The Mystery and Controversy Surrounding Mormonism

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Dog Ear Publishing, 2007 - 176
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The Mormon Church is the fourth largest church in the US. Though organized in 1830, and with a current worldwide membership of over thirteen million and annual growth rate of about three hundred thousand, it is without a doubt the least well-understood major church. Surveys show the public has good feelings and respect for members, but ignorance and even animosity toward the Church's beliefs and history. This timely book addresses ignorance, misunderstanding, and misinformation, providing a clear, factual, and comprehensive picture. It deals candidly with the issues and questions people are asking, with solid, documented reasons and facts. The hope is to increase tolerance, respect and good feelings. We may not see things the same way, but we can at least try to understand and respect each other. The book is in two parts, with different levels of detail, for different levels of interests, and easy reading. Walt Scott, a fifth generation Mormon, has twelve ancestors who crossed the planes. One joined the new church in 1837, seven years after it was organized. This book benefits from that legacy and the author's lifelong experiences in leadership and teaching. He has degrees in electrical engineering and management from George Washington University and MIT (Sloan Fellow). Walt, a "pioneer" himself, was part of a small team that built several of the U.S.'s first satellites, forerunners of today's GPS systems. He joined NASA at its inception, becoming a division director at age 34 (protocol rank of one star general). He was co-founder of a company that pioneered methods for early identification of leadership talent. When PC's were first introduced, he became a self-trained consultant. Later, he and his son designed and managed the construction of modular homes, a technology that was quite new when they began. Walt has served four times as a Bishop's Counselor, twice on Stake High Councils, and in numerous teaching assignments. He and his wife, June Langston Scott, have been married for fifty-three years and have six children, nineteen grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. From that group and their spouses, there have been twelve who have served fulltime missions for the Church, with another preparing to leave shortly, and more anticipating that experience. They have served in New York, Texas, England, France, Russia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Taiwan.

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Section I The Basic Message
No Wonder There Is A Sense of Mystery
Mormonism A Way of Life
Why Is There Controversy?
Secularism A Philosophy
Whatever Happened To The Church
All Things Restored The Dispensation
Things Held In Common and Things
Addressing Common Questions
Interesting Facts About The LDS People
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