God as the Mystery of the World: On the Foundation of the Theology of the Crucified One in the Dispute Between Theism and Atheism

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Bloomsbury Publishing, 20 lis 2014 - 440
Jüngel sets out to establish a basis for a theology of God the crucified while avoiding the shoals of theism and atheism. He warns of the danger, rooted in the fact that modernity no longer dares to think God, of talking God to death, of silencing God with too much God-talk. Jüngel analyzes what our possibilities are of thinking and speaking God and concludes that theology has to become the narrative of God's humanity. This second book in the series helps the reader to gain a more explicit awareness of the contemporary issues Jüngel's theology grapples with.

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I Introduction
II Talk about the Death of God as an Expression of the Uncertainty of Modern Thinking about God
III On the Possibility of Thinking God
IV On the Speakability of God
V On the Humanity of God
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Index of Subjects
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Informacje o autorze (2014)

Eberhard Jüngel is Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, University of Tübingen, Germany.

R. David Nelson is Acquisitions Editor for Baker Academic & Brazos Press, USA.

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