The Rivals: Tracy's Ambition, Tom 2

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J. & J. Harper, 1830

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Strona 120 - And loves to live i' the sun, Seeking the food he eats And pleased with what he gets, Come hither, come hither, come hither: Here shall he see No enemy But winter and rough weather.
Strona 32 - Mingling wit and sense with pleasure. Who likes good wine for the joy it brings, And merrily laughs and gaily sings; With heart and bumper always full, Never maudlin, never dull. Your friend let him be, 'Tween you and me, That man is excellent company.
Strona 171 - MAIDEN EYES You never bade me hope, 'tis true; I asked you not to swear: But I looked in those eyes of blue, And read a promise there. The vow should bind, with maiden sighs That maiden lips have spoken : But that which looks from maiden eyes Should last of all be broken. Gerald Griffin [1803-1840] HALLOWED PLACES I PASS my days among the quiet places Made sacred by your feet.
Strona 183 - They were the first who painted the Irish peasant sternly from the life ; they placed him before the world in all his ragged energy and cloudy loftiness of spirit, they painted him as he is, goaded by the sense of national and personal wrong, and venting his long pent up agony in the savage cruelty of his actions, in the powerful idiomatic eloquence of his language, in the wild truth and unregulated generosity...
Strona 181 - Lord, we beseech thee, these branches of the palm-tree, or olive-tree ; and grant that what thy people this day act corporally for thy honour, they may perform the same spiritually with the greatest devotion, by gaining a victory over their enemy, and ardently loving mercy. Thro'.
Strona 183 - We have endeavoured in most instances, where pictures of Irish cottage life have been introduced, to furnish a softening corollary to the more exciting moral chronicles of our predecessors, to bring forward the sorrows and the affections more frequently than the violent and fearful passions of the people.

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