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Strona 368 - Praetulerim scriptor delirus inersque videri, Dum mea delectent mala me vel denique fallant, Quam sapere et ringi. Fuit haud ignobilis Argis, Qui se credebat miros audire tragoedos, In vacuo laetus sessor plausorque theatro...
Strona 15 - Act provided, and the said printed books, shall be the register of persons entitled to vote at any election of a member or members to serve in Parliament which shall take place in and for...
Strona 26 - Swinburne. — PICTURE LOGIC : an Attempt to Popularise the Science of Reasoning. By ALFRED JAMES SWINBURNE, MA With 23 Woodcuts.
Strona 370 - He lost the thread of his discourse, hesitated, repeated the same words several times, and was so confused, that in speaking of the Act of Settlement, he could not recall the name of the Electress Sophia. The House listened in solemn silence, and with the aspect of profound respect and compassion. The stillness was so deep that the dropping of a handkerchief would have been heard.
Strona 399 - The sudden invasion of an enemy overthrows such as are not on their guard ; but they who foresee the war, and prepare themselves for it before it breaks out, stand, without difficulty, the first and the fiercest onset. I learned this important lesson long ago, and never trusted to fortune even while she seemed to be at peace with me. The riches, the honours, the reputation, and all the advantages which her treacherous indulgence poured upon me, I placed so, that she might snatch them away without...
Strona 73 - And, lastly, we do hereby for us, our heirs, and successors, grant and declare that these our Letters Patent or the enrolment or exemplification thereof shall be in and...
Strona 440 - Spiritus intus alit, totamque infusa per artus Mens agitat molem et magno se corpore miscet. Inde hominum pecudumque genus vitaeque volantum Et quae marmoreo fert monstra sub aequore pontus. Igneus est ollis vigor et caelestis origo 730 Seminibus, quantum non noxia corpora tardant Terrenique hebetant artus moribundaque membra. Hinc metuunt cupiuntque, dolent gaudentque, neque auras Dispiciunt clausae tenebris et carcere caeco.
Strona 443 - Pythagoras' theorem states that the square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides.
Strona 319 - Prospero spoke meaning to comfort his brother, so filled Antonio with shame and remorse that he wept and was unable to speak ; and the kind old Gonzalo wept to see this joyful reconciliation, and prayed for blessings on the young couple. Prospero now told them that their ship was safe in the harbour, and the sailors all on board her, and that he and his daughter would accompany them home the next morning.
Strona 323 - ... tandem custode remoto, gaudet equis canibusque et aprici gramine campi, cereus in vitium flecti, monitoribus asper, utilium tardus provisor, prodigus aeris, sublimis cupidusque et amata relinquere pernix.

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