The British Poets: Including Translations ...

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C. Whittingham, 1822

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Strona 29 - I could not abstain from renewing my old schoolboy's wish in a copy of verses to the same effect : " Well, then, I now do plainly see This busy world and I shall ne'er agree, &c.
Strona 245 - And, though the moving hand approach not near, Themselves with awful fear A kind of numerous trembling make. Now all thy forces try ; Now all thy charms apply ; Revenge upon her ear the conquests of her eye.
Strona 29 - And a few friends, and many books, both true, Both wise, and both delightful too ! And since love ne'er will from me flee, A mistress moderately fair, And good as...
Strona 51 - Come deflower'd virgins to our bed; Good fortunes without gain imported be, Such mighty custom's paid to thee: For joy, like wine, kept close does better taste: If it take air before, its spirits waste.
Strona 162 - Beneath the' eternal fountain of all waves, Where their vast court the mother-waters keep, And, undisturb'd by moons, in silence sleep...
Strona 123 - I might easily have compassed, as well as some others, who, with no greater probabilities or pretences, have arrived to extraordinary fortunes : but I had before written a shrewd prophecy against myself; and I think Apollo inspired me in the truth, though not in the elegance of it : " Thou neither great at court, nor in the war, Nor at the" exchange shalt be, nor at the wrangling bar ; Content thyself with the small barren praise Which neglected verse does raise, &c.
Strona 30 - tis the way too thither. How happy here should I And one dear She live, and embracing die ! She who is all the world, and can exclude In deserts solitude. I should have then this only fear: Lest men, when they my pleasures see, Should hither throng to live like me. And so make a city here.
Strona 11 - Could they remember but last year, How you did them, they you delight, The sprouting leaves which saw you here, And...
Strona 138 - We grow at last by custom to believe That really we live ; Whilst all these shadows that for things we take, Are but the empty dreams which in death's sleep we make. 3 But these fantastic errors of our dream Lead us to solid wrong ; ' . We pray God our friends
Strona 123 - ... influence. No matter, Cowley ; let proud Fortune see, That thou canst her despise no less than she does thee. Let all her gifts the portion be Of folly, lust, and flattery, Fraud, extortion, calumny, Murder, infidelity, Rebellion and hypocrisy. Do thou nor grieve nor blush to be, As all th' inspired tuneful men, And all thy great forefathers were, from Homer down to Ben.

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