Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers

Przednia okładka
American Institute of Electrical Engineers., 1900
"Index of current electrical literature" Dec. 1887- appended to v. 5-

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Strona 444 - Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Board of Education and that a copy of the same be sent to the family of the deceased.
Strona 254 - Sir (said Mr. Johnson) a lawyer has no business with the justice or injustice of the cause which he undertakes, unless his client asks his opinion, and then he is bound to give it honestly. The justice or injustice of the cause is to be decided by the judge. Consider, Sir, what is the purpose of courts of justice? It is, that every man may have his cause fairly tried, by men appointed to try causes. A lawyer is not to tell what he knows to be a lie : he is not to produce what he knows to be a false...
Strona 251 - I KNOW you Lawyers can, with ease, Twist words and meanings as you please; That language, by your skill made pliant, Will bend to favour every client; That 'tis the fee directs the sense, To make out either side's pretence. When you peruse the clearest case, You see it with a double face: For scepticism is your profession ; You hold there's doubt in all expression.
Strona 254 - As it rarely happens that a man is fit to plead his own cause, lawyers are a class of the community, who, by study and experience, have acquired the art and power of arranging evidence, and of applying to the points of issue what the law has settled.
Strona 260 - Should judges, while on the bench, forget that, as an officer of their court, I have rights, and treat me even with disrespect, I shall value myself too highly to deal with them in like manner. A firm and temperate remonstrance is all that I will ever allow myself.
Strona 256 - I will never permit myself (when that connection is from any reason severed) to be engaged on the side of my former antagonist. Nor shall any change in the formal aspect of the cause induce me to regard it as a ground of exception. It is a poor apology for being found on the opposite side, that the present is but the ghost of the former cause.
Strona 259 - I will remember my then ambitious aspirations (though timid and modest), nearly blighted by the inconsiderate or rude and arrogant deportment of some of my seniors; and I will further remember that the vital spark of my early ambition might have been wholly extinguished, and my hopes...
Strona 451 - Suppose now that we attach a weight, say a ball of beeswax, at the middle point of the string, in order to increase the vibrating mass. This weight will become a source of reflections and less wave energy will reach the point D than before. The efficiency of transmission will be smaller now than before the weight was attached. Subdivide the beeswax into three equal parts and place them at three equidistant points along the cord.
Strona 259 - Should I attain that eminent standing at the bar which gives authority to my opinions, I shall endeavor, in my intercourse with my junior brethren, to avoid the least display of it to their prejudice. I will strive never to forget the days of my youth, when I too was feeble in the law, and without standing.
Strona 251 - Could every man express his meaning. Who dares presume to pen a deed. Unless you previously are fee'd? Tis drawn; and, to augment the cost, In dull prolixity engrossed.

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