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It is with feelings of real diffidence that the writer sends forth this publication. The study of prophecy, indeed, has long been to him an interesting and a favourite pursuit, from which he has derived both delight and profit ; and, occasionally, he may have ventured, through the medium of a periodical work, to communicate, under an assumed signature, his thoughts on some of those prophetical discussions, by which the present times have been distinguished. But that he should ever


intrude on the public notice, in a detailed and distinct form, his own speculations and sentiments on this very important subject, especially when they should go the length of proposing a new interpretation of any part of the prophetical writings, is a proceeding which, till lately, he never contemplated, and one from the very thought of which he should have shrunk back with unfeigned timidity. It may be, therefore, expedient to state the circumstances which have enboldened him now to come forward, and have given rise to the present publication.

The view taken of the subjects which he has discussed in the following pages, was suggested to his mind a considerable time

ago, and gradually and imperceptibly gained possession of it. The more fre

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