Essays Upon Several Moral Subjects

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D. Brown, 1713 - 442

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Strona 364 - Res ítalas armis tuteris, moribus ornes, Legibus emendes ; in publica commoda peccem, Si longo sermone morer tua tempora, Caesar.
Strona xii - Observations on the Laws and Customs of Nations as to Precedency, with the science of heraldry, treated as a part of the civil law of nations ; wherein reasons are given for its principles, and etymologies for its harder terms,
Strona xx - I believe that there is a Church militant, which, like the ark, must lodge in its bowels all such as are to be saved from the flood of condemnation : but to chalk out its bordering lines, is beyond the geography of my religion.
Strona xiii - A Defence of the Antiquity of the Royal Line of Scotland ; with a true account when the Scots were governed by the kings in the Isle of Britain," 1685, 8vo. This was written in answer to " An historical Account of Church-Government as it was in Great Britain and Ireland, when they first received the Christian religion,
Strona 83 - I were worthy to be consulted in these spiritual securities, I should advise every private Christian rather to stay still in the barge of the Church, with the other disciples, than by an ill-bridled zeal to hazard drowning alone with Peter, by offering to walk upon the...
Strona 157 - Moral gallantry ;" a discourse, in which he endeavours to prove, that the point of honour, setting aside all other ties, obliges men to be virtuous ; and that there is nothing so mean and unworthy of a gentleman, as vice : to which is added, a consolation against calumnies, shewing how to bear them with chearfulness and patience.
Strona 81 - Albeit the glass of my years hath not yet turned five and twenty, yet the curiosity I have to know the different limbos of departed souls, and to view the card of the region of death, would give me abundance of courage to encounter this king of terrors, though I were a pagan ; but when I consider what joys are prepared for them who fear the Almighty ; and what craziness attends such as sleep in Methusalem's cradle, I pity them who make long life one of the oftest repeated petitions of their...
Strona 89 - A Moral Essay, preferring Solitude to Publick Employment and all its Appanages. . .(Edinburgh, 1665).
Strona 345 - And it is a great defect in our reason that those ills which follow as necessary consequences are despised as mean, because the consequences themselves are remote. And as that is the best eye, so that is likewise the best reason, which sees clearly at a great distance. Another great error that...

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