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and Plate he brought him, together with all her PARAPHARNALIA, his Coach, Chariot and Calafh, and two hundred Pounds for Mourning.

II. As to his Literary-Legacies, he leaves Mr. Simpfon the Civil, Canon and Common Law Books in his Library, with all his refpective Manufcripts thereto belonging, under this Obligation, That he does not permit any of them to be Copied. He likewife leaves him his Hiftorical Books, the Pictures of Lord Chief Juftice Hale, and Dr. Burnet, as alfo the Latin-Works of the latter, but takes no Notice of the English (fuppreffed) Edition of the Archaologia, now in Mr. Simpfon's Cuftody, which, as I was lately informed by one of the Proprietors, Mr. Chapman a Bookfeller in Pall-Mall, the faid Simpson faid he would burn; tho' to my own Knowledge Terms have been ftipulated by a certain Attorney for the faid Impreffion, both in Mr. Wilkinson's Life time, and fince his Deceafe. But indeed your Performance has now condemned that Impreffion ad ficum & piperem, being a very faulty Tranflation.

III. Mr. Wilkinfon has left all his Books relating to Phyfic, Husbandry and Gardening, to one Mr. Milbank. All his Books of Devotion to his Wife, in a Walnut-Tree Cafe, with Liberty to take any other Books out of his Library, fhe fhall like, to fill up the Shelves of the faid Book-Cafe.

IV. To Dr. Wintringham he has bequeathed his large Diamond-Ring, confifting of nine Diamonds, which was given him by Dr. Burnet.

V. He defires to be privately Buried, without any Efcocheons, in a Vault, if permitted, to be made for him at Teddington in the County of Middlefex. If his Relatives intend him any monumental Infcription, he defires it may be affixed in the faid ChurchWall; and, that a Brace of Ecclefiafticks may Praise * Alias her Wedding-Cloaths.

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him in the Gates, he has left to Dr. Mangey Mr. Selden's Works in fix Volumes, Folio, and to Mr. Hale of Teddington, Bishop Stillingfleet's Works in five Volumes.

VI. He defires, that all his Family-Pictures may go together, but having two of his own, leaves a Imall one to his Kinfman, and a large one painted in his Bar-Gown to his Wife. For which Reafon I think Dr. Burnet's Picture, his Diamond-Ring, and his Works might have been with more Propriety bequeathed to fome of that Gentleman's Relations, than any of his own, as being confiftent with his own Obfervation abovementioned.

VII. He does not, either in his Will, or in any of the four Codicils thereunto annexed, make any mention of his being impowered by Dr. Burnet to publish any of his Pofthumous Latin Pieces, or to concern himself with any English Versions that shall be made of thofe he printed in his Life-time. Which fully confirms what I have before observed relating to the Archeologia, that he had no more Power of difpofing of the Latin Copy of that Work, than he had of his Theory which Hooke was obliged to purchase of Mr. Kettilby's Executors, and to them only the Copy-Right of the Archeologia belongs.


I cannot conclude without taking fome Notice of the term Parapharnalia, which I think is much more pedantically applied by Mr. Wilkinson to his Widow, than it was lately done by Mr. Cibber to Mrs. Oldfieldt, but whether the Player borrowed it from the Lawyer, or the Lawyer from the Player I will not take upon me to determine.

* See the Addrefs, Ad Populum, prefixed to Mr. Foxton's Verfion.

+ See the Preface to the Provoked Husband, a Comedy 8°. 1728.


The laft of Mr. Wilkinson's Codicils bears Date the 20th of April, 1728. Mr. John Dennis was employed by Mr. Wilkinson to tranflate Dr. Burnet's Book De Fide & Officiis Chriftianorum, but I heard him declare in public Company, that tho' he had been earnestly preffed both by his Friend Wilkinson and his Bookfeller Hooke to undertake a Tranflation De Statu Mortuorum after Mr. Earbery, he pofitively refused the Tafk, adding, that he knew Mr. Earbery's Abilities were not to be called in Question, and that he looked upon fuch an Attempt to be of a very base and ungenerous Nature.

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RANCIS WILKINSON, Efq; (late of Lincolns-Inn and Overfeer of Dr. BURNET'S Will) has declared, that "in the La"tin Edition he published De Statu Mor"tuorum, there are to be found many Addi"tions and Alterations which were made "by the learned Author himself." Το thefe Improvements, the fecond Edition of Mr. Earbery's excellent Tranflation and Remarks is now rendered conformable.

Mr. Wilkinfon, in his Preface, has likewife thought it neceffary to declare, that, the Reasons given by the Editors, of the former Latin Copy, why Dr. BURNET did not publifh the Work himself, do, to his Knowledge, favour much more of Fiction than Reality. And he affirms, that this Treatife, De futurâ Judæorum Reftauratione, is faithfully publifhed from Dr. BURNET's Own Original.

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