The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal: Exhibiting a View of the Progressive Discoveries and Improvements in the Sciences and the Arts, Tom 33

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A. and C. Black, 1842

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Strona 139 - ... he adds this most remarkable sentence:—' I think we cannot account for these appearances, unless we call in the aid of ice as well as water, and that they have been worn by being suspended and carried in ice over rocks and earth under water.
Strona 139 - I reject for those who entertain the same opinions as myself, the simple division into "glacialists" and " diluvialists," into which Dr. Buckland has divided the combatants on this question ; for to whatever extent the former title has been won by Agassiz and himself, we who have contended for the submarine action of ice in former times, analogous to that which we believe is going on at present, can never be merged with those who, under the name of diluvialists, have contended for the rush of mighty...
Strona 136 - Russia and other cold countries there are several actual subaerial processes, by which large blocks are accumulated at different heights by the expansion of the ice of rivers, or have been piled up by the glacial action of former lakes, when at much higher levels * . leaving lines of coarse angular blocks. I desist, however, in this place from entering further into the many features under which the existing agency of ice may be viewed apart from the results of the movements of glaciers. More than...
Strona 130 - Welsh hills, having a height only of 4000 feet, had glaciers, by the shewing of Dr Buckland, of a length of many miles. Again, in the same memoir, which fills so large a portion of the principality with glaciers, the author comments upon certain facts already well known to us, viz. the existence upon Moel Tryfane and the adjacent Welsh mountains of...
Strona 140 - I take leave of the glacial theory in congratulating American science in having possessed the original author of the best glacial theory, though his name has escaped notice, and in recommending to you the terse argument of Peter Dobson, a previous acquaintance with which might have saved volumes of disputation on both sides of the Atlantic.
Strona 288 - ... blows of the hammer, if the bar happens to be of a small size. In this case we witness the combined effects of percussion, heat, and magnetism. When the bar is hammered at the proper temperature, no such crystallization takes place, because the bar is insensible to magnetism. But as soon as the bar becomes of that lower degree of temperature at which it can be affected by magnetism, the effect of the blows it receives is to produce magnetic induction, and that magnetic induction and consequent...
Strona 133 - ... occupying the sides of our estuaries and river banks, was accumulated beneath the waters of former days. Throughout large tracts of England we can demonstrate this to have been the case by the collocation of marine shells of existing species with far transported materials. It -was the association of these testacea with foreign blocks in the central...
Strona 81 - Moaasaurus and the Eocene crocodiles, but is the very reverse. As reasonably might we infer that the Teleosaur was an intermediate form between the Streptospondylus and modern crocodiles, and that the anterior ball had first subsided, and a subbiconcave type of vertebrae had been produced before the posterior ball, which characterizes the vertebrae of recent crocodiles, was finally developed.
Strona 414 - FRSE, civil engineer, Edinburgh. Presented by the Author. (863.) 2. Description of a Cofferdam adapted to a hard bottom ; used in excavating rock from the navigable channel of the River Ribble.

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