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last named Presbytery, it is believed that nearly two hundred persons have experienced the renewing influences of the Spirit of God, and a large propor tion of these are the children of pious parents, a number of whom are training up for the ministry of the gospel.

have been their subjects; and in an increase of the spirit of prayer, and of liberality, in the, support of the gospel.

From the General Association of Connecticut, we learn, that the churches in that state, are not only gathering the fruits of the late extensive revivals, but, that the Lord is mercifully extending his work of grace to many other congregations. A large proportion of the members of the mission school, at Cornwall, give good evidence of piety, and the establishment answers the most sanguine expectations of its founders and friends. Arrangements are making for the extension of the Theological department of Yale College, with hopeful prospects of success.

From the General Association of Massachusetts, we learn, that there is much reason for thankfulness on account of the manifestations of the divine presence and blessing. There have been, in that part of our country, great revivals of religion in the county of Berkshire. More than 300 young men have been assisted in obtaining an education, by the American Education Society, since its commencement. A missionary spirit is much increased, and in Plymouth and Norfolk counties, a Palestine Missionary Society is established, which supports a missionary to the Holy Land. The Andover Institution still flourishes, and contains 132 students.

The same benign effects which have attended past revivals have attended these. Professing Christians have been awakened to zeal and devotedness to the cause of Christ. And though the operations of the Holy Spirit, on the minds of sinners, have been diversified, yet generally they have felt deep and pungent convictions of sin, accompanied with a sense of their undone condition as transgressors of the divine law, and a discovery that salvation can be found only in Christ. Deep silence has prevailed in the religious assemblies.

This blessed work has been confined to no particular age, or sex, or class of society. Blooming youth, and hoary age-the child seven years old, and the sinner weighed down with the sins of threescore years and ten-the infidel, the profane, and the mere moralisthave all been brought to a sense of their lost condition; have been made to bow to the sceptre of the Prince of Life; have sought salvation from his hands, as his free gift; and, we trust, have found deliverance to their souls, through his peace-speaking blood.

Among the means which God, in his sovereign good pleasure, has blessed, to the producing of these blessed effects, special prayer, on the part of his people deserves first to be mentioned. In many congregations, particular days have been set apart for fasting and prayer. Concerts for prayer have been held by private Christians. and they have frequently met in religious societies at the rising of the sun.

Pastoral visitation from house to house, and, also, visitations by private Christians, with personal conversation on the concerns of eternity, have been greatly blessed.


In the preaching of the word, the spirituality of God's law, and its tremendous denounced on sin, have been explained and pressed on the consciences of sinners; they have been warned of their inability to work out a justifying righteousness of their own, and have been solemnly exhorted to immediate repentance and faith in Christ.

The fruits of these revivals have been exhibited in the moral reformation produced in the lives of those who

From the General Convention of Vermont, we learn, that the interests of the Redeemer's kingdom are greatly on the increase in that state. It is true, the want of faithful pastors is felt. Of 171 churches, connected with the Convention, near half are vacant. Still the cause of religion is advancing. Through the past year there have been great and powerful revivals, in 50 towns, in each of which from 15 to 200 persons have been received into the churches. These revivals still continue, in many places. It is supposed that about 2500 persons have joined the churches during the past year. In Middlebury College there has been a revival among the students, and two-thirds of their number are hopefully pious. The spirit of missions is increasing in the state. Education societies are also formed, and one of these societies in two years, afforded assistance to 40 young men.

We have heard, with pleasure, of the exertions which are made in many of our cities, to promote the spiritual welfare of Seamen, and of the success

which has attended these exertions. Places of worship for mariners, are opened in several of our seaport towns, and both mariners themselves, and their families, have received great benefit from attending the public ordinances of the gospel. The Assembly recom mends to the ministers and members of our churches, to encourage and promote these useful institutions.

The Theological Seminary at Princeton, continues to enjoy the smiles of the great Head of the church. A missionary spirit is diffused among the students, and a few have already devoted themselves to the labours and pri vations of a foreign mission. The churches are already enjoying the fruits of this most important institution. The Theological Seminary, at Auburn, under the care of the Synod of Geneva, is flourishing; and efforts are also ma king, with encouraging prospects, to establish Theological Seminaries in other parts of our country.

The Assembly sincerely congratulates the churches, under its care, on the recent union which has been completed between the Presbyterian and the Associate Reformed Churches. We cannot

From Rev. R. Forest, collected
in his church in Stamford,
Delaware Co. N. Y.
Rev. R. Forest's yearly subscrip.
The Sabbath School at Sackett's
Harbour, by Dr. Milledoler,
Donation from Stephen Van
Rensselaer, Esq.

$24 18
3 00

5 00

50 00

88 04

Collection at the Annual Sermon
Dutch-Church, Nassau-St.
Auxiliary Society of Pompton
Plains, N. J. by B. Roome, Tr. 6 00
Female Cent Soc. of Warwick,
Orange Co. N. Y. by Mrs. D.
Pelton, Treasurer.
John Roy, by do.
Auxiliary Society of Greens-

farms, Con by W. H. Jessup, 15 00 Monthly Concert at Rocky Hill,


N. J. by C. C. Beatty,
C. Vandeveer's family Mission
Box, of do by do.
Miss A. E. Denison, Treasurer of
the Sackett's Harbour Sabbath
School Society, by Rev. Dr.

Mr. J. Tenbroeck, of Flatbush,
Kingston, Ulster Co. N. Y. by
Rev. C. D. Westbrook
Female Cent Soc. of Sewichly,

16 00 1.00

1 00

but cherish the hope that this union will be productive of the most beneficial effects, and that the great Head of the church will bless it to the promotion of the interests of his kingdom.


During the month of May, 1822.


100 00

On the whole, the review of the past year is calculated to awaken the most lively sensations of gratitude, to the great Head of the church, for the blessings which he has bestowed upon it, and to excite us to more zeal and devotedness in his service. We rejoice in the spread of his gospel. He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. Reviewing his mercies to his church in our land, we are constrained to offer to him our devout praises. Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things, and blessed be his glorious name for ever; and let the whole earth be filled with his glory.—


Published by order of the General Assembly,


WM. NEIL, Stated Clerk. Philadelphia, May, 1822.

Ohio, to constitute the Rev. A. O. Patterson a member for life by the Rev. Mr. Swift, $30 00 Rev. R. F. N. Smith collected on a tour to the south and west, 300 00 Do. the first payment of his five year's subscription,

S. Lockwood, annual subscrip. Jos. Barr, to educate two Osage youth who are to be named Wolmer Winnard and Henderson Pawling, Aux. Soc. of New Hackensack, Dutchess Co. by P. Seward, Rev. J. Scrymgeour, Little Britain, Orange Co. N. Y. Miss M. L. Poe, Sec'ry of Female Aux. Soc. of Green Castle, Penn. by Rev. J. Lind, Gentleman in Hudson, N. Y. Wilmington, Delaware, collected at the Monthly Concert in the 2d Presbyterian Church, by Rev. E. W. Gilbert, Miss J. B. of do. by do. avails of her industry,

Miss M. C. B. of do. by do. avails of do.


50.00 3 00

44 50

50 00

10 00

31.00 5 00

19 50


3 50

$974 72

During the Month of March, 1822.

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[blocks in formation]

90 25

Remittance for Bibles from a Society
not Auxiliary.
Philad. Female Bible Soc. Pa.
From Annual Subscribers.
C. B 5th year
From various Subscribers, by

3 00

210 00
New Auxiliary Societies recognized
in March, 1822.

Haddam Young Men's Bible Society,
Rev. John Marsh, Haddam, Corres-
ponding Secretary.
Wilmington, Christiana, and Brandy-
wine Hundreds Female Bible Society,
Del. Mrs. A. M. M'Mullan, Wilming-
ton, Corr. Secretary.
Chestertown and Kent County F. Bible
Society, Md. Mrs. Sarah B. Blake,
Chestertown, Corr. Secretary.
Washington City Female Branch B. S.
District of Columbia, Mrs Sarah
Wheaten, Washington, Corr. Sec.
Shenandoah County, Va. B.S. Charles U.
Lovell, Woodstock, Cor. Secretary.
Lincolnton B. Society, N. C. Dr. James

Bevings, Lincolnton, Cor. Secretary.
Randolph County B. Society, N. C.Col.

Benjamin Elliot, Ashboro', Cor. Sec.
Wilkesboro' Bible Soc. N. C. Wm. P.

Waugh, Wilkesboro', Cor. Secretary.
North Carolina University Bible Society,
Joel Holleman, Chapel-Hill, Cor.

Pittsboro' Bible Society, N C. Joseph
Small, Pittsboro', Cor. Secretary.
Franklin Co. Bible Society, N. C. Joel
King, Louisburgh, Cor. Secretary.

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