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the manner in which you were pleased to assent to my request, that your Royal Highness would become the Patron of it,-a manner which doubles obligation from the grace

with which it was conferred. My pretensions to your Royal Highness's patronage I had founded upon the idea of being a Member of that Senate which is now graced by your presidency, and as being one of the senior members of that College, of which your Royal Ilighneys is the Visitor : you were pleased to add that of your private regard to my excellent Father whom you had remembered as the President of Queen's College when you first came to reside in this Seminary of Learning.

The day upon which I am writing,--the twenty-sixth Day of March,—the anniversary of your Royal Highness's election to the Office of Chancellor,-naturally recalls to my mind the remembrance of that event, when our University, in a manner we trust as gratifying to your Royal Highness's feelings, as honourable to our selves, chose for the Guardian of our Rights and Privi. leges, a Prince educated within our own walls, who had shewn his fitness to preside, by his willingness to obey when in a state of pupilage. To see a Prince and a Soldier desirous of such a situation is a circumstance equally redounding to the honour of the office and of him by whom it is accepted.


If expectation were excited in a very lively degree for a Chancellor of such pretensions and so elected, our hopes were more than realized when your Royal Highness came amongst us to be installed into your Office, and with that affable condescension, for which the House of Brunswick is so conspicuous, you “ gained as many “ hearts as you conversed with persons." The " 66 brance” of the Installation of The Duke of Gloucester,

yet lives in men's eyes, and will to tongues and ears “ be theme and hearing ever.”

I must not pass over without notice one of the early acts of your Royal Highness after your Installation, the giving a Third Gold Medal, in addition to those given by former Chancellors, “ to be conferred vpon the “ Undergraduate, who shall compose the best Excercise “ in English Poetry," an Exercise which I trust will tend to improve that branch of Literature by awakening the latent sparks of poetic genius, and directing the flame to proper purposes, and thus forwarding those designs for which my own imperfect labours have been exerted..

Nor can I close this Address without adverting to another occasion, when your Royal Highness shewed yourself to be no less a friend to the religious, than to the literary interests, not only of this University, and this Nation, but of THE WORLD AT LARGE. Humanity had before engaged your exertions for injured Africa

and those who had neither an Ear to hear, nor a Tongue to speak, have yet been taught to “ bless” and to “ give witness to" your beneficence ;- piety now warms your bosom in behalf of unenlightened minds wheresoever dispersed over the habitable globe, and it is with mixed emotions of veneration and delight that we behold the name of The DUKE OF GLOUCESTER as the PATRON of Tue CAMBRIDGE AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY.

That your Royal Highness may live many many years in health and prosperity, the blessing of our University, of our Nation, and of the Nations of the Earth, is the ardent wish and prayer of

Your Royal Highness's most obliged

and obedient humble servant,


Clare-Hall, March 26, 1812.




GLOUCESTER, Chancellor of the University..6 copies.


The Countess of Aboyne.


The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bristol, Master of

Trinity College.

The Rev. E. S. Bayley, Huntingdon.
Miss Bayley, Little Stukeley, Huntingdonshire.
Philip Bennet, Esq. Bury St. Edmunds.
The Rev. H. K. Bonney, Rector of King's Cliffe, North-

The Rev. T. K. Bonney, Fellow of Clare-Hall, 2 copies.
Book-Club at the Black Bull, Cambridge.
The Rev. Thomas Bourdillon, Vicar of Fenstanton,

Thomas Bowdler, Esq. Rhyddings, Dear Swansea.
Mrs. H. Bowdler, Bath.

The Rev. Dr. Browne, Master of Christ College, and

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Mrs. Browne. The Rev. Dr. Buchanan, Woodmanstern, near Croydon. The Rev. R. P. Buddicom, Fellow of Queen's College. The Rev. Wheeden Butler, Chelsea.


The Right Honourable the Earl of Clarendon.
Sir Claude Champion De Crespigny, Bart.
Lady Champion De Crespigny.

The Rev. John Cartwright, Welnetham, near Bury.
Allen Chatfield, Esq.
C. Chatfield, Esq...

.2 Copies.
The Rev. R. C. Chilton, Vicar of Mendlesham, Suffolk.
The Rev. Dr. E. D. Clarke, Professor of Mineralogy.
The Rev. John Clarke, Vicar of Duxford St. John, Cam.

bridge. Anthony Clarke, Esq. Archibald Cochran, Esq. The Rev. John Cook, Fellow of Clare-Hall. Henry Cowper, Esq. William Champion De Crespigny, Esq. Trinity Hall. The Rev. Thomas Curteis, Fellow of Clare Hall.


The Right Honourable Lord. De Dunstanville.
The Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of St. David's.

Mr. Deighton, Bookseller, Cambridge.

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