Flora of the Maltese Islands, Tomy 1-4

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Lulu.com, 18 lip 2015 - 376
Flora of the Maltese Islands brings together the previous 4 volumes with minor additions. It describe over 730 species in full colour and contains over 1,500 colour photographs. The book can be regarded both as an informative one on plants and as a guide to the wild flora of the Maltese islands. Fourteen pages describe the endemic and sub-endemic flora in the introductory section. Other information includes about the habitats, flowers, leaves, the islands' geology, climate and soil, origins of the Maltese flora, how plants survive the dry season, how they disperse their seeds, pollination, fire and plants, and the water cycle. A flower-colour guide is also found. Flora of the Maltese Islands is not just another book on plants; it is a comprehensive book full of references and information on the wild plants of these islands in the central Mediterranean region.

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