A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany:: With Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters, Tom 2

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A. Strahan; and T. Cadell, 1786

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Strona 234 - The king of Prussia is below the middle size, well made, and remarkably active for his time of life. He has become hardy by exercise and a laborious life ; for his constitution originally seems to have been none of the strongest. His look announces spirit and penetration. He has fine blue eyes ; and, in my opinion, his countenance upon the whole is agreeable. Some who have seen him are of a different opinion. All who judge...
Strona 173 - I once faid to a lady of this Court, that it was a pity his Majefty did not love women. — Confidering his time of life, faid fhe, we could difpenfe with his love ; but it is hard that he cannot endure us.
Strona 64 - The houfe is furrounded by a and contains a great number of apartments. The walls of every room are hung with prints, from the roof to within two feet of the floor. Perhaps there is not fo complete a collection of framed ones in any private houfe or palace in the world. While Prince Ferdinand played at Billiards with the...
Strona 244 - ... theirs who contribute to his amusement. A man who performs the duty of his office with alertness and fidelity, has nothing to apprehend from the king's being fond of the company and conversation of his enemy. Let the one be regaled at the king's table every day, while the other never receives a...
Strona 20 - ... or fuperior rank to himfelf : For all etiquette of this nature is waved even in Germany at the Tables d'Hotes. A knowledge of the characters of men., as they appear varied in different fituations and countries — the ftudy of...
Strona 226 - ... the common men. When I came nearer, I was much surprised to find that this was the king himself. He had his sword drawn, and continued to exercise the corps for an hour after. He made them wheel, march, form the square, and fire by divisions and in platoons, observing all their motions with infinite attention ; and, on account of some blunder, put two officers of the prince of Prussia's regiment in arrest.
Strona 200 - ... in the management of the farm. The reft wear badges from their childhood, to mark that they are deftined to be foldiers, and ready to ferve when the ftate requires them.
Strona 234 - His look announces spirit and penetration. He has fine blue eyes; and, in my opinion, his countenance, upon the whole, is agreeable. Some who have seen him are of a different opinion ; all who judge from his portraits only must be so ; for although I have seen many which have a little resemblance to him, and some which have a great deal, yet none of them do him justice.
Strona 225 - And though the gardens of the palace are juft oppofite to the windows of our inn, I hardly ever go to look at the guards, who are paraded there every forenoon. — A few days ago, however, I happened to take a very early walk about a mile out of town, and feeing fome foldiers under arms, in a field at a fmall diftance from the road, I went towards them.

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