her general womb Pour forth her swarming sons to a fraternal doom: XXXIX. To see, far glancing in the misty morning, The signs of that innumerable host, To hear one sound of many made, the warning Of Earth to Heaven from its free children tost, While the eternal hills, and the sea lost In wavering light, and starring the blue sky The city's myriad spires of gold, almost With human joy made mute society, Its witnesses with men who must hereafter be. XL. To see like some vast island from the Ocean, The Altar of the Federation rear Its pile i' the midst; a work, which the devotion Of millions in one night created there, Sudden, as when the moonrise makes appear Strange clouds in the east; a marble pyramid Distinct with steps: that mighty shape did wear The light of genius; its still shadow hid Farships: to know its height the morning mists forbid!

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At first Laone spoke most tremulously:
But soon her voice the calmness which it shed
Gather'd, and—“Thou art whom I sought to see,
And thou art our first volary here,” she said:
“I had a dear friend once, but he is dead!—
And of all those on the wide earth who breathe,
Thou dost resemble him alone—I spread
This veil between us two, that thou beneath

Shouldst ". one who may have been long lost in


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