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night also; never to sleep, but to watch continually for the preserving of thy Faithful: I beseech thee of thy bountiful goodness, O Lord, to forgive me wherein I have offended thee this day, and to receive me under thy protection this night, that I may rest in quietness, both of body and of soul. Grant to mine eyes sleep, but let my heart ever watch perpetually unto thee, that the weakness of the flesh cause me not to offend the Lord. Let me at all times feel thy goodness toward me, that I may be at all times stirred to praise thee: late, and early, and at midday, may thy praise be in my mouth, and at midnight, Lord, instruct me in thy judgments, that all the course of my life being spent in holiness and purity, I may be led in at last to the everlasting rest which thou hast promised by thy mercy to them that obey thy word, O Lord: to whom be honour, praise, and glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

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MOST gracious and most wise guide, our Saviour Christ, who leadest in the right way to immortal blessedness those who truly and unfeignedly trusting in thee, commit themselves unto thee; Grant us that as we are blind and feeble indeed, so we may take and repute ourselves, that we presume not of ourselves to see ourselves, but so far to see that always we may have thee before our eyes, to follow thee being our Guide; to be ready at thy call most obediently, and to commit ourselves wholly unto thee; that

thou, who only knowest the way, mayest lead us the same way unto our Heavenly desires; to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be glory for ever and ever. Amen.


MOST dear and tender Father, our defender and nourisher, endue us with thy grace that we may cast off the great blindness of our minds and care for worldly things, and may place our whole study and desire in keeping of thy holy law; and that we may labour and toil for our necessities in this life like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, without care; for thou hast promised to be careful for us, and hast commanded that we should cast all our care upon thee; Grant this, O Lord, for Jesus Christ's sake thy Son our Lord. Amen.

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LORD Christ, in most mighty power most meek, in greatest excellency most lowly, of thine own will most humble, give unto me thy mind and spirit, that I may acknowledge my weakness, leavened and infected with sin; that through thine example I may be humble and meek, who have no cause to boast myself. Things of the world are uncertain, lent for a short use. The body is fading, frail, and faulty; the mind is blind and froward; whatsoever I have of mine own it is naught; if I have any goodness it is of God and not of me. Knowing this feebleness of myself why should I mag

nify myself? And specially since thou, Lord of heaven and earth, being of such wonderful excellency, didst humble thyself to the lowest state of men, grant me true humility that I may be exalted to the everlasting glory; who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

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LORD Jesu Christ, who saidst that whosoever is angry with his brother shall be guilty of the judgment; who also dost reserve from time to time all vengeance and displeasure to thy secret and just judgment; Grant us of thy mercy that we may never fall into intemperance of word or of speech through anger or desire of revenge, but that always remembering thy godly commandment which chargeth us to do well to them that hate us and to pray for them that say evil of us, we may ever bear in mind thy holy example who didst pray for them that cruelly crucified thee; to whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

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LORD God, without whose will and pleasure a sparrow doth not fall upon the ground: seeing it is thy will and permission that I should be in this misery and adversity, and that thou punishest me with trouble, not to destroy me and cast me away, but to call me to repentance and to

save me, (for whom thou lovest thou chastenest,) and forasmuch as affliction and adversity worketh patience, and whosoever patiently beareth tribulation is made like unto the Saviour Christ our Head; finally, seeing that in all tribulation and adversity I am in assurance of comfort at thy gracious hand, for thou hast commanded me to call upon thee in the time of sorrow and hast promised to hear and succour me; Grant me therefore, O Almighty God and merciful Father, in all trouble and adversity to be quiet, without impatience and murmuring, without discouragement and despair, to praise and to magnify thee, to put my whole trust and confidence in thee: for thou never forsakest them that trust in thee, but workest all for the best to them that love thee and seek the glory of thy holy Name; hear me, O merciful Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, thy Son our Lord. Amen.



GIVE thee thanks, O God Almighty, who not only hast endued me with the gifts of nature, as reason, power, and strength, but also hast plentifully given me the substance of this world: I acknowledge, O Lord, that these are thy gifts, and I confess that there is no perfect nor good gift but it cometh from thee, O Father of lights, who givest freely, and castest no man in the teeth. Gold, O Lord, is thine, and silver is thine, and to whom it pleaseth thee thou givest it: to the godly that they may be thy disposers and distributors thereof, and to

the ungodly to heap up their damnation withal. Wherefore, my most merciful God, I humbly beseech and desire of thee to frame in me with thy Holy Spirit a faithful heart and a ready hand, to distribute these thy good gifts according to thy will and pleasure; that I treasure not up here where thieves may rob and moths corrupt, but may treasure up that reward which thou hast promised in thy Heavenly kingdom where neither thief may steal nor moth defile, in the everlasting rest before the glory of thy Presence; to whom with the Son and the Holy Ghost be all honour and praise, world without end. Amen.

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MERCIFUL God, grant me to covet with a fervent mind those things which may please thee, to search them wisely, to know them truly, and to fulfil them perfectly, to the praise and glory of thy Name. Order my living so that I may do that which thou requirest of me, and give me grace that I may obtain those things which are best for my soul. Good Lord, make my way sure and straight to thee, so that I fall not between prosperity and adversity, but that in prosperity I may give thee thanks and in adversity be patient, so that I be not lifted up by the one nor depressed by the other; and that I may rejoice in nothing but that which moveth me to thee, nor be sorry for aught but for that which draweth me from thee; desiring to please nobody nor fearing to displease any beside the Lord. Let all

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